Choice of Rebels-Uprising Help/Hints


I’m kinda leaning to the theory that Breden is a helot who is a spy for Halassurq Empire and Old Joana is the traitor :thinking:


I have a strong suspicion that as we get closer to Karagond itself, we’ll learn that there’s factionalism within the Hegemony’s highest echelons. I think Breden might be a Kryptast asset who has gotten caught up in this internal struggle. I can fully believe that they were planted to foment a rebellion and draw out dissident voices, but after that initial action, things get a little muddier.

There is way too many coincidences surrounding Breden for em to be totally innocent, but also too many mistakes for me to be convinced that they are the only weak link. The suggestion that Joana might be involved is very intriguing. I am also a little mad that I couldn’t accuse the MC’s father in the game, because I became extremely suspicious of him after the poisoning incident. From a narrative POV, making such an unlikable character the traitor is meh, but when I hear “your father is refusing to eat” followed by “the food is poisoned” what am I to think?

Also, both Radmar and Joana are extremely happy to point fingers at Breden. Now, I can believe that it’s because charismatic characters are a little slippery by definition, maybe. But it’s not the only possible explanation.

Anyway, “gorgeous stranger with seditious tendencies arrives in town and immediately throws themself at you” is suspicious enough a script that I’m content to assume that Breden isn’t totally innocent.


The problem with that is that I think Joana isn’t part of the rebellion if you don’t stop the harrowing.


Breden, if he was a Kryptast asset, was never supposed to be a deep mole in a rebellion; he was a single-use disposable tool. In the Harrowing, if you don’t intervene early, Breden himself will almost be harrowed.
I think he is sort of on the fence about his allegiance? That might explain why is so fixated on the trust issue.

As for whether or not he actually engaged in any traitorous activity while in the rebellion…

There are several places where the MC may be suspicious of him.

If you send him out in the group scouting the Alastors, there will be casualties. A suspicious MC will think that this is evidence of sabotage; but there will be just as many casualties if you don’t sent Breden, so this shouldn’t be a mark against him.

He evades the trap you set out with the fake camp location. But he clearly knows that it is a trap, so it neither proves nor disproves his innocence.

If you send him to scout for merchant town / noble house, the place he finds will have extra Alastors.
This could also be interpreted both ways. Either he is the traitor and tipped off the guards, or the hidden traitor tipped off wherever he was going to in order to frame him.
I don’t know if this should matter, but the merchant town Breden picks does have less guild connections than the other one and would ordinarily be a better looting target.

The food poisoning incident. If you manage to keep Breden alive long enough to call a hearing, you will find that none of the cooks could have poisoned the food while it was being prepared; but there was a window of opportunity to poison the ingredients.
Which means that everyone is a suspect, including Breden.

Between ‘Breden is a traitor’ and ‘Breden is being framed’, I couldn’t find evidence either way; if anyone found anything please share with us.

…Please elaborate?

Also, he is the only one in the group who openly and full-heartedly hates the rebellion. Not very good spy material, but likely to turn on us.
But he’s dead, so if it was him we’ll never find out.


But if you try to intervene and fail, both of you end up in the Keriatou dungeon, and the MC literally remarks on how relatively unbruised and unbattered Breden is, compared to the MC themself, who gets slammed into the ground by the Theurge. Of course, if you go that route, you find out that Elery is faking unconsciousness on the Harrower platform, which briefly led me to suspect her. Not that I believe she’s a good candidate, but we can punch holes in “everyone other than Radmar or Breden is 100% in the clear”.

But on the whole, I’d say “suspect the recently arrived stranger over people you’ve known your whole life” is quite reasonable. Especially given that the MC also remarks that Breden does not resemble any helot they’ve ever known. Double especially considering what de Firiac says when you almost accuse them of being a Kryptast, although I’d say that’s probably more a reference to Kalt/Kala, but it could still be taken as a nod to Breden.

What interests me most is, assuming Breden is a Kryptast asset, how far does their allegiance go in the story to come? More interestingly yet, how far does that allegiance vary, based on the player’s actions? Not just in terms of whether their motivations are consistent from game to game, but whether the player’s loyalty (or friendship, or love) affects their decision of how to act towards the rebellion as a whole. Part of why I’m so invested in the Breden romance, and relatively apathetic about future romances.


Do you code-dive?
In the code, there are three separate variables that (as far as I can tell) track how much you trust Breden, how much you love Breden, and what your relationship is. On top of the one that tracks the fate of the character, which everyone else gets.

Make of that what you will.


Practically a given and the Hegemony is likely far more fractured now along its top echelons then at any other time in the past. Still to my mc they are all equally bad, since presumably the main thing that fractures them is not so much about ideology or their visions for the future but whose dynasty should hold the reins of power.

