Choice of Rebels-Uprising Help/Hints


Note: i also would love it if breden to be my love interest as well, and when I say survive, I mean be a choice to take with me into the Xaos lands


You can have that choice :slight_smile:

in one of my saved game, Breden married with me … survive until the final scene and accompany me to the Xaos land…it was a cosy scene Breden appeared to be shaken about traveling to Xaos land, but she braved herself and stand next to me … how can we left our wife behind ? :wink:

to save Breden, for my playthrough , CHA needs to be 2 and earn respects from the rebels throughout the game, and i manage to choose the option of ordering other rebels to restraint Radmar from hurting Breden, then after the final battle ,investigate the poisoning incident… chose to believe all 3 suspects (including Breden) and pardon them , most of my rebels agree with my judgement because they love both me and Breden :wink: i am also the Angel Eclect so it was easier for them to trust my judgement :stuck_out_tongue:


I see my folly, I chose not to mess with religion


You don’t need mess with religion, you can even be openly skeptical. They obeyed my mc as well, if you choose that you want to investigate more or delay judgement or something like that, can’t recall the exact option. But that should save Breden (for now, my mc is just keeping him/her until he can find an equally charismatic and preferably skeptic follower to fill Breden’s useful niche) .


yes she/he is the one


@idonotlikeusernames I tried delaying judgement, Radmar and his followers still killed Breden.


I did this before, what you need is either for the band to have high morale so they’d accept your leadership or have Breden have enough power and influence (by managing the winter as your second in command, taking leadership choices etc)
Also it’s harder with high population cause the code says the morale has to be higher than the amount of followers, so with a small band it’s much easier.


From the XOR 1 WIP thread by @Havenstone :

It may need a do-over, alas, but if you have

  • sufficiently high morale (vis-a-vis the size of your band)
    a high leadership score for Breden (say, if you made them your deputy and/or gave them lots to do through the winter)
  • a 2 CHA [Edit: nope]
    it should be possible to save Breden, though depending on your stats and choices you may need to kill Radmar to do it.

If you have the choice to imprison Breden, they should also disappear in the fight leaving no body behind them. For whatever’s that worth.

and also by @Havenstone:

But with CHA 2 you should be able to

Edit: on further review of the code, CHA 2 is otherwise useless for saving Breden. Either you or they have to have enough leadership cred to stop the angry mob (represented by high morale for you and a high leadership score for them) or you need to have them tied up to be dealt with when everyone’s cooled down a bit.

If you have the option to send some of the band away and remain at High Crag to delay the army, you can send Breden away as the leader of the fleeing folks, and thus avoid the whole unpleasantness…

The relevant portion of the source code noted by @Frogs is:

          *label dotheyaccept
          *if (morale < followers) and (bred_lead < 16)

Picking I don’t believe he did anything wrong. This is all just a terrible accident. in my experience requires using your best skill to stop Radmar and for a wisard that means wasting blood. I always did think it was rather twisted that even if you believe Breden and are romancing Breden, you are still better off confronting Breden if playing a wisard. What I personally do on those occasions when my MC is willing to continue enduring Breden’s personality is I confront and question Breden. followed by I don’t know what to believe…and I’m not going to see anyone killed until I know more.

A skeptical replacement for Breden appears to already be available.
  *if skep > 74
    the day when your scouts inform you that what appears to be an entire village has left the Norther Rim and is moving toward you. 
    You send ${deputy} to meet their leaders and find out who they are and why they're coming.  ${deputy} returns and, sounding slightly bemused, explains: "They're coming to meet
    *if liebreaker
      ${fname} Lie-Breaker—the
    *if not(liebreaker)
    Great Disbeliever."
    Apparently your well-known skepticism has attracted a heretical community from the far-distant mountains where ${whendery} meets the Shayard Reach.  The Disbelievers have been persecuted for years by the Ecclesiasts, in part for their agnosticism about the existence of Angels, but especially for their radical insistence that to believe anything based solely on authority is a sin.  
    They were inspired to begin the long trek southwest when they heard (an apparently somewhat exaggerated account) of your defeat of Zebed and Chirex, spread by Theurges in the Reach, which made you sound like the epitome of sacrilegious disbelief. 
    Their leader Etthena is a persuasive, charismatic woman of middle years—but she's willing for now to cede to you.
The new option for rejecting Breden at the end-of-winter celebration was just so satisfying even if out-of-character a slightly more diplomatic response might have been better for the good of the rebellion.

That momentary, treacherous flicker of attraction only fuels your fury. “You think you can throw insults at me, call me brainsick to cover up your own cowardice, and still expect a dance?” Your sharp, humorless laugh is probably audible from the Rim. “Go to Taratur, boy. You’ll never have me.”

The outlaws all around you fall silent, shocked at your public shaming of such an influential band member. All Breden’s muscles are tensed as if to run, or strike you. “Angels, de Serin. Where…? All I asked was a bloody dance, and you…”

“Wanted to be plain.” You hadn’t realized before how much you’d resented holding your tongue for the peace of the band. “We’re not friends, Reaper, and certainly nothing more than friendly. Don’t act as if we were.”

“No damned fear of that, Captain.” As his shock recedes, Breden’s face comes to mirror your own contempt. “I know where I stand now.”

