Choice of Rebels Part 1 WIP thread

Do my ears deceive me? That’s great!

@Havenstone Just played the game (yeah I know it’s been here since last year,but I recently joined the forums) Anyway,described in one word the game was:AMAZING (yes,in capital letters)…and although it took me some time to get the hang of the names in the game because I had to remind myself a few times what a helot,kurios,plektoi or theurgy(hope i spelled them right)was…but I learned them and aside of it,the game was pretty fun.I had some questions thought if you don’t mind answering…1.Can we spread the rebellion all across the land or are we stuck just with what we have?
2.Is the game going to have multiple ending or is it going to be the same ending,but for example you finish the game with more or less followers or some of your friends die and some others survive.
3.Are you going to publish the game for Appstore,Playstore and/or chrome webstore or is it going to be just for the forum?
4.I know this question is against the forum rules (I think) and you don’t have to answer it,but I’m very hyped for this game and cain’t wait(it just seemed so good) if you don’t mind answering then…When do you think you will finish the game?

Hey,that’s fine. I will happily wait for such an amazing game.

Considering how extremely difficult and expensive it is to make just about anything in the Middle East run on time (I imagine the coffee, tea and cigarettes to cope with the frustration alone must cost a small fortune) I don’t think this game is going to stay free. That said @Havenstone could always set up his own play to pay website so Apple and/or Google can skim less of the top, I suppose.

On that note I hope @Havenstone is not considering censoring the game to meet Apple’s “family friendly” requirements.

Do any of those 39000 new words include witty banter with Simon?

rather dead seeming in here

have we been blessed with any updates? last i checked it still ended on the pass ;p

I’m sure when he’ll do the update he’ll announce it.

But I guess he’s too busy for it now.

Not dead… but as I warned back at the beginning, the updates come slowly. There have been two big ones in the year+ since I first posted. Neither took the plot forward… one was adding the two extra prologues, and one was a fleshed-out Ch 2 (mainly the addition of the tax collector plot).

I’m holding out for the next update to include all of Ch 3… and as I said a few posts ago, I’ve added more than 39,000 words since last we left our intrepid heroes skewering a noble in the pass. Alas, the day job is uber super busy and has eaten my life, so I can’t make any promises of when the update will come. ): Sorry, all.

  1. In future games, you’ll have the chance to spread the rebellion through all provinces plus Karagon itself.
  2. Boy oh boy will there be multiple endings. Even to game 1, they should be significant.
  3. CoG willing, it’ll be published in all of the above.
  4. I’ve been so bad at speculating on that question in the past that I’ve given up trying to answer it.

Could this be published on Steam? I love that a handful of their games on on Steam now.

Let’s just say that I’ve been buying everything CoG has released on Steam so far as my own selfish little contribution to making that distribution mechanism succeed… :wink:


@Havenstone I really enjoyed playing through the beta. It reminds me of Zombie Exodus but with so much more background. Would there be an opportunity for us to support you with this game? Whatever your answer is I will be satisfied with this game whenever it comes out.

Thanks @Opx50!

Depends on what kind of support you mean. I’m afraid I’m determined to write the whole thing myself, and I’m not in a position to be paid to get it done any faster. But I feel I’ve got a very supportive community on this thread, and am grateful for all the feedback, encouragement, and good ideas. The game (when it comes out) will be much better for your collective support.

So. Returning to this thread after a long absence with a couple of questions!

  1. If we form our own religion, what options will we have for doing it? Keeping the Karagond Codex but rejecting the current religious leadership? Backing the Shayardene Codex as a replacement? Having a new revelation (as you mentioned, Joseph Smith-esque) building on the existing Codices? Developing a completely new religion from scratch (such as a certain lawsuit-happy church invented by a science fiction writer)? Declaring Goeticism to be a religion of its own?
    1a: Will claiming a new revelation increase one’s Skepticism?
  2. Will theurge PCs learn how to, mmm, process blood in future games? Will we have a chance to Harrow our prisoners?
  3. Is it likely to be possible for openly-theurgic PCs to gain the support of the existing priesthood?

Also, it still looks good and I’m looking forward to the full Chapter 3.

I LOVE this so much. I wish there was a bit more hanky panky though :stuck_out_tongue: all in all very well thought out and engaging.

I second that. A little more romance wouldn’t hurt. I understand it isn’t the focus of the story, and I don’t want it to be, the story is already bloody amazing, but I do find Breden and the protagonist’s romance adorable.

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Hey just had a idea: during the winter part when you can spend money on stuff, give a option to hunt down one of the legends we learned about earlier in the game.

I agree with @undead

[quote=“Ramidel, post:2075, topic:1601”]
If we form our own religion, what options will we have for doing it? Keeping the Karagond Codex but rejecting the current religious leadership?[/quote]



Possibly. Need to see how much work it is.



Not necessarily. For most of the options, it’ll just mean you’re devout about something else.

Yes. Early in Game II.



There will be more romance in Chs 3-4, possibly even a little more hanky-panky. But I’m afraid there’s no plausible way to hunt down Jac Cabel, Sarcifer, or the Laconniers while you’re still a bandit in the remotest wilderness of Shayard – that will have to wait for a later stage in the rebellion.

Thanks everyone for the feedback and your patience!


Changing religion and more romance? Yay!