Choice of Rebels-Uprising Help/Hints


Can we expect a female aristocrat RO for a straight male aristocrat in Game 2?

I really don’t want to meddle with the code in order to make Suzane and Breden both females, but I will if I have to, in order to make my experience enjoyable.


Honestly speaking , i don’t think it is logical to expect there should be more Female Aristocrat other than Suzanne who would love a Rebel MC ( even though he may originate from Aristocrat) … Suzanne basically sacrifice a lot in terms of family name/honour and comfort lifestyle in order to be with male MC, it is already a rarity for one female Aristocrat such as her to come to us… hence i believe we should be grateful to Suzanne instead of being too choosy and dreaming for another female aristocrat to come to us :slight_smile:


My MC wants to lead a Shayardene rebellion composed of the aristocracy and the clergy, he has no wishes of fraternising with the lower classes no more than necessary to achieve his goals, and he does only recruits from the yeomen, who he has a neutral opinion of, unlike the helotry for whom he plans to keep under his boot when he gets out that godforsaken forest.

I find the fact that the only female aristocrat RO for straight aristocrat males to be Suzane quite unappealing. I’d prefer if the author gives me a concrete answer, I don’t want to meddle with the code and I don’t want my character to be bisexual, and I certainly don’t want him marrying a woman who’s not a fellow aristocrat.


Ummm… i think these are all up to the creativity of the author @Havenstone, we as readers cannot control or direct the vision of the author , after all…this is a universe create by the author, and many HG/CoG games let readers choose the gender of the love interest as a way to accommodate a wider audience … :slight_smile:

i personally never read any code of HG/CoG and i never felt that it was bisexual to romance Suzanne, of course that is my opinion :slight_smile:


In order to romance Suzane, you have to pick you’re attracted to a male Breden.
This irritates me, so I hope there would be a noble female option for straight males in Game 2, but as you mentioned, it’s the author’s choice, and I will respect that and tweek the code a bit if needed.


Does that situation indicate the orientation of the MC? I suppose in order to get my MC’s RO, I have to pick Brenden as a girl correct? :thinking:


If you choose Breden to be female, you will indicate that your character is attracted solely to the female gender, later when introduced to Simon, he will be interested in you romantically, and then you have an option to say you like males as well.

It depends on who you want to romance, my MC despises Breden and wants to marry Suzane, but he has to be attracted to a male Breden in order to meet Suzane and that is bothering me quite a lot.


Thanks for the info.

It seems that judging from the author responses from this thread here, it has not overall impact afterwards and we could turn down their advances it seems so I guess I have to choose a femle Breden on that scene in order to get Simon. ≧ω≦


Teren Leilatou, Horion’s niece/nephew, is the same sex as Breden. Whether you’ll find Teren attractive as a character–and whether he/she will find your MC attractive–I couldn’t possibly predict. But at least some MCs will find romance there.

It sounds like your MC might find Abelard de Toman a bit more simpatico in personality terms, but he’s gender-locked male. Erjan and Cerlota are noble but gay (and foreign, which may or may not be an issue for your MC). Calea is noble but uninterested in men of her own social station.

So, yep, sounds like Teren is going to be your MC’s best Game 2 opportunity. Or you can tweak the code to suit your whims.


Yeah. I just ignore the attraction to Breden, or at best play it off as “yeah, there’s a certain potential attraction there, but I’m not into whiny idiots.” Which the code fortunately does support.

Also fortunately, Breden isn’t into aristocrats who don’t see helots as their equals. S/he might trust and work well with such an aristocrat, but never love them.


It is a somewhat valid request as without modding romancing Simon or Suzanne requires the mc to be canonically bisexual. Then again this series comes with the explicit warning that not everybody may find an RO they like over the course of it.

Yep, unless you mod the game Simon and Suzanne are set up as RO’s for bisexual mc’s only.


Okay so what’s your current thinking on who gets to, as Mara would put it “gets to bang” these RO’s?

As far as I understand,
Abelard de Toman is only interested in female aristo mc’s, who are themselves attracted to men.
Calea is the opposite and for some perverted reason is only sexually (I’m not seeing the “romance” there) attracted to male Helots (and maybe Yeomen as well, but since the mc can’t play on of those that’s besides to point).

Then there is prince(ss) nippletwister who will be introduced in the third game, right? And who is open to anyone and everyone, though how that would work out for a backwoods helot who’s probably be less than filth to him/her is something I’ve got to see to believe.

Wasn’t Cerlotta originally going to be the non-binary ro who’s only be interested in non-binary mc’s in turn, or am I getting them confused with yet another character?

Is Erjan the renamed Aireq, if so what are his preferences when it comes to the mc?

Lastly who is Teren open to? Nobles only or everybody and is there gay/straight/bi limit for the mc there?

Now, I remember a time when it didn’t. My mc isn’t much into likely traitors either and Breden is very, very suspicious. The only reason my mc hasn’t gotten rid of them yet is that they don’t yet have a suitable replacement lined up.


There’s always that attraction mandated by the code, but you never had to let it be anything more than physical.


Of course until the resident Tiger helped me adjust my game the most annoying thing about Breden was that Simon/Suzanne flips to the opposite gender, canonically leaving my mc without anyone cute he might fancy.

Also notice a heavy preponderance of aristo’s, foreign or not among the new RO’s. Will we ever get someone from the merchant class, foreign or no?


I know! There’ll be someone of Breden’s gender who is fanatically religious and not open to bisexuals.

If I’m not mistaken, in Xthonic thought, bisexuality would be considered a sign of excessive conupiscience, blinding you to the gender of your other half.


Thanks, meaning they’re as worthless as Breden themselves to my mc. :disappointed: As my mc is the furthest thing from a religious fanatic you can probably get in the world of XoR, at least in the Hegemony. Of course he’s plenty fanatic in other areas, such as his opposition to the Xthonic religion and its caste system. :wink:


@Havenstone Teren is the aristocrat/priestess we set out to find in the end of Book 1 right? Can’t remember her name though …

But seems like Teren is an intriguing love interest , now my only concern is how could i break Suzanne’s heart if i court Teren instead in Book 2, after promising i will ask for her hand in Book 1…and she allowing herself to follow me to Xaos Land :slight_smile:

Now you are tempting me to start another playthrough as Male Harlot… Calea is cute, so it might be worth it to start another journey as male Harlot :slight_smile:

I don’t mind showing respect to Harlots and becoming male Breden’s ally … i am only worry whether male Breden will be jealous of Suzanne and seek to kill her in future, i hope i don’t make mistake by allowing Breden to stay alive :smile:

Hmmm… it could also be view as my MC view male Breden as a good friend , sort of BFF… but ultimately fall in love with Suzanne :grin:


That was an amusing typo.


Well I guess that to voluntarily get with Calea, I mean the helot mc has after all personally suffered the oppression of her family and herself, you’ve got to be a bit of a male harlot I venture. :grin:


Maybe you just want to oppress her right back.


For a straight mc, maybe? My mc isn’t touching her with a ten-foot pole. :nauseated_face: