Choice of Rebels-Uprising Help/Hints


If i am not mistaken, most people strife on high anarchy and looting to maximise money to buy weapons,so that they will have a strong army to fight in the end, instead of running …

the merchant is important to gain us a mission of transporting their goods , that is the key to obtain enough resource for a low anarchy play-through… as for the weapons, well since i chose to run through the woods, even with limited weapons… but due to correct strategy i destroy enough enemy troops in the woods and kill all the hell hound in the end …

this is only possible if you are Angel Eclect because your followers will be zealous in their devotion


20ish anarchy, didn’t loot at the start, looted only the priests (and the yeoman for mules once). Rejected all religion (both the Angels and kenon). Ended with 200 followers, 200 weapons, extremely high morale, 49 literates.
60 people died in the winter though. Has anyone ever managed the ‘keep everyone alive’ achievement?

Didn’t bother fighting the army in the woods, killed two hellhounds using theurgy and 1 using bees.


Right. We keep our looting to once we’re in the hills, where it can be done in a controlled fashion for more profit per anarchy.

I do sometimes steal one caravan’s worth of merchant mules, but otherwise I leave merchies alone and do business with them instead.


I am guessing the Law of Nature and Archimandrite achievements both originate with Mr. Horion, and that at least the first requires two points in intelligence?

Edit: I am also struggling with the part where I ransom him. I get that he dies if I just release him, but ransoming didn’t work great for me the first time.


Hey, just copy/pasted from this guide, hope it helps:

The Archimandrite's Riddle - Guess the most dangerous doorway to Xaos.

Requires: Be Aristo. Capture Linos & Horion safely. Have excellent Linos & Horion reputation.

Have Linos & Horion reach your camp by whatever method you prefer. The simplest is to send Zvad with orders to bring the strangers back to camp.

The achievement requires very friendly relations with them, so start on this as soon as you meet them. You must also make no reference to taking them hostage at any point - if your Father visits you the night before the Interrogation, you must choose:

“No, father. He’ll enjoy our hospitality, answer some questions…and in a day or two, he’ll be on his way.”

Then, when interrogating Linos, choose:

“What do you make of our rebellion?”
The answer is obvious.

Then type in “Compassion” (without the “”).

Law or Nature - Impress a noble with your grasp of philosophy.

Requires: Intellect 2. Capture Linos & Horion safely.

Have Linos & Horion reach your camp by whatever method you prefer. The simplest is to send Zvad with orders to bring the strangers back to camp. At the camp interrogate Horion.

If you are Aristo, DON’T choose any of the following options when asked your opinion on Harrowing or you’ll be unable to get the achievement:

I lower my voice to a prudent level. “Angels, I don’t want to bloody change their lot.”
“We’ll have a fairer system of Harrowing helots—that’s all.”

Otherwise, after asking your opinion on Harrowing, he’ll mention a Nyr philosopher called Aygul. Choose:

“I don’t know what’s nature and what’s law—and I’m not sure it matters.”

Then choose either of the two following options to unlock the achievement:

“Any law that runs counter to nature will fail eventually. That’s what ‘nature’ means.”
“Your philosopher meant that law can change, nature can’t. But everything changes. Even what we call nature.”

What is the issue you’re having ransoming them?


Does anyone know how to keep everyone alive during winter?


I gotta ask how are people able to keep nobles “cautiously sympathetic to your cause”? Every time I got it drops back to them being “they care little of your rebellion, those who have heard of it” if the rumors of Leilatou dies start going around. Is the best option just to have Breden kill them?
Somehow I just feel like Leilatou might come handy in sequels (I can’t believe that he’s really dead) so I’d rather meet with them and be all buddy with them, but ends up costing my relations with nobles


If you want him alive: keep him with you (there’s no point in demanding ransom, as you won’t get any). Will cause a moderate reputation hit when people find out.
If you want the least amount of noble rep hit: kill him when you first meet him, quietly. But I have the feeling that they will be handy in the future too, and noble reputation isn’t that useful in book 1 anyway.

Letting him go is the worst idea. He is murdered, and you are framed for it , causing a major reputation drop.

It is really very difficult to keep noble rep high. Every time you say something nice about the helots/yeomanry, they get offended. You have to pander to them at every opportunity, which often decreases morale.


[quote=“sljzz, post:756, topic:32091, full:true”]
If you want him alive: keep him with you (there’s no point in demanding ransom, as you won’t get any). Will cause a moderate reputation hit when people find out.[/quote]

Good to know. I was debating on which method of asking for ransom would be most likely to be effective.


Is there actually any confirmation on that Horion is dead other than the rumors? :thinking:I keep thinking he might very well appear in book 2 if we don’t kill him and my COM2 INT1 noble will need all the help she can get in Shayard City especially since nobles are more or less neutral and my charismatic deputy Breden was killed by Radmar (dude killed my girlfriend I can’t believe I allowed myself to fall into that pit :sob::sob:)


You could go back and save Breden?


There is bound to be another charismatic NPC added to the cast eventually. I mean, I assume each game in the series will add more new characters. Given how common a choice it is to dispose of Breden in one way or another, and given the high likelihood that at least some scenarios will involve Breden betraying the rebels… There will be someone around to replace him. Probably.


There are definitely few more romance option in future books, one of them a noble …

actually i manage to save Breden in all my play throughs , just ask my followers to restrain Radmar :slight_smile:

I don’t think Breden will betray us ultimately she already gave me her Krystap Code, how else could she still betray me ? Basically she already reveal her identity to me :wink:


From what I do remember, we are supposed to get at least 3 new RO’s for the next book in Choice of Rebels series. So yeah, there’s most likely going to be someone that is charismatic.


I was actually talking about NPCs in general, not romances. All due respect to the romantic ones out there, my priority as a player is still to bring down the Hegemony and find a nice tree to nail Hector to by his wrists.


A RO is basically a NPC if you don’t romance them imo.

But it would be so sweet if we could make Hector beg for his life and we could be like “no” in a soft whisper then kill him deader than dead. Can’t wait for that moment if it ever happens.


“My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, Commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions, loyal servant to the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife. And I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next.”



Man, I love that movie so much.


What do you think about Breden?

  • S/he is a kryptast spy and a traitor.
  • S/he is an innocent being framed by the real traitor.
  • S/he is or was a Kryptast, but not the traitor.
  • S/he isn’t a spy, but is the traitor.
  • Other?

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Two facts to consider.
Breden knows a working Kryptast code.
Breden knows when you are testing him/her.


I think Breden is a kryptast agent or asset. I’m not convinced Breden is one themselves. Fomenting this rebellion seems like way too small beer for the Hegemony’s prime operatives. Breden also makes too many mistakes imho.

In the normal course of events I think someone(s) like Breden stirs up a containable helot/yeoman revolt and the Kryptast they work for uses this disorder to determine which of the powerful local leaders are showing any signs of disloyalty in order to blackmail or eliminate them. On the side, they reap a blood harvest they need for mage fuel.