Choice of Rebels-Uprising Help/Hints


Well, I managed it with a 2 INT, 1 COM character so I presume the check is probably for INT if there’s one at all


It’s weird. I looks like it is a CHA 2 INT 1 check if Breden is there, otherwise it’s just a CHA 2 check. Looking at the code, I can’t for the life of me work out how you managed it with an INT 2, COM 1. But there are so many routes around this code I’m probably just missing something!


I got them both on my side w both 2 CHA and 1 int / 2 INT &/1 CHA


You managed to get your followers to accept kenon with 0 CHA?


Wait who are Kenon, Suzanne (is she the merc), bjel, and korszata


Kenon isn’t a who, it’s a what. It’s a concept elaborated on by Linos that can become a basis for the third religious option.

Suzane is the female Simon. She’s a noble who’ll join you if you aren’t too anarchic, and has COM 3 (this can be inferred from hidden information in the code).

Korszata and Bjel are Whendish renegade Phalangites who will join you if your Cosmopolitan is very high. They are both very effective commanders of spearmen, though they are not quite as skilled in personal combat as Simon/Suzane.


I don’t remember entirely what that is, but if you mean becoming the Eclect then yes. If you mean forming a whole new religion then I haven’t tried that option yet so no idea if any check is in place


Founding an entirely new religion with no ties to the Angels. That requires CHA 2 and is required for the Kenosis achievement (which was asked about upthread).


You need either 2 CHA or to have a good relationship with Breden.


Anyone knows how to get this " Archimandrite’s Riddle " ?


I think it might have to do with Linos’ riddle if you choose to take him back instead of killing or robbing him and Horion.
If you haven’t figured it out then the answer is compassion


Nor half as cute as Simon. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
And I think Yebben is supposed to have INT 3, right? Seeing how easily he takes to magic, compared to the mc’s struggles. We’re already starting to be outclassed by our “followers” so I suspect it’ll be(come) a mighty struggle to stay on top in the next games.


Breden won’t do the third religion.


I think a lot of that will depend on our relationships with them and possibly personal charisma. It doesn’t matter if yebben’s smarter than us, or Suzanne’s better with a blade, what matters is that they have faith in us as leaders.


Well the MC does have a chance to gain a lot more skill points throughout the series. Also Yebben was able to learn magic in a few days but then again so did the MC and if Yebben does use magic in this game specifically to kill the Plektio he dies. I do agree he’s adorable, should be a RO and had at least int 3


Yeah I don’t understand that part either tbh… If you aren’t dating Breden towards the end of the game you can romance Kala and if you aren’t interested in them because your MC is gay/straight as opposed to bi Kala gets all “but can’t you even try to change yourself to date me??” and is really offended if your MC says that no, they can’t just change their sexuality. I don’t really like Kala anymore because of that it made them seem incredibly rude and inconsiderate


Has anyone figured out how/if it’s possible to get the sword-trainer to stay with you? I feel like I should have more people but even with around 400 she always says the same thing about me not having the time, etc. I think that the rebels following you will probably have to be trained in order to be able to successfully attack your enemies at the very last part of the game? So far haven’t figured out if either is even a possibility though


It’s not possible to get sybla to stay and just so you know it’s probably going to be changed after a few games but the morale system in this game doubles for combat training.


So If my rebels are happy they’re badass?


Basically yeah, from what I found in the code morale increasses if you hire sybla or do weapons training. It also dictates not just how well they fight in the end but how well drilled they are and how well they can use actual tactics.