Choice of Rebels-Uprising Help/Hints


In the second chapter how many mules are necessary to collect?


As much as you can as after winter you’ll need to sell some of them to buy weapons, pay the helots and yeomin if you want and also pay for someone to train your band.
The most i could collect in my different playthroughs was 45 by the end of the winter and that’s with me selling 1 every week or another to buy more food.


I was hoping for an exact number, like I collect them then I can concentrate on other things, but this helps too so thanks.


You have to pick these options from my experience

You must be a helot
Choose to listen twice, when eavesdropping
feel exhilirated and listen intently to the story
Then make sure you continue singing loudly
He should escape whilst guard focuses on you.

I dont think it matters what you say to your Dad, I usually grunt noncomitally but I dont think it effects it.
He also will join you later in the story, but from my experience once again, you must have low anarchy and be popular with the yeomanry. I think it also helps to be Shayard loving, but overall, I’m not sure the exact triggers. I just know he joined me in my pacifist run, and he does help.


Nope high anarchy can be popular with the yeomen. You just have to bribe them, and given all the loot you’ll be taking, that isn’t much of a problem.


From what I found in the code you need only to be a Helot and Sing to distract the Alistor. I think you also need a high Cosmopolitan ratingand he’ll join you with a band of rebels.


So this is my first choice of game and I entered my email before registering on the website, is my save file still… safe?
Other than that I just wanted to ask what’s the usual wait time for another part on these games?


Do we actually get anything from the nobles if they like us?

Also, can anyone come up with a list of all the possible people you can get at the end through stats, I’ve got the Ester Cabel people and the religious people.


It’d be a long and arduous process but then again, all of the text is probably in a game data file somewhere.
But I mean there are a lot more characters to be had then just the one listed in the stats, so the list wouldn’t be very useful anyhow


Considering Carles’ demise is an integral part of the story, being the reason why you wanted to start the rebellion in the first place, I’d presume no. I mean the first chapter has your character repeating about an incident long before the square harrowing over and over, citing it as the true beginning of the rebellion.
So I doubt that Carles can live, that would take a lot away from the appeal of the story


Nah, all three of the back story victims (Carles, The runaway Helo and Sister Olynna) Can be saved if you pick the right options. There’s even an achievement for doing your backstory while saving one.

@Jacob_Tebbe I’m pretty sure the noble relationships will be much more important in the next game once the rebellion builds up.


Picking Breden just pisses off Radmar. Radmar is pretty much useless later on, particularly if you get stronger and smarter teammates like Korszata and Bjel, Suzane (or even Kala) and Elery. And picking Zvad as your deputy pisses off Elery, by the way.


Yeah I’ll have to agree with that but you can’t exactly make everyone happy though lol but I believe Zvad made a much better deputy than Breden due to his long experience living in the wilderness. Breden doesn’t have any experience in that situation but he/she definitely has experience into calming people down when a bad situation occurs. But as for Radmar, I’d have to agree that he’s somewhat useless but he’s a hotheaded fighter so that might cause a problem or two so I usually try to keep him on a short leash to make sure he doesn’t do anything rash like Breden. And I’m pretty sure Elery has a thing for Breden so obviously she’ll do what Breden asks her to do but then again, she’s a brilliant tactician so I would trust her and Zvad over Breden and Radmar. If you asked me what generals I would choose to lead my army then my list would be this.

1.) Zvad- 2nd in command to the rebellion to the MC
2.) Breden- If it turns out Breden is not the traitor then I’d have Breden as my main diplomat.
3.) Radmar- I would assign him as my personal bodyguard and executioner.
4.) Elery- Have her work out plans to fight back against the army or scout places the MC is planning to take control of with Zvad.
5.) Last and most importantly, I would have Yebben to teach the others to become Theurges if you choose to teach him how to become one in the MC’s absence.


Ohh yeah Elery worships Breden but She also has a thing for Zvad. I’m not sure a lot of people found this out but if you send Elery into a lot of missions and make her regularly lead the Owlscalp raids she gains a lot of confidence starts to actively hit on Zvad and there’s a lot of evidence they’re banging afterward. Even if you don’t make her the Owlscalp Leader but put her in a lot of missions she starts showing a crush on Zvad, Especially if he’s your Deputy.


Does the helot u save running from the plektoi join u later if I choose that backstory instead?


As far as I can tell not in this game, No.


Anyone know the requirements for starting a romance with kala? I’m pretty sure I’m doing something wrong


Does anyone know the Kenosis achivements specific requirements? I seem to have failed it on my skeptical playthrough.


In my case, I expect that both Breden and possibly Zvad will be gone by the end of Chapter 4. So with that in mind, I take Breden as my deputy, because Zvad and then Elery are my preferred heirs.

@Hiddendream: 2 CHA, and you have to talk to Linos until he mentions Eclect, then decide to go the skeptical route.


Which implicitly means that you have to bring back Linos and Horion, rather than just robbing them or killing them straight away in order to have the option.

It’s weird that it’s not a 2 CHA, 1 INT check, as you’re basically becoming a religious philosopher by doing it, and a 0 INT character explicitly doesn’t know much about religion or philosophy.