Choice of Rebels-Uprising Help/Hints


Two questions if you have the time

First, Is there no way of saving Carles the Jongler as an Aristocrat?

Second, Is there a reason the option to lead the charge against the Plektio with combat 2? Is it just because charging a wolf the size of a horse with impenetrable skin is a terrible idea?


Kala/Kalt isn’t an automatic success. Only de Firiac is, because they hold to a very literal definition of their honor.


Ahh right just re-checked, The Firebrand does refuse if you piss them off enough.


Thanks. I guess the other options are just red hearings.

Also, in Act 2, is there a point to setting traps if you plan to infiltrate your followers later? And is there any reason, mechanically, to teach your followers how to read if you plan on fighting the army head on? I can imagine that it might help to have literate followers later on, but it doesn’t seem to have much immediate importance if you don’t plan sending everyone back.

Seems like it’s more effective just to completely specialize your followers in one or the other depending on how you approach the ending.


It will.

Traps in the forest are only useful in affecting the outcome of Game I. Literate rebels will make a significant difference in later games.


How does one attract the firebrand and the noble to The Rebellion


Pretty sure this was answered before. For The Noble you need 20 or less anarchy and something to do with not being a monster if you raided the temple but the 20 or less Anarchy’s the most important. If you have more than 20 Anarchy you’ll get the Firebrand if the Noble doesn’t join you. Either will appear slightly after winter

If you mean is there a way to get both of them then no I don’t think so.


My bad didn’t see the other post and also yes I was also asking if I could get both at once ty! (^°^)


So has anyone beat the army? I have tried everything but the best i can do is just get 1/4 of their army…


Yeah I managed to beat the army. At first, I had about 690 people. Lost around 240ish people (most of them ran away because of Breden so it cut down to around 470 or so. I don’t trust Breden anymore after this.)

You’d have to be a theurge with some rebels knowing how to read. And someone already posted a guide that helped me to do this in post #73 of this thread.

Choice of Rebels: Uprising — Lead the revolt against a bloodthirsty empire!

It is possible to beat the army as a character with any main skill – CHA, COM, or INT. But some routes to victory are easier than others.


Anyone got a good guide for a 2 COM 1CHA aristocrat mc?


Just for surviving the winter, beating the army, or just generally? :slight_smile:


For surviving the winter, preferably with low anarchy :slight_smile:


Ok mate how the hell did you get 600 people?!?

Also is it possible to make one of the skill level 3 or nein?


Nope, you can only have one skill on Level 2. But at some point in every game, you’ll be able to add one point to every stat. So you can either specialize and finish the series with a whopping 5 COM character or balance the MC out and play with a 2-2-2.


Howdy folks,

Just a few questions and apologies if they’ve been answered elswhere:

  1. If I play as female protagonist and make Breden male, then my two other romance options are Suzanne and Kala?

  2. If I wanted to steer my band away from all religion can I do that with 2 INT and 1 CHA or do I need to be more charismatic?

  3. If I steer my band away from religion then can I still win the Ecclesiastes to my side? Conversely, can I play as a skeptic who willfully feigns piety to recruit followers?

  4. Do any of you lovely people have any advice on how to stop the harrowing and get my large band through winter whilst trying to stay more or less in everyone’s graces?

Thank you all!


Okay, someone asked for a decent 2COM 1CHA char, and I have my MC that I settled on in the end, and my most successful run.

Choice of Rebels
You are Esme de Serin, aristocrat of the Shayard Rim.

  • leader of the rebellion

Called by your followers:

Charisma: You are reasonably persuasive and charming. (1)
Combat: You have an excellent grasp of tactics and fight very well with the sword. (2)
Intellect: You’re uninformed about most topics and not very strong at reasoning. (0)

You are popularly seen to be:

Ruthless: 53% Compassionate: 47%
Skeptical: 81% Devout: 19%
Homelander: 80% Cosmopolitan: 20%
Your rebellion has so far drawn 334 followers, including 192 adults and 142 children.
Morale is exceptionally strong.

Wealth: 0
Arms: 226
Mules: 8

Anarchy: 38

The rebels who will be remembered with you in legend include:

  • Radmar Millstone, physically powerful and short-tempered helot.
  • Elery Skinner, brilliant helot tactician.
  • Zvad of Whendward, outlaw and ex-mercenary.
  • Ciels Gamekeep, expert tracker and fighter.

Your deputy is Zvad.

Though most helots still don’t trust you, your popularity and credibility as a leader are slowly growing.

You are on the way to becoming a folk hero to the yeomanry.

You are unpopular with your fellow aristocrats - those who have heard of your little rebellion, anyway.

You have made the priests of Xthonos your implacable enemies. They preach against you not just as a rebel leader, but as one of vile Xaos’ foremost earthly servants.

The few merchants who have heard of your rebellion regard you as a bandit and hope the authorities take care of you quickly.

I’m gonna spoiler hide the rest, it’s an explanation, not all will be spoilers but there will be some inserted, be warned.

[spoiler]Overall, I did indeed rob from nobles when I needed to, as well as assaulting some merchant trains for early mules to get me through the winter and able to be on healthy diet for the entire winter. I usually flog off one mule early to buy first week rations, as I know I can easily get up to 30-40 mules by week 4, which is traditionally when I’ve been attacked every single time. I’ve never ever been attacked inside the first 2 weeks, so I prioritise mules hard, selling the odd mule if I need to, to be able to keep healthy diets up. My reasoning is that one mule dedicated to the sick, is essentially more useless for the winter than the mule I sold to feed myself, so keeping people healthy is ideal. That’s about all for my targeting, I only had to attack the helot grain barn once, purely because Elery fucked up a raid super hard (Thanks RNGesus) but I paid them back instantly the next week, so they weren’t too bothered, and I also did send children to be fostered. Recruiting from the Yeomanry almost every week as well.

