Revenge - A Revolutionary's Tale [WIP DEMO]


I have made the first part of a game. Basically, your name is Tiger, you hail from a country which has oppressed freedom and killed your family (think North Korea) and after spending years in exile in a refugee camp, you have joined a revolutionary group which is launching itself at the government, by blowing up things terrorist-style and generally causing chaos. However, you soon discover that the group itself is not as harmonious as it claims to be, and your position inside the group is constantly under threat.

Combine this with a some crazy love stories (both homosexual and heterosexual options), your creepy best friend who seems to be just a little more ambitious than you are, your vaguely cultlike revolutionary leader who may be losing control of his own little army, and all the while your enemies are trying to kill off your entire revolutionary cell.

Any opinions so far? Am going to post a link to a Dropbox file as soon as I discover how to do it.


Here is the first bit, if anyone has comments, it would be very much appreciated.


Its a very good demo and seems like a very interesting game. I can’t wait for more updates. There are a few grammar issues for gender but that’s all I found. Good job!


This is a good game so far:) can’t wait for updates!


It seems my character is a boy, even when I choose to be a girl.


@avengeme The agent that infiltrated the secret police, she greeted me with revolutionaries’ greeting. When I tried to finish the greeting, I don’t remember what option I chose (I think one in the middle), I got this error: line 54: increasing indent not allowed, expected 0 was 1. Other than that, didn’t find any bugs.


@Aquila, @Luke - thanks for feedback about gender, how embarrassing, I’ve fixed all the gender related errors I can find.

@DSeg - thank you as well, fixed that bug.

Right now, updated the game to right before you plant the bomb. There is already a possible death, so…be careful. Thanks for the feedback, keep 'em coming guys.


It’s short, but fun. I really like the concept.


It seems pretty cool so far. I like the idea a lot so far and the demo was intriguing. Definitely looking forward to this, so keep it up :slight_smile:


aww snap I be like Rambo (if he came in extra small Latino)


Thanks guys! Expect the entire of the second scene to be up by tomorrow. Is there anything you’d like to see in the game?


Cool! I like it so far! :wink: Good luck, my friend!


Hey everyone, update!

The second scene has been finished, and I’m starting on the third scene now. Beware of possible mission failure, the insanity of Gunner (hint: his name plays a big part) and be sure to play scene 3 well when it’s out, because it will be the main branching scene which will take you to two or three radically different storylines.

Have learned how to use ‘selectable_if’. Thanks for the feedback and encouragement, and please do keep it coming!


Update again: Scene 3 is finished. Grand Theft Auto style action (if you make the right choices), if not Scene 3 will be pretty short for you.


Great!! Can’t wait for more :-bd


Updated two more full scenes. In the third scene, the game branches out into two different directions - the ‘capture’ scene and the ‘rebuild’ scene. Based on your choices during this path, you can reunite all the revolutionaries in a number of ways. Another romantic option is introduced, but only if you go by the ‘rebuild’ scene. Assuming you do not die (which is rather difficult actually), you will end this entire part with most of the revolutionaries reunited, your friend missing, and perhaps you might be the new Revolutionary Leader by now!

Please, do contribute with feedback, and comments. The game now takes about 30 to 45 minutes to play through, so do enjoy yourselves as a lot of new content has been added.


Error when viewing stats: “line 10: invalid line; this line should start with ‘percent’, ‘text’, or ‘opposed_pair’”



Thanks, I’ve been having trouble debugging. But that’s fixed now. :slight_smile:


@avengeme Yup! I love this game though, very, very interesting and looking forward to more!


Update - Will be busy for the next two days or so, but the next part (reunion) should be up tomorrow or the day after. Do comment with more feedback so I can improve the game :slight_smile: Thanks guys.

Also, you’ll get to find out where your best friend has gone during this part…