Nah, I don’t think it is helot mc’s father, sure he used to be a collaborator in the past but being less than human, helot filth to the Hegemony the chances they’d have spared his life at the stage of the rebellion the poisoning incident occurs at are virtually zero.

I really, really hope not, it would utterly shatter my mc since Joana is, for the moment, his last remaining morality ball and chain. Without her, or worse with her being a traitor he’d have exactly zero reason not to take the most vicious vengeance he can on the Hegemony and its ruling classes.

As the mc gets more powerful in the future I imagine there will steadily be more gorgeous strangers throwing themselves at them.

I think that depends on whether Breden originally used to be a helot or a yeoman, as there is no way the Hegemony would make and honour deals with helots, as they are not even considered fully human.


I play on mobile, I’m not even sure how to get to the code on mobile.


I think your best bet is to either buy the web version or contact the support team with your mobile purchase info and they can (I’m pretty sure) give you access to the web version anyway, since you already paid for it on mobile. At least, I’m sure I recall reading that that was possible somewhere. Either way, you can then access/download the source code from there. Assuming you know how but just in case here’s a basic method:

Browse to web version - e.g.

Add /scenes/startup.txt to the end - e.g.

Startup.txt will contain a list of all the scene names in the game (it says *scene_list above it). You can manually type each one into the address bar (in place of startup.txt) to navigate manually to each scene file, where you can copy its contents manually to your own computer.

Alternatively hit F12 to open developer tools, and click ‘Network’ tab. Then refresh/reload the webpage.

The Network tab will fill with data. Locate the startup.txt.json or (for example) chapter1.txt.json, right click it, and select ‘Open in New Tab’. You can format this text using an online JSON formatter such as

Note that you must be logged in to the account you used to purchase the web version of the game when doing this, or you’ll only be able to access the free demo chapters (i.e. no booty for you here dirty pirates).

If you play on Android I think I’ve seen someone make reference to accessing the .apk file somewhere, so I think it’s possible but not sure for certain.


The “badness” of the Hegemony interests me less than whether I can exploit their factionalism to my benefit. Let them eat each other alive. If I can use Calea Keriatou’s intel without any intention of letting her win in the end, then I ought to be able to exploit other people’s self-interest in the same way. Besides, if there’s an option for the MC to betray the rebellion in exchange for power, I will definitely want to explore that once.

As to the other thing, as I wrote before: the MC immediately on encountering Breden says they’re not like other helots. As far as I can see, the most parsimonious explanation for this is that Breden is not, in fact, a helot. And whether or not helots are considered human is irrelevant. It’s part of the Xthonic doctrine. They use that to control their subjects, they don’t need to believe in it themselves. Especially not the Kryptasts. Spies can’t afford to be ideologues, the only thing that should interest them about Breden is whether or not they are still useful.

For example, if Breden is in love with the MC and a Kryptast, they might try to betray their masters to protect the person they love, and then die tragically. That’s one possible angle. Since it’s a Choice game, I’m looking for the explanation for Breden’s actions that provides the broadest possible scope for the future story.

Hence why I’m not writing any fanfic for this game, despite the fact that it’s an extremely fertile ground for it.


Ohh you’re right…whelp back to the square one I go!
Still got my eyes on Breden…


I’m of the opinion that Breden is either a Kryptast asset or a very new agent. They make too many mistakes for me to be fully convinced that they’re a real spy but they do know the code.


How much does my relationship affect the priesthood if I raid the Temple of Xthonos? Can I still throw them money to make me believe “I am on the side of Angels” by the end of story?


From what I remember, if you raid the priests just once they will still resent you for it.


Oh man, I just hit a seriously juicy nugget with Esme and Horion. I had no idea sending Elery to fetch them would be so handy. Now I just need to keep them from being crunched upon by demon dogs.


You can still buy them off, but it’s harder - a couple of raids and being a theurge and they’ll mark you for “no deal.”


Just to add to Ramidel’s comment, if you declare your Theurgy as Goety it’ll make the reputation hit with priests even harder.


That, or if you go for the Inner Voice. They don’t like heretics.


Well sure, not right now, but once the greater part of the populace joins us they’ll be left with empty temples and no donations to fill their pockets. Their power is derived from the Hegemony, rather than truly from divine powers, and as a result the priesthood’s resolve will crumble as their masters do.

At which point, free blessings for everyone! :innocent:


How high do my philosophical stats need to be before I’ll get the additional named recruits? I know there are loyalists and Whends depending on whether your’re a Shayardene homelander or a cosmopolitan, but I’ve never gotten either. Esme only got the skeptics with the charismatic lady leader. I think one of my earlier games might have gotten diakons? I don’t remember. How is it determined which one I get? Can I get more than one faction? When I didn’t get any of them, I think some angry yeomen came to congratulate me on kicking Hector’s ass.