Choice of Rebels-Uprising Help/Hints


O thanks.
If i choose Breden to be male then the other 2 will be girls? i thought
if you choose male then
you go to a gay ro option if playing a male


Horion, damn i forgot, thanks for the help.
But doing that will not ruin your relationship with him?
Also what if you ransom him?


Damn good stats, can you pm me a walkthrough if you have one?


I’d like a walkthrough for that too


Could I get one too, please?


My band also had about that many mules - past tense. :slight_smile:

And indeed - I let my healthy followers get sick and focus on recruiting fresh ones. They’ll all be fit for action come the spring regardless.

As for the zero phials, the trick is to be a covert theurge. If you stay covert all the way up to the first Plektos, you can win on personal blood alone.

Since we’re getting a lot of requests for guides, I’ll build mine in a bit.


Aaagh, I still cannot handle chapter 2 since its change way back in the beta days. If I try to run things myself it’s a death spiral of inadequate food and mules, and if I hand it over to Zvad instead for ‘story mode,’ he gets me >20 anarchy and a psychopath at the end of it, even if I only allow the bare minimum of raiding required to not have catastrophe that way.

Quite frustrating. :frowning:


Dominic – especially for delving into Ch 2 code at its worst and most opaque

@Dominic Cheer up! If it were not for you, none of us would be able to handle Chapter 2 either.


Has anyone guessed the most dangerous door to xanos?


The answer is as follows:



Does anyone know what happens if you select ‘‘Angels, Aid your servant’’ when you meet the group of enemy soldiers in the last chapter?


You die, I found (playing as a pious character who had been declared eclect), because angels do not intervene.


Yes, that is a dilemma, I do like Yebben and more importantly my mc does too, but my mc dares not train him in magic straight away. The fact that he seems to be taking to it easier and more swiftly then the mc themselves did (Yebben likely starts with INT 3 in mechanical terms) does make that risky as it would cost us the mc’s monopoly on magic use in the band, right before we will be forced away from the band and into the Xaos lands for who knows how long. Now my mc can handle Breden, Radmar and Elery on their own, but if anyone of them turns a full mage Yebben to their side or vice-versa if Yebben teams up with one if them they would be in an excellent position to either split the band and weaken the Rebellion or usurp the mc outright.

This holds true even if you play the mc as a “secret theurge”, especially if you school your followers in literacy, as with literacy plus magic the mc has essentially given away all their cards or “tricks of the trade” so to say.
Again this wouldn’t be so bad if we could have remained with the band as sooner or later we’re going to need followers with these skills in order to win. But remaining would have allowed the mc to nurture these things and steer them in our desired direction, whereas with that enforced absence of the mc who knows what might happen?


I made a thread for spoileriffic guides. Starting with my theurge guide.

Choice of Rebels Guides (SPOILERS)

Is level 2 intellect necessary for succesfully ambushing the Architelone? Or if that isn’t what I need for that then can someone tell me please what are the requirements for that?


I think you should ask that on the hints thread. But it goes something like this:

No, you don’t need 2 INT. What you do need is the correct info, and you can coerce Bleys, tap into the merchant network or get a fellow noble (Aristo MC only) to tell you where the Architelone is going to pass.

But I only know how to do the Bleys route: you need to threaten his family, and to do that, you need at least 1 INT, after that you should pick the choice where Ciels threatens his wife, knife in hand. And, if you send the tax Architelone after Alaine or Ismene, you’ll be able to convince the Telone to join your rebellion.


No – but level 1 int is.


Every time i did that even with 91 religion i got killed


What factors influence whether or not characters agree to follow you into Xaos-lands? I’ve only had luck with Breden so far.


No matter what you do Ragnar and Elery won’t follow you in. Only Ciel, Breden, de Firiac and the Firebrand are possible companions into the land. de Firiac and the Firebrand will follow you in no matter what but Ciel and I think Breden won’t if the two of them are banging.