Swamp Castle (how to survive?!?)

It seems like every choice I make has a negative effect. Barbarian attacks, Rebels etc

Also, how do you win the Governor election? And what are the perks of being Governor?

You will always get attacked by barbarians initially and after that I normally find it best to go for the diplomatic approach because actually trying to wipe out their camp just looses you so many soldiers. When doing the diplomatic approach hire the diplomatic adviser (duh) and then go as neutral as possible, no banner, plain table but bring your guards and a gift of wine.

Have lots and lots of resources, taking part in the tournament gets you some extra gold and then you can just use all your resources to bribe your way to the top (start with the other candidates before moving onto the undecided you get more votes for your resources that way). The perks are that you get a shit-ton of money and when the final battle comes you get lots of extra soldiers from your vassals.


Omg! I have been searching EVERYWHERE for a guide like this!! Many thanks to you!

Haha no worries it took me a long time and a lot of frustration to finally be able to get the result I wanted.

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How do you increase rule?