Choice of Rebels-Uprising Help/Hints


Has anyone figured out how to use theurgy to make things grow and heal? Also I can’t get a practice option if i publicly use theurgy to stop the harrowing what am I doing wrong? My deputy is Breden and also my RO in this playthrough where I steal from only hegemony and only when I have to, relying on trading mules


Does anyone know how to get the nobles/priests/merchants on your side?


Nobles, the best way is to not raid whatsoever, keep anarchy super low, I also found it easier to treat with the nobles if A) You don’t stop the harrowing whatsoever, or B) convince the rebels to inflict zero violence during the rising (But this way requires 2CHA if you’re nobility). You will start seeing an effect during spring. It’s also much better to actually be nobility. If you are nobility then you can have ties through cousins and family and end up with alot more choices to parley and speak to them. If you’re a helot, then it’s practically impossible to recruit the nobility. They’ll just look down on you.

As for priests, someone seems to have said above about how to do that. Merchants, I found once again, super pacifist and then convince Alaine to trade with you (MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ENOUGH MULES TO COMPLETE THE TRADE WHEN IT COMES, which is at least 7 free on week 5/6 I think.) She will call off the deal immediately if anarchy gets high.


So, any tips for a Aristocrat with 2CHAR 1CON? At the first chapter i can only judge the Theurges and Alastors and they end up all dead (Or most of them) there’s an option to save them? Also what happen if you riot the town? its good to go to the woods as quickly as i can after the revolt?


how do you romance de Firiac? I know it’s possible, but they keep turning me down.


You’re supposed to court her in a better situation. She won’t allow you to court her when you’re on the run from the army but afterwards she will allow you to court her because she wants honor from that. So if you kiss her right away, she’ll reject you. But if you take her hand and kiss it, then that begins the romance with that character.


How can you make Zvad kill Breden? (Sorry not sorry Reaper). If it’s possible that is, I think some people mentioned it in other threads but I’m not sure. If my MC tries to kill Breden, the band loses morale. If Breden gets tied up, he/she escapes. :neutral_face:


I got the healer achievement when I played bait for the Hector Ambush and almost died. It’s not really that useful since it’s only used in the poisoned stew situation near the end and even then you can magic only heals 1/3 of the sick while int 2 heals 1/2 of them.

@Dankman I’m going to need somebody to confirm but I think you need to have Zvad as your deputy and then raid a noble house or maybe be a few weeks into the winter I don’t know. You’ll get a scene where he’ll ask you if you’re being paranoid about something then you can tell him you have suspicions about somebody in the Sedition club betraying you. You can say you suspect Radmar, Breden or both and if you mention Breden he’ll offer to push them off a bridge. You’ll likely piss Elery off though since she basically worships Breden no matter what you do.


somebody. tell me. How do you save the helot in the very beginning as a child. i want to save this man.


I don’t think you can save the helot at the very beginning.


You have to tell him to get away from you then look for him in the woods. You’ll get the achievement but won’t actually find him.


Tell him to get away from you, send the theurge up the wrong hill, then investigate by heading into the woods worked for me


It didn’t work for me. Maybe I did it all wrong but I’ll check it out. Thanks.

Aaaaand it worked. Lol yeah I did do it wrong but I did what as you said.


Is it possible to finish the game with no one (rebel/enemy/innocent bystander) died?

I can’t even survive the winter with all rebels alive, food isn’t a problem for me, but by week 4 an assassin keep trying to kill me and slashing 2 rebels in the process…

also, how to increase morale without anyone risks dying, especially early on?

Which one should I choose as my deputy? Breden or Zvad?


Pick Zvad as your deputy since he’s an ex-merc and he knows combat pretty well. Some people in the game will get upset with you if you choose Breden over Zvad, especially Radmar. I wouldn’t pick Breden as the deputy seeing how he/she is only good for swaying people to your side and I might be the only one but I believe Breden is the traitor that tries to sabotage you and poison your band. Of course, Breden is one of the two that suggests your band to go back to the helot camps in Chapter 4 (if you manage to keep your anarchy at 20 or less and you get a noble companion then he/she is the second) which raised my suspicions. But be careful with Zvad in the end because if you choose to fight in Chapter 4, he’s going back to Sybla (the one that trains your band to fight if you choose to pay her for it) but if you choose to retreat deeper in the woods to evade the army, he’ll stay with you.

As for not losing people, try to generally avoid raiding those that is able to defend themselves. If you raid yeoman farms or someone pretty often, they’ll start defending themselves and you’ll lose people that way. I haven’t quite worked out the path on not losing a single person throughout the winter yet. But as for the enemies, show them mercy every time. Don’t allow your rebels to kill them.


Anyone know if you even can recruit the rebel theurge horion talks about


I believe that’s the person you can choose to go visit at the end of the game if you manage to survive.


Yeah I’m pretty sure you can recruit the Theurge next chapter inside the Xaos Lands


How do you save the traveling bard?


I don’t think you can