Choice of Rebels Part 1 WIP thread

You have to replace /index.html with /scenes/startup.txt in the games link. Havenstone also linked it at some point in the thread if you go to the top it should show all the links posted near the summary.

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Found the link, thank you!

Thanks, @WinterHawk – I’ll fix the follower(s), and check whether I intended that way of adding morale. (:

And let’s talk more about relations with the priests after you have a chance to engage more with Linos and start a religion (next update).

Edit: Oh, and in case others are (like @WulfyK) not yet aware that it’s almost always possible to snoop at games’ code, have a look at this thread:

Thank you, but as I already wrote above, I’ve found the link according to @WinterHawk’s description and skimmed through the code.

I haven’t found anything spectaculr so far, but I’ll tell you if I see something.

I’m currently waiting for your answer to my long post from 2 weeks ago. I’d prefer to get know the answers before you update the game.

And I can sympathize. However, I’ve found that answering a question list of that length isn’t something I can easily do in my spare time with my cell phone; and I’m trying to prioritize writing CoR when I’m in front of my laptop.

I’m trying to be disciplined not least because my day job has just expanded to include (from tomorrow) overseeing our humanitarian work in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt and other such exciting places. So my spare time for writing is about to get less… and I’m determined to get a playable draft of Chapter 3 in the bag as soon as possible.


Whoa, Take care of yourself! I hope you’ll come back safe.

I believe I see what you were doing now having checked through it more. The first morale boost is for the followers you receive, (to prevent them affecting it negatively because morale is relative to follower size) and the second is the boost for sending followers.

Will do regarding the priest.

Congrats on the promotion!

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Big job! Thanks for sticking with this project, it’s a great one – just don’t burn yourself out now, you head. :blush:

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Our Havenstone becoming the new Avery Bullock.
Good luck with Mission Impossible. Compared to your job our characters in CoReb probably have it real easy.

Anyway congratulations on your promotion @Havenstone.

Thanks all. It’s a maternity leave cover role – I’ll just be doing it for a year, while the boss is off having a baby.

And it’s much less frontline swashbuckling and more making sure the trains run on time. Speaking of which, if you happen to know any water, sanitation & hygiene experts who would be keen on a short-notice deployment to Iraq, let me know…

I won’t crack a bad taste joke here (ew…) by asking if the doo-doo is about to hit the rotating air-circulating unit in regards to Iraq and sanitation, nope, I won’t.

Oops. :blush:

Ok, got a long bus ride ahead so I’ll take a bite of the latest WulfyK Worldbuilding Challenge. (:

I don’t know. (Oh no! I fail already!) It may or may not become story-relevant, and I’ll pin it down if it does. The Hegemony almost certainly restarted the calendar, probably when Hera completed the unification of Karagon and began her world conquest. But we’ll see if that needs to be explicit in-game.

Most have a distinctive local identity – and are also peppered with Karagond cleruchies. Karagon itself annexed a large chunk of the Reach and purged it of Shayardenes (themselves interlopers who had only dominated the region for 60-odd years before the conquest).

Many communities in Aveche still speak a version of Shayarin and feel more affinity to the (rest of the) Shayard Coast than they do to (the rest of) Erezza. But they’re intermingled with valleys that are much more Erezziano, and Avezzian identity overall is a pastiche of the two groups, defining themselves more against the disliked cleruchies than against each other or for any external nation.

No, there are plenty of slum-dwellers and failed smallholder peasants to be conscripted for military drudge-work. The Karagond system tries to keep helots on the land as much as possible.

Good questions all, but I’m not going to decide the answers until I’ve pinned down the tactics and dynamics of the Halassurq war more than I have at present. It won’t come into Game 1.

Yes, troops sent to the front go in provincial regiments. The Phalangites sent against you in the wilderness will be Shayardene. You can try appealing to their nationalism.

You don’t know.

[quote=“WulfyK, post:2016, topic:1601”]7) I like @cascat07’s idea with crossbows very much, maybe you could make them, the slings and the pneumatic rifles the preferred ranged weapons in three different regions?

Maybe – it’s an interesting idea.

Thought I did respond – winters are wet and cold, not snowy, and the Rim and Southriding are wetter and more volatile than New Mexico (which I think was your RL example).

[quote=“WulfyK, post:2016, topic:1601”]9) Concerning your earlier statement that the Shayardene Codex is shorter then the Karagon canon and my triple question mark: If the only difference is just the absence of certain later texts, how is it possible to search for and burn any copy and prosecute people for the possesion?

Written in Shayarin, not High Karagond – with the insistence that that’s the original language of revelation, and that the translation into Karagond did violence to several key passages.

A questionable decision on the part of the Hegemony. Didn’t the Romans only send troops into provinces they weren’t from? (Like Britannia was guarded by Germanic auxiliaries and Roman legionaries, for example.)

Note: I may be wrong about that. I swear there was an Empire that did something like that but I’m also pretty sure it was the Romans.

Is that just an example of Hegemony incompetence/stupidity or does the Hegemony have a good reason for it?

@Havenstone thank you for answering!

  1. Conscripted? That means these people are doing the dirty work for the troops against their will?

  2. I’ve made some more thoughts on the ranged weapons and their evolution, if you want I can share them.

  3. What writing system does Shayarin have, and how many people can read it? How good is the MC’s written Shayarin?

So I just had a little taste of this game… Please tell me it is almost done. This is awesome.

On the one hand, yes, it can be a bad idea to garrison an area with its local population since they can be swayed by ties to the people around there more easily than if they were plunked down way on the other half of the empire. That would seem to encourage a bit of rebellion.

On the other hand, when your military forces keeping order in an area come from way on the other half of the empire they tend to be used to rather different illnesses, climates, etc. For an example, look to when the CCCP attempted to invade Finland; they were worried about using local troops because of the possibility that they might fight on the Finnish side or get some other bad ideas, and so they used soldiers from more southern areas of the Soviet Union… being very unused to the harsh winter conditions, their failure to cope ended up playing a big role in the Soviet Union only managing to end up with a few slices of Finnish land rather than the whole thing.

Probably the biggest thing is that the Hegemony is perfectly capable of tolerating more revolts than an equivalent empire in our time would have been. Rebels can be converted into the valuable resource of blood right away without any legitimation rituals needing to be wasted on them before they get chucked into the harrower, fueling the massive blood requirements of the empire. It’s actually good for the Hegemony to suffer a good number of minor revolts all the time to keep the blood flowing, I think.

I suppose I forgot to consider the Hegemony may WANT to have a few rebellions every now and then for a good source of blood. And a display of hegemonic might is always a good thing. Assuming the rebellion is small enough to keep under control, of course.

…Hmm, the fact that probably implies the Hegemony could wipe out our “petty” little band of forest rebels with a flick of the wrist is a bit disturbing. It sounds like the only thing saving us is that the MC is probably just a petty annoyance as of now and not considered to be of any threat.

I’ve got good news (maybe?) and I’ve got bad news.

My current draft has about 39,000 more words than the version you’re playing.

And… it’s not almost done. Sorry.


Nouh my god, update when? :open_mouth: