Choice of Rebels Guides (SPOILERS)

It may not be possible to have the perfect rebellion that an ideals-driven rebel would like to see.

This may be a theme.



I’ve been playing Suzerain lately, so I do understand comradelenin’s frustration. :slight_smile:


The most frustrating bit is that I’m perfectly fine with high anarchy, in fact, I want it, but Kala/Kalt simply isn’t all that useful. The only way I know of to successfuly flee the woods without tremendous casualties (especially if I want the sword) is if Simon helps me free the prisoners. Kalt can’t do that.

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Does anyone have any tips for improving your reputation with the nobility? I know it’s possible, but I’ve been having trouble figuring out which choices specifically improve this relationship.

It’s not easy. In general, you can’t do much to actually improve your relationship in this book, so much as not sabotage it.

The best option is, of course, to be an aristocrat. Other than that, staying your hand from attacking the aristocracy, being merciful if you’re a helot, and support aristocratic privilege wherever you can. (Do note that the latter will piss off the helots and yeomen, but those can be bought easily.)

The nobles are the primary benefactors of the current regime. Rebellion is a hard sell.

Currently stuck at getting the “Shame if anything happened” achievement. Was wondering how to get it since every time i reached the point where alaine called, the option to demand protection racket is always greyed out despite me already having a high combat and intelligent not being the dump stat. I seek help

The option for the protection racket only unlocks if your combined combat and intellect equals three. Your stats can be either 2 Combat and 1 Intellect or 2 Intellect and 1 Combat.

Thanks for the answer. I’d thought as much and find them be the most challenging group to please. The aftermath of the Horion interaction is a particular annoyance. Even if I seem to have done everything right by them and refute my involvement in that particular matter, my rep with them tanks to passive/negative attitudes.

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Take heart. In the next book, you’ll be able to infiltrate noble society, dance at a ball and possibly prop up your relationship with the nobility.

I’ve been enjoying the experience so far. I love how the story supports a variety of approaches to creating an insurgency. I’m really excited see how the sequels account for different styles and how everything ultimately plays out.

This was really helpful, thanks

The best solution for the Horion interaction is to take Horion hostage in chapter 3, then release him before the battle in chapter 4. That way, he at least survives. Taking him hostage will hurt your noble reputation, but if he dies it’s much worse. If your noble reputation is at the highest it can be by chapter 4, there will be extra dialogue about Mikal de Rose. You’ll hear that he led a theurge on a wild goose chase in the Brecks, so you have to deal with one less theurge in the battle. It’s pretty difficult to get that to happen. Off the top of my head, playing as a noble, picking arrogant noble dialogue options, having Zvad as your deputy, not raiding nobles in winter, negotiating with Ismene de Galis about the architelone raid, kidnapping Horion so he doesn’t die, negotiating with Calea, and not fighting Hector are all ways to help your noble reputation. It also helps if you have low-anarchy because you get Simon/Suzane and there are a couple of interactions with them that can boost noble cred.