Most of my people lost were actually to me attacking alastor garrisons and temples constantly, generally whenever I lead, I lost at max 3, never more, usually 0. When Zvad leads, he usually lost 4-7, and Elery seems to always lose little, or lose big. I lost 18 people in a raid by Elery one week.

I got rid of Breden instantly, I’ve done so many runs of this game now, losing countless times, and every single run I did, where I tried to keep Breden (I usually like to keep characters alive, even if I dislike or think theyre guilty.) then I would get the poisoning event, and Elery would die. I’d never trade Elery for Breden to be honest, so by the 5th run of trying to keep Breden alive and him poisoning me for the 5th time, I killed him in rage, then restarted and kicked him out straight after the Harrowing. Never once had a traitor message, outside of someone saying about knowing where we were, but that could be anything. Hector coming in seems to be hardcoded, so I ran that down to him just being a good hunter (I did wipe the smirk off his face though when I shayard ambushed him.) So from experience, Breden seems to just cause problems. If you’re determined to keep him/her, then I’m sure there’s a way to do it. Personally though I felt he was annoying, caused me problems, and was way too brash, so I kicked him out and avoided the problems. (Elery/Alira ftw.)

A VERY IMPORTANT NOTE, when Horion shows up on the road, DO NOT GO TO SEE HIM. Always go and inspect the campsite and send someone else with orders. You gain absolutely nothing by going to meet with him, and lose… Well, the final battle. That campsite you find saves you. As to Horion though, I’m unsure as to how you work him out. I’ve tried over runs, my first one I impressed him, coaxed him into the secret and guessed the correct doorway to Xaos, tried to recruit him, he said no so I let him free, he died 2 weeks later, not by me, and the nobility blamed me. I executed him in retalation for Hector on my second run, that caused huge problems, the nobility send huge forces to come and get me. In this run, I held him for ransom, causing him no harm but bringing him with me, thinking I could take him to Szerin, but he is run down by Plektoi in the process. If anyone has advice on how to actually save him, like literally have him get to the town safely, I would be grateful, I liked the guy. I did get his info in this run though, and discovered the whereabouts of the rouge Theurge at the end. Just make sure you find that campsite traveller.

I was gonna stand and fight, but my camp was overwhelmingly in favour of running through the woods, so I agreed. Ended up evading the army the whole way, Elery once again comes up with an AMAZING piece of information (Seriously, this girl will save your life, countless times.) when she maps out a convoy system for you, which allows you to escape the entrapment of the Theurges by breaking through the night, I lost 0 people in this point. When the Plektoi attacked, I evaded it with my sick jukes (Thanks 2COM) and Alira killed the Theurge. After I fled through the caves, I knew my father was dead (Experience from playthroughs, again, no idea if you can save him.) so I decided to rally my men quick, Kala came in great here, inspiring them to stop being cowards. Afterwards I did tell them to bring the pursuing Plektoi down, we lost 33 people, but killed the Plektoi (I don’t know if this was a mistake, if I should have looked for the narrower passage, but I did it anyways. Then lured the final Plektoi and Theurge into the cave, where the wrath of the bees occured. Overall, I lost a very very small number of people by just running and because Elery is just a lifesaver, sad that she wouldn’t pursue me through the gate. I think if I had tried to convince the people against religion, rather than just laughing in the priests face, I could have convinced her, but who knows.

Anyways, that was my run. For advice, Breden isn’t worth it, but that’s my perspective, if you like him/her, just be aware, there will be problems when he/she is around. (Also be aware you’re very likely to lose Elery if you do, from my experience. sadly.)
ALWAYS go to find the campsite.
Keep an eye on the “How people view me” screen, this screen is super important. I found all 5 hating me at some point, so I gave a huge 6000 gold bribe to the Yeomanry and 2300 to the Helotry to get them on my side. These are the two you can bribe, so they’re easiest… Priests are almost 100% easier if you’re not a brutal skeptic like me (Priests were like 90% of my raids, those tithe barns are just amazing) Merchants and Nobility are extremely hard to please if you want to raid. Just make sure at least two factions are happy with you, Yeomanry and Helotry are good because you can panic bribe them, which is why you should keep an eye on this screen.
Make sure you get at least 15 mules ASAP.[/spoiler]

Anyways, that’s a bit of a walkthrough of how I did it. Sorry if it’s a little too long, or rambles a little! If anyone has answers to any of the questions I asked, or questions that I didnt answer about my run, or hell, a better way of doing it, please inform me! I hope this helped a little bit.

(Fair warning, I have never done the religious route, and never will. I always go skeptic, or at least don’t touch on the subject of religion, so I can’t help with that side!)


Does anyone know what the outlaw ratios are? For example:
Outlaw to food ratio for raids
Outlaw to education ratio
Outlaw to recruiting ratio
Outlaw to sabotage ratio
And all the rest.

I’m trying to find the best micromanagement setup for each week.
I plan on redeeming my apple receipt on the website to access and view the code but that’ll take a few days at least, so I figured I’d ask and see if anyone could get that answer for me before then.

Or better yet, copy the code for each chapter and send it to me in pm so I can figure it out on my own? Thanks!


I sent my followers to the helot camps with Breden only, got an opportunity to add some sell swords to my rebellion, declared myself the prophet to the common Angelic voice and managed to get 70 well armed helots with 12 priests from that. And I managed to stay compassionate throughout the game so more helots left to join me. And I lost only 29 people throughout the winter so that helped plenty too.