Choice of Rebels Guides (SPOILERS)

I just ran through a Kalt romance. The key thing is to take them on the retaliatory raid on the Keriatou sheep flocks in Ch 3, talk to them privately, listen to their life story, and initiate romance at the end. Stats shouldn’t matter much if at all.


Any stat requirements for winning the final battle with the Alastor army?

Hi. There are no requirements specifically, but you will have a much easier time winning with more armed soldiers, and with certain builds rather than others. Additionally, having fewer soldiers makes you more likely to fight more combat rounds with the Archon, which makes you lose more lieutenants.

I’m having a issue with the guide for week 4. I can’t send missions out to spread word of the rebellion before the attack on the garrison. Does anyone know why this is? I’ve followed the guide to the letter but I can only do it once the raid is over. Also why is it important to get Breden out of the way?

The one from the first post.

I think I figured it out. You need to have enough grain to feed everyone before you can go recruiting or set traps. Something like that.

Hi, which guide are you referring to?

How to increase my rep with the nobles???

There isn’t much you can do for now. Just don’t raid them and you’ll have a small circle sympathizing with you and indirectly aiding in chapter 4.


I don’t think Breden is the traitor. I think Chirex discovering Breden’s group was a coincidence. Joel is trying to cast suspicion on either Radmar or Breden, but the truth is there is no evidence that a traitor was even involved with their discovery. This is to keep the reader from discovering the identity of the real traitor, who in my opinion is Young Earnn. The young scout offers up the De’Merre estate where several alastors are already waiting for your raid. The scout most likely betrayed your mule routes to Hector and he is one of the scouts who goes to check out the Archons army. Later on (I think it’s if you choose to wipe them all out) someone even says that some of the phalangites know your rebels by name. On top of this Young Earnn is also one of the ones who cooks up the porridge with Breden. He knows she will take the blame. All evidence points to Young Earnn


Does anyone know if it’s possible to romance Elery? I’ve never been able to.

Not in this game, though Elery is a planned RO for the sequels.


Seriously this is the most hard interactive game.
Arthur are you keen to make it hard so we can NEVER achieve good ending. This is so hard can you just make it easy why you make this harder I never got good choice or any good ending it’s like difficult maths problem exactly same. Waste of moneysigh

What difficulties are you having? There are plenty of guides above toward good endings, which can help you understand what traits will help you find whatever results you’re looking for.

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Yeah! If you describe the problems you’re having we can try and help you solve them. Which parts of the story were giving you trouble? And, as Ramidel says, there are a variety of guides we could link that would help too. What is your main stat (Int, Com, Cha) and are you playing as Helot or Aristo?

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I’ve been having some issues myself, if it’s not too late to ask. I typically go for 2 INT, 1 COM (magic is just too much fun) and stop the Harrowing. I know that it will be absurdly hard to keep anarchy at 20 without screwing myself but Simon/Suzzan would be very helpful for my end game plans (retreat, get caught, get the sword, free the captives; I need them for that last bit).

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The problem is CHA 0. That’s not a recipe for controlling the helots in the square, meaning that you had an anarchic opening chapter, and you thus can’t do much of anything in the winter if you want to end up low-anarchy.

I see. My only other idea would be to somehow get captured without also loosing a bunch of my people. I was hoping to take a companion with me to the Xaos Lands.

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Well, 2INT/1CHA is my usual combo, which makes it much easier to get Simon.

Don’t need to be a fighter if you’ve got a blademaster with a magic sword…

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That actually makes perfect sense. I have no idea why it never occurred to me to give someone else the sword.

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One more thing, your first guide involves managing things personally when it comes to the smaller details rather than allowing my lieutenant to do it. Is there any way to get low anarchy without doing that? I follow the guide very closely but I still get over 21 anarchy every time and managing all of the numbers makes it hard to play to the chapter’s end and restart. It’s like pulling teeth.

I’m not even sure what I’m doing wrong. I start with 9 anarchy, I spend the first week feeding my band nonviolently, and I raid the Yeomen when you say to (honestly, I’d rather raid nobles if I can get away with it, how many can I get away with) but as soon as the tax collector gets robbed, it goes up to 25 or so. I don’t know how much more peaceful I can get and there’s no guide here for helot theurges.

Never tried.

Well, there’s your problem. I start with 3 (I think) by calling for the Alastors to be taken alive and tried, showing mercy, and then not plundering the nobles or merchants in Rim Square.

Now, once that’s done, you’re not in a good position, so the first week will involve stealing a lot of mules as well as a load of grain from the yeomanry.