Choice of Rebels-Uprising Help/Hints


@Eric_knight send me his guide for 2CH character. I hope you don’t mind me sharing it @Eric_knight

So basically , every week… both me and Breden will beg for mule and food, and i send the rest to hunt bear ( seriously , must choose bear…because there is high chance you get bears very often ), and retrieve all mules from infirmary … in the beginning sell one mule and use the money to buy food …but don’t use too many mules to bring back mules because authority will notice… the begging by me and Breden will bring back mules… so every week same routine, sell one mule and beg for more mules…oh yeah you must send children to be adopt by harlot too… then since i am high charisma, i will calm down those rebels and children when given the occasion :slight_smile:

eventually, you will have option to work with the merchant, do it… join the negotiation …due to high charisma all should be well, you must did the negotiation with merchant once you have the choice, and do this job when the choice is there… after the job, you will have many food… continue the routine, and you will survive till the winter …and either Suzanne or Simon will come find you, i am surprise it actually work when no one thought of that… most of others prefer to root …Lol :grin:

seriously my anarchy in the end of story is only 9 … well, if you find problem further down the story , you can ask my help…i will be gladly help up… and i love my peaceful route until the end , the battle with authority is unavoidable in the end , but generally i think i mimise the killing :wink:


Thanks @resuri08

i will be happy to share more alternative play through with fellow fans :slight_smile:


I have a question.
How meet Simon?
Sorry if someone already asked…


Simon shows up at the end of chapter 2, but only if your anarchy is low enough. You have to do a lot less raiding to meet him.


Does anyone know how the gender of the noble that joins you later on is controlled? I’m trying to keep it heterosexual but it seems intent on always being the opposite of my sexuality


The noble will be opposite gender of Breden. If Breden is male then the noble will be female


Is helot firebrand Kala Swineherd/male equivelant? If so, how do you do that because I tried but didnt manage anything close to that


Welp, he did leave us for dead after a point so… yeah, not even sure Elery would be into him anymore


Any idea how to romance Kala/Firebrand? I just cant seem to find a dialogue option similar to the Suzane talk


In the future, please edit your posts to be condensed into one if you have multiple questions. Thank you!


I solemnly swear that I will


Simon/Suzanne and Kala/Kalt will always be the opposite gender of Breden. You should have Breden as male if you like the female version of the noble or the firebrand. And also, you need to have a high anarchy score to recruit the firebrand and a low anarchy score for the noble.


Nbd, but is there a way to keep Kalt from hitting on my boy after his spy girlfriend just dumped him, and then throwing a tantrum about aristocrats when he’s turned down?


@Havenstone For the battle in the woods, is there a reason that the casualty count on our side is sometimes a fixed percentage of our total forces, and sometimes dependent on the number of enemies?

For example when ambushing the the supply train we seem to always lose at least one ninth of our people, even if we vastly outnumber the enemy and avoided the phalangites.


For kalt /simon romance, i couldn’t say i 'm not interested in women when i speak Breden .
Why and how change that ?

I’m only interested in men

thanks you


You need to choose a female Breden in order to get Kalt or Simon like the few people above you said. Choosing female Breden doesn’t locked you from romancing Simon or Kalt.


Does it affect anything much if you refuse to join Breden’s group discussions as noble mc due to the risks involved?


You lose some chances to gain helot reputation and the option to start teaching literacy early. I think.


They are also the only explicitly bisexual ro, so you can’t romance them without your mc being bi or pan and attracted to at least two genders, just FYI. Therefore if you want to keep it strictly hetero in your case and strictly gay in mine you’d need to either forego the Simon/Suzanne romance and wait until the other ro’s start coming in the sequels provided Breden is not to your taste or you can mod the game if you want to go to the trouble.


Here’s a question: is everybody predicating their low-anarchy games on not looting anything after the failed Harrowing? Because I was usually looting the merchants but not the nobles, so that I could start with a little extra cash and weapons. But I guess I can’t really get the merchants to cooperate if I do that?