Choice of Rebels: Stormwright (XoR2 WIP)

After much hard work, I have formulated my 6 canonical builds. I have other builds, but wanted to have an even mix of all attribute combinations, trait combinations, helots and aristos, and some exotic builds like Pacifist and Jailbreak. All of them will be fully minmaxed, of course. Let me know which one you’d like to hear more about!

Savage Warrior
2COM/1INT Ruth/Skep/Home Uprising Helot Male

Cunning Goete
2INT/1CHA Ruth/Skep/Cosm Uprising Helot Male

Pacifist Prophet
2CHA/1INT Comp/Dev(I)/Home Uprising Helot Female

Noble Knight
2COM/1CHA Comp/Dev(I)/Cosm Uprising Aristocrat Male

Clever Theurge
2INT/1CHA Comp/Skep/Cosm Uprising Aristocrat Male

Radical Idealist
2CHA/1INT Ruth/Dev(E)/Home Jailbreak Aristocrat(A) Female