Choice of Rebels-Uprising Help/Hints


Ohh you mean forcing him to stay with your group? Because I had Horion and Linus over as guests but they only stayed for two days.

A question I have, Does anybody know who the Love interests are? Just Breden, The Noble Swordmaster and the Helot Firebrand?


I would pick elery anyday…


Yes, that’s it for Game I. In Game II, as currently planned, we’ll triple that number. :slight_smile:


How can the MC become a theurge?


You need to make intelligence your best stat, then after some scenes, you get the theurge vignette.


Does anyone know how not to lose a single person throughout the winter? Any help would be appreciated.


Do not raid anything dangerous, let the Harrowing continue unopposed (winter is much easier with a small band of rebels), max out rations immediately, don’t be afraid of stealing from those too weak to defend themselves, have enough mules.

Being very charismatic also helps, since you won’t be doing any fighting (magical or physical) and it helps with keeping morale up. Low morale leads to bad stuff. :wink:

Fighting almost always leads to casualties, with a few rare exceptions.


In other words: Be Mara. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Then probably substitute poison for combat in later installments.


anyone know what week should I go see the merchant to start smuggling discussion?
I’m a theurgy noble stealing only from hegemony (not merchants)


Has anyone just raided the whole town (including market and nobles) when they stopped the harrowing and still gotten to be a smuggler e merchants


Looking at the code I think it is technically possible. By having 2 charisma and taking Zavd as your deputy. You also can’t rob the merchants from that point on.


Ok anyone know how to defeat the army?


Are there any ways to improve the Noble relationship with you (minus not raiding them)?


Is there a consequence to using your own blood for magic instead of the blood phials? And is there any way to get more blood phials?


Using your own blood can cause you to lose consciousness at all the wrong times.


Anyone know how to get the Maker of Change achievement?


2 Intelligence and converse with, I forget his name, the noble who you meet in chapter 3 I think. If I recall correctly telling him what you know about Thaumaturgy is what triggers the revelation and achievement.


Tithe barns piss off the clergy, though.

Personally, if I’m going for being friendly to everyone, I avoid hitting anyone except the yeomen, the Alastors and the Architelone. Yes, this means I don’t steal mules from merchants.. The reason is that Yeoman raids generally earn you more money’s worth, in terms of mules, than you lose in credibility. You can buy them off fairly easily with their own money. Plus, this helps keep Anarchy to a finely-tuned 19 or 20, the precise range I’m looking for.


Ahh geez, Not to be the bearer of bad news but there’s no way that relationships going to work. She’s got her eyes on somebody completely different


Couple of things I realised that were weird so my first playthrough: had a good start got a bunch of people, and was nice, smart, a wizard, and was charming. I strategically attacked targets the best way possible and was careful. Almost everyone died and everyone left so the my only rebels remained at around 20 and I ultimately failed
Next playthrough I played a muscle bound berserker with the iq of a rock who was as ruthless enough to kill kids and failed to get a good start. This somehow led to me becoming strong enough to take on the entire party hunting party, didn’t have any kids lying around causing adults to not be douch bags and leave essentially screwing everything I worked for, was known far and wide as a man who stole from the rich and have to the poor (even getting the title open handed), and the only reason I didn’t do better was because I made a single tactical error.
My main problem is that the game rewards full on adrenaline rush gameplay and not smart and strategic planning like any good leader should do (at least until the end where the hunting party is after you and you should run instead but the game shoves down your throats that you should run so it is allmost impossible to fail at that My second problem is that kids are horrible, you get rid of them and you are essentially dead, as allmost every adult leaves minus 20 and you can’t not have kids unless you fail at the beginning, which if you play normally should be allmost impossible.