Within minutes, Breden is in Ciels’s arms again, circling the bonfire, pointedly ignoring you. Perhaps unsurprisingly, no one else dares ask you to dance. His many friends in the band cast hard glances at you; Radmar, on the other hand, bares his teeth in evident approval.

My MC had to hold the MC’s tongue for years about the Hegemony and then having to do the same thing about Breden was just too much and my MC was so tired of having to tolerate Breden’s personality. The only person with whom my MC would have wanted to dance might not be into dancing anyway.

@Havenstone Hypothetically speaking, if Yebben does become a RO, in what sort of people might Yebben be interested?


My game immediately opens up into the stats screen, and there is no option to exit it, can somebody help me.

Note: I’m on android, and I would like to avoid restarting if at all possible.


Notice the show stats button in the top right


Yes, but not to my mc, his cosmpolitanism apparently outstrips his skepticism, so I got the Wiends but not the skeptics. Which means my mc has no potential, charismatic replacement of more amenable inclination available to him right now.
I know this is because my mc at this point largely stays out of the religion mess except to re-iterate numerous times that he himself is a skeptic and doesn’t want Linos preaching to the band. But that’s about it. Since charisma is not his strongest attribute he has not dared try his hand at preaching himself.


I am using Android and encounter similar issue , but don’t worry , you should see a " < " symbol at the top left of your phone… press it and you will return to the game… it happen to ALL the games, so that’s how you can return to the game :slight_smile:

so how is the Breden romance ? you manage to save her ??


Pretty sure Yebben is bi. And he’ll be an RO from Game 3.

Choice of Rebels: Uprising — Lead the revolt against a bloodthirsty empire!
Choice of Rebels: Uprising — Lead the revolt against a bloodthirsty empire!
Choice of Rebels: Uprising — Lead the revolt against a bloodthirsty empire!

I saved him, but I had to restart. Even after I completely shut off the game and reopened it, thge very first page that would show up was the stats page, so yeah. I’m just glad I saved him and brought him with me into the Xaos lands.


For me, when Breden is first accused, you need to use make a decision based on your highest stat in order to stop Radmar from immediately killing them (i.e. Theurgy to take their weapon out of their hand, charisma to convince your followers to temporarily stop him, etc.). Then, you need to have high morale so that you can convince your followers to side with you over Radmar.

There might be other ways, but those are the ones that I use.


I figured it out on my own, but thanks for trying to help, I appreciate it.


Hi everybody I need some help, I’ve been reading one big part of the game for the first time last night, but might have done it coming back from a party, partly intoxicated, or dare I say completely drunk…
There were some parts I read I don’t fully recall, and some I didn’t really understand
The first, when you talk with your father about him potentially denouncing another healot (whose children joined the rebellion) and he ended up talking about our mother, what was he saying? I think I recall saying his child died and you are some kind of bastard?
And the second is when talking to breden near the waterfall did they admit being a kryptast? The way I read the scene was more like they knew the code they gave us was from a kryptast but on the next scene they cried like we just forgave them something… So being a kryptast
This was the last scene I read and now before reading again I’d like to be sure to have a full grasp on the story


I think Breden never openly admit… i consider the conversation with Breden as "silent acknowledgement "


That was NOT HELPFUL (I mean yes of course it was, but I understood pretty much the same thing and now I’m all lost and can’t figure out the implications I’m so dumb, I should have just go to bed) anyway thanks for your help :blush:(any chance you ca’ help with the father ?)
OK nevermind, it became clearer afterwards thanks anyway :slight_smile:


All right, I’m working on a guide for players who want a 2CHA/1COM Inner Voice Helot build that keeps all the rebel leaders alive and soundly defeats the Archon (ie: few combat rounds against the Phalangites). It’s a tough road, but it will lead to a large, fanatical rebellion with many skilled leaders, and Havenstone has said that the latter will pay dividends in future games.

Unfortunately, it will be hard for me to do a week-by-week guide to the winter, because it varies due to chance, though it’s doable regardless of the vagaries of RNG. I’ve settled more on “guidelines for the Winter,” some of which are as follows.

Rations at Healthy for Sick, Subsistence for Healthy.
No Mules Assigned to Sick.
Week 1: Use gold from looting town to buy food. Raid Caravans with Zvad/Elery. Raid mules.
Week 2: Use gold from caravan to buy food. Raid for mules. Scout for mules.

Past that, I’ve found the following things to work well.

-Raid Tithe Barn in Week 3 or 4 (I prefer 4 tbh, meaning in 3, I sell a mule and keep buying bushels).
-Raid a Noble Barn immediately after the first Theurge attacks you.
-Minimally involve Breden. I send her on 2 large recruitment missions, and that’s my hard limit.
-Maximally involve Radmar. I use him on both barn raids and recruiting missions in an ancillary capacity to myself. Yes, Radmar is worse than Zvad at raids and Breden at recruiting…but you want to build up Radmar’s influence.
-Raid the de Merre estate (with Radmar), and do no other major raids. I’ve tried other strategies, and this lets you have the most men…at the cost of some money and arms, but after you have a few hundred arms, men are more important.
-Don’t be discouraged if the game says at the end of Winter that Breden is the most influential. If you’ve done your part in building up Radmar, then when Chapter 4 rolls around, Radmar/Kala/Bethune will ensure that the band follows you.