Choice of Rebels Part 1 WIP thread

@Havenstone Better yet a hold a vote or maybe make it to where bye the time you start looking you already have a council of say 5 or 6 people that you trust (not completely though) who along with you will review evidence and maybe you can add the option to add a police like force to your army those who would watch the other soldiers like military police and you can have them collect the evidence but then it comes down to who watches the watchers as they do their duty and also can you add the option to grow up with a life long friend that you would know from childhood to either the helot or nobles gameplay or both and maybe if you don’t add military police can you add the ability to have an elite fighting force under your mc’s command like knights (they would get the best armor and weapons and shields and bows/crossbows maybe) in short they would be like your royal guard also on a side note how can you get the mercenary who you paid for to train your troops to stay with you

@Generikb I fear if the MC tries to intorduce something like that this could lead to much dissent among the rebels. Some of them would start to think that the MC doesn’t want to liberate the helotry but to rule instead of the Hegemonial authorities.

@Havenstone everything stated above makes me wonder if the MC could lose control over the traitor hunt leading to unpredictable and probably nasty consequences.

For example, if s/he tells Zvad that s/he suspects Breden, but then romanfes him/her, could this lead Zvad into believing that Breden is indeed a kryptast who seduced the group’s leader and that he must take the neccessary counter-measures?

Or if s/he suspects both Breden and Radmar and this somehow leakes out to them and they would start accusing each other causing a split of the rebel group.

Thanks all – the stakes are clearly high for me writing the ambiguity well! I’ll see how happy I am with it in the end; if I fail to satisfy myself, there’s always the option of a final reveal. Some of the suggestions you’ve made regarding the traitor hunt chime with what I’ve already got in mind (eg things getting out of your control depending on how many people know of your suspicions). For now, just got my head down working on the long-promised update – was able to put a bit of time into it during evenings and plane flights a work trip last week.

is it possible to read scenes in this demo without playing?

The part of the game thatt you’ve already created is very well done, and I trust your abilities to produce more good writing.

If the risk to lose control increases with more people involved, there should be a positive effect of sharing the suspictions with others. Could you already say what it would be without spoiling too much?

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See here for links and an example of how to do it in general: How To See Other Games' Code (current info posted in OP and Post 146 on 6/18/19)

And WulfyK, appreciate the vote of confidence – and I think the answer to your other question might be spoilery. :slight_smile:

No pronlem, I’m qlready waiting for a lot of thingd that you’ve promised to add in the update, I don’t mind one more.

There’s an update soon? ;o Sweet, I’ll make sure to peek in every now and then to look for it.

There’s an update soon for half a year. And I won’t be surprised if the same update will be “soon” in spring, and in summer, and in a year…


Someone post the story link?

All I have to say is that if he makes the traitor someone we didn’t suspect and names them Annie. There really wouldn’t be a way I could love this game more. Lol

Done some more deleting of argument on the thread. Take it to PM, guys.

So I just had a sudden thought. Did pretheurge magical practices die out after karagond took the place over? I don’t know if there has been any lore about modern magic practitioners that arnt theurges. I believe there was a reference about pretheurge magic being obselete or something compared to theurgy and of course, you can call yourself a wyserd but still curious if there is any modern arcane practice without the use of blood as a main regent. Now that I think about it, would the karagonds not label anyone practicing magic, even if its not theurgy, a goety anyways?

@Lazerith wizard wouldn’t be the most fitting title Blood Mage now that’s a title that fits theurges before they became theurges of the Hegemony and while I don’t recall the information to answer your first question I know it has definitely been discussed on this thread and on your third question they do have a title given by the Hegemony but I don’t remember what it is dang I really need to play this game again.

Nothing that points to an alternative to blood, past or present. The Karagond innovation was preserving/ refining blood so that you could use other people’s as fuel for magic. Previous magic users (like the “wisards” of Shayardene lore) were limited to using their own blood. The Hegemony has done its best to obscure what that entailed, and would definitely label anyone who figures out how to use their own blood a Goete. (As well as anyone who figured out some hypothetical blood-free way of doing magic, yes).

How common is magical healing? Is it only available to the privileged classes? Has it affected the state of mundane medicine?

Like anything involving blood, Theurgic healing is expensive and available only to the rich and powerful. Some doctors claim to base their remedies on Theurgic insights into the proper balance of humors without actually using blood to alter that balance. That’s accessible to a slightly broader segment of society. And then you have apothecaries (again often claiming that their powders and elixirs are based on Theurgic alchemy) and herbalists, and at the lowest level, helot “ablers”.

Like my character is hopefully on his way to doing? However since he already labels himself thus, the point is rather moot.
If (most) Hegemony Theurges aren’t used to or even better, aren’t taught how use their own blood (effectively), then that’s definitely something that could be exploited. Especially if a way to contaminate the blood of many helots could be found/ researched to greatly hinder the harrowing process the Hegemony and it’s theurges rely on.

And speaking of alternative ways to enhance magic have you given any consideration to letting us explore things like the “blood brother” type ritual I mentioned earlier?

If the story about the Lich and the researchers has even a kernel of truth to it that strongly suggests the lich has probably found a way to do just that, unless the bodies of the undead in this world continue to produce fresh blood, of course. Unfortunately I don’t expect a chance to learn the secrets of the undead will pop up anytime soon.

Now this is very interesting and something I dearly hope could be developed into an effective system of healthcare post-rebellion.

Has anyone ever tryed to harrow animals and refine their blood?

Touching on that question what about the Abhumans? Can they learn Theurgery and can their blood be used for Theurgery after a Harrowing?

Also can we expect the combat to become more involved with player choice effects or is the Owlscap raid and De Merre raid about the level of choice effecting outcome? (If we consider things like COM, morale, and arms independent of player choice.)