Choice of Rebels-Uprising Help/Hints

Figured we needed a help page since there isn’t one


I need help as a noble theurge/dabbler in arcane arts
I can’t get my people enough food does anyone have a few hints?
Bregan is my deputy and I am only raising theurgy and didn’t raid the market after I stopped the harrowing


How low does my anarchy need to be to recruit the noble instead of Kala? My anarchy is currently at 22 and Kala keepa joining my band.

Also, tips on keeing your anarchy low and your rebels well fed/alive?

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If you’re going to raid then amassing as many mules as possible should be your first priority.

These are some of the moves I tend to make when playing with a larger band.

[spoiler]Week 1:

  • Send your rebels to scout for Alastor garrisons and monasteries with mules that you can steal.
  • Steal mules from both merchants and yeomen.
  • Raid yeomen farms for food and mules with all of your remaining rebels.

Week 2:

  • Send your rebels to steal mules from both merchants and yeomen.
  • Set all of your mules to carry food.
  • Raid a tithe barn.
  • Send scouts to search for another tithe barn.

In weeks 3-10, continue hitting a tithe barn every fortnight and send scouts to search for the next one every time you do. Continue prioritising mules.[/spoiler]


What if I don’t raid as a theurgy? like At All? Or If I ONLY raid hegemony alastors And Ecclesiasts?

Ty For Answering so thoroughly btw

If you prevented the harrowing then its very hard to feed your people without raiding. You can hunt rabbits and beg for food from the Helots, but that’s only going to go so far. That’s one of the key dilemmas of the game: whichever choices you make, people are going to suffer.

If you allowed the harrowing to happen then things are a bit easier. Even so, your food supply will be a bit precarious if you choose not to raid.


I tend to spread the love a bit. The yeoman and helots will eventually forgive you. You have to ability to increase relationship pretty significantly with them by buying them replacement bushels and paying them robin hood style after the winter ends.

I tend to rob the yeoman on week one then rob the helots on week 3. Focus on mules as is says above as well. Once the winter ends you can sell a bunch of them and make a killing.


That’s a good strategy, @cascat07. I usually rob the nobles after stopping the harrowing and just sell mules steal / from Ecclesiastes and Alastors as needed to keep that up.

You usually aren’t attacked by the theurges before you can steal mules, so it’s a pretty viable strategy that keeps anarchy relatively low.

I’d like to try a round where I don’t hurt nobles and just buy back the love of the helots / yeomen after the winter.


Does anyone know if I can learn another charisma point or can I get everyone to like me as a theurge it’s weird as a theurgy lol
also the merchant lady said she’d think about trading w me then I have heard from her again. was it because of my anarchy score of something? Help?

Thank s for all the replies!


This is great advice. It should also be mentioned that once your mule population is sizeable, be sure to assign some to the sick. There is a random theurge attack early on that forces you to move camp and you’ll take a huge morale hit if you can’t evacuate the sick.


From what I saw in the code, The Anarchy needs to be less than 21 so at the max you can only have 20 to recruit the noble. You also can’t have raided more than two temples (Not Tithe Barns) and I think not have raided two nobles. There’s something else I think but those were what I remember


Can someone tell me who the traitor is? I’ve just raided the De Merre estate and would like to know who is selling me out?

I’m not sure it’s revealed yet, maybe for the sequel. So far, I kept my trust in Breden, but at this point, I wonder if I’m just being stubborn about it.


Anyone know if it is possible to save Horion?

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  • Is there any combo of being a noble or helot that would help you get all of the achievements for like raid’s that work.
  • Would combat or charisma or intellect be better…why?
  • is there anyway to increase your various skills.
  • In your opinions what’s better being a Herlot or a Noble.
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I tried the combat ending with less than 100 rebels

I ended the game with 10

i still can’t mule, plz halp.


Yep. The answer will be in a spoiler segment.

Keep him and Linos as your ‘guests’ during the winter. Assuming you don’t kill him for something else, he leaves during the following spring.

No; you have to do different combinations of stats/activities to get all the achievements. Some things won’t work, not unless you cheat.

Unless you cheat, no. The author has stated in the future expansions, you may well do so.


In regards to the traitor, I played through this game as a noble who continually tried to ignore Breden and his/her uprising, and got rid of him/her the first chance I got right after s/he sold me out to the Harrowing. I had a miniscule band of people, and there weren’t really any rumblings of there being any sort of traitor at all. The only mention of the possibility was how Cousin Hector got some of my people, but other than that, nothing. I don’t know if there are more things that point to there being a traitor if Breden was in the party, but in a Breden-less playthrough, the possibility of there being a traitor only came up once before being forgotten rather quickly.