Choice of Rebels-Uprising Help/Hints


For my Aristocrat MC, most probably i will let Calea marry one of my Harlot follower :slight_smile:
I figure Calea was disgusted with the behaviour of majority of Aristocrats, in which she found Harlots are more loyal and trust worthy … that’s why she is seeking some sense of security with Harlots instead of Aristocrats…


I don’t think that is a particularly accurate view of Calea. From all appearances she’s a perverted sadist who likes to dally with pretty young Helot guys and then having them Harrowed when she gets tired of them .


Calea did that ? Can’t imagine she was that cruel, she seems nice when interact with my MC …i must have miss some of the text …


It’s in the Helot opening she forces the helot mc’s handsome friend Dann to be her “lover” and then has him harrowed when she’s tired of him and there is ample evidence that Dann is part of larger pattern.


My Aristocrat MC’s influence towards Calea is still low…hopefully one day i have an option to talk to her about her mistakes…


Just moved the future RO discussion over to the main thread, as it’s not really about hints for Uprising.


First I’d like to thank you for this lengthy answer and say I respect your choice as an author.

Secondly, I may have to play a female character in the future for Abard RO, though that Abard dude sounds like a great ally for my male MC.

Anyway, I’ll wait to see and play the Teren romance, and then I may tweek the code for Suzane romance if I find the character unappealing and incompatible personality-wise.

Though I really need to read up this and the original thread, I don’t want to be overwhelmed with all these names when I play Game 2.


Yeah, Calea’s a typical aristocrat, just a fair bit smarter than average and pragmatic enough to realize that your rebellion is something she wants to be on both sides of.


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Okay, I realize I’m late to the party but I have several questions.

Chapter four, after taking down the first plektos (without magic). I rejoin the rest of the band and Kalt is galvanizing them to kill the other two Plektoi or die trying. Despite the fact that my noble rebel has the highest possible fighting ability, the option to lead the attack is grayed out. Is this because I let Kalt gain too much credibility, or for some other reason? I just don’t understand it.

Also in chapter four, during the poisoning episode: is this where the “get poisoned and survive” achievement is to be had? Because I played this scene twice and had no option to eat the poisoned stew. Also, in the second game I had the taxman’s wife as a healer, yet she didn’t show up to help when my main healer was down for the count, and wasn’t mentioned at all. I don’t even know if the taxman and his family survived.

More generally: if you don’t micro-manage the food supply and so on in chapter one, but delegate it to one of your rebels, I assume some of your band always die. Is it required to go into the nitty-gritty to try for the “survive the winter” achievement?

Also more generally: how do I get more training as a theurge, and does theurgifying require the background regarding the rogue mage who rebelled?

I’m gonna go replay chapter four and then I will probably return with more questions.


Get poisoned and survive I think is an achievement you can get by surviving being poisoned by Calea Keriatou. You can also be killed by her if you antagonize her too much.

  1. Leading the attack on the Plektoi is suicidal, which is why someone with maxed-out combat can’t do it. They know it’s a terrible idea, since it involves charging head-on into an armored murder beast.

  2. Like Fate880 said you get the achievement by pissing of Calea Keriatou when you meet her. Trying to capture her will get you that I think, but she might also just slit your throat if you’ve annoyed her beforehand.

  3. I assume you’d need to manage things personally, but I honestly don’t know how to get through the winter with no casualties. Some tips I’d offer would be to NOT intervene at the harrowing in the prologue, as you start with much fewer people, and all adults. Always give your sick followers full rations as well, else some of them will die. Avoid raids on nobles and the church, since they always result in deaths, and hunting could also result in deaths if you get unlucky. Avoid getting too many of your followers sick, since you need mules to carry them when theurges attack. You can raid helot and yeoman farms safely, I think, but they might fight back if you do it a lot. You can send out all your mules for at least the first two weeks, maybe three. There is no chance for theurges to come those weeks, but make sure to have enough mules for the sick after that.

  4. You can’t really get more training as a theurge in the game. I think the only extra abilities you can get involve being mortally wounded when dealing with Hector Keriatou. And the only requirement to learn theurgy is to choose your intelligence as your strength.


I assume this is the second noble raid that I didn’t go on? Like, if you raid the Merre (?) successfully you can then go after the aristarch’s house?


nah, buddy. It only happens in chapter 3 if you are in love with Hector and try to set up a meeting with him after his attack. Or if you have INT2 as noble you arrange a meeting with Calea to deal with Hector’s veneurs.


Not at all. The people who discover it in 2030 when Game 5 is finally done… they’ll be late to the party.

I’ll change that at the next update–thanks very much for suggesting it. It might be a little while before we push another update, because it invariably throws off a bunch of people’s games-in-progress and leads to a surge in support calls…so I won’t do it just to put Huette in Ch 4. But I’ll do that when we accumulate a couple more bugs/good ideas. For now, please assume she’s an unmentioned casualty of the poisoning.

I’m pretty sure it’s straight-up impossible to bring everyone through the winter alive if you’ve intervened at the Harrowing; the band’s just too big and child-heavy. You’ll lose some either to raids or to hunger/sickness. (Though experienced players should feel free to tell me if you have managed the impossible here.) If you’re operating with a smaller, child-free band and opt for non-violence during the winter, it should be possible to come through without managing the rations etc. yourself. Otherwise, yes, a casualty-free run would generally require micro-management.

Theurgifying only requires you to pick Intellect as your top stat–you don’t need to read Sarcifer’s background. As for training, that doesn’t come til next game.

And as @Fate880 said, getting poisoned by Calea can happen in Ch 3 after her brother Hector’s raid on you. But it can only happen if you’re a noble character.


It can be done, if you grab some mules early, don’t mind making the helots and yeomen beyond pissed off, and accept that you’ll be kinda short on money moving into spring. Helots can’t defend their grain, and neither can yeomen (though they will defend their mule trains).

But hey, it’s not like pissing off the helots will damage your cause, right? They’ll just endure like they always do. :sweat_smile:


Is that optimism speaking there @Havenstone, because my bet is nearer to 2040. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
If we start in 2013 and then take 7 years for each game it could be as late as 2048 after all.


Can’t believe there’s a crossover between the XoR and Half-Life fanbases


Okay is it just me or did the battle against the Archons forces just become insanely difficult in a new update or something.

I replayed the game and did pretty much the exact same choices as most of of my other playthroughs just for the heck of it but this time I ended up facing over 850 Phalangite soldiers. I killed all the theurges with theyrgy, destroyed the supply chain, killed all threee plektoi and yet I still ended up losing Elery, Bjel, and and a whole host of other people in the fight.

Don’t come get me wrong the extra challenge was pretty cool it’s just that I was woefully unprepared for it is all. So I’m wondering if this was maybe a bug or an official update my anarchy level was somewhere around 30-32


Hey, I’m looking for a good walkthrough for a charisma-based character, mainly for chapter 2. Aristocrat if it makes a difference. I tried following one of the linked walkthroughs but since I had neither combat nor magic it all kinda fell apart.

Also, specific question: can I raid temples and still keep anarchy down? Also, I know of ways to avoid raising faction disapproval, but don’t know many ways to get them to approve me except throwing money at them. If I lose merchant approval, how can I regain it?

I’m finding micro-managing chapter 2 to be pretty grueling, but still challenging in a way. Failing so egregiously in my first playthrough is probably the only reason I managed to recruit Simon.