Choice of Rebels Part 1 WIP thread

@Jackrabbit, the imminent update will not move the story forward, though it will fill a gap (the tax collector raid) with a fair amount of new material along 4 different paths.

I’d been hoping to wrap Game 1 at the end of Ch 3, but I now believe the material I’ve planned will work better with one more chapter division. See here for some aspirational deadlines.

I’m not sure what “fabled” Ch 2 you had in mind. :slight_smile: Here’s a guide to how I’m using Games and Chapters:

GAME 1: Uprising
Chapter 1: The Fourth Harrowing
Chapter 2: The Outlaws of Whendward
Chapter 3: Strangers in the Woods [the current draft ends early in this chapter]
Chapter 4: Hounds of Karagon

GAME 2: Storm-Wielder
Chapter 5: Chaos and Telos
Chapter 6: The Dance of Shadows
Chapter 7: A Glorious Season
Chapter 8: The Archon’s Choice

GAMES 3-5: most chapters outlined in my proposal to CoG, but (a) highly subject to change and (b) spoilery.