What are your thoughts on choice of games? works of literature art as i call it

I would like to get a feeling towards how other people feel towards particular works and if anyone has similar feelings towards particular ones that I can talk about with like pros in and cons but no negativity that is harsh and is just like little critiques. If the critique is harsh put a spoiler tag over it so if someone wants to read it they can so without out right flagging it because of someone having a bad taste of content :3

works i have read are from this list

Choice of Rebels: Uprising, The Superlatives: Aetherfall, Grand Academy For Future Villains, Welcome to Moreytown, The Eagle’s Heir, Runt of The Litter, Versus: The Elite Trials, Versus: The Lost Ones, Cannonfire Concerto, Saga of The North Wind, Sorcery is for Saps, Choice of Alexandria, The entire Hero Project series, MetaHuman Inc, Pendragon Rising, Diabolical, A Wise Use of Time, Champion of The Gods, Choice of The Petal Throne, The Last Monster Master, Yeti’s Parole Officer, Neighborhood Necromancer, Affairs of The Court: Choice of Romance, both choice of vampire stories, and choice of zombies
all i have read from choice of games plenty more of hosted games i read as well

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Personally, i’ve played both ‘Choice of Rebels’, and also ‘Grand Academy for Future Villains’

For Choice of Rebels, I found the overall experience a bit overwhelming. In general, I grew to find the story enjoyable. But the large amount of micro-managing details and stats during the Winter really bogged me down, and I did a very poor job, probably directly resulting in my bad ending. I’m not saying the mechanics in CoR are bad, i’m sure there are many people who enjoy that level of depth of/and management. But i’m on the boat that found myself confused at times. I met with an unsatisfactory end, and even though I brought it on myself, it felt like it was out of my control.

As for Villains Academy, I had a mostly positive experience. It was an interesting story that kept me wanting to find out what was going to happen next, and I enjoyed the games of intrigue between characters. A few parts here and there didn’t stand out much but I found it a fun experience. My only problem with the game is about the ending. The ending I got was supremely disappointing. I had chosen to defend the current leaders of the school, but in the middle of a confrontation, “boom”, the game announced the heroes won and my character just decided to become one.


In Choice of Rebels I believe there’s an option to let your second in command handle all the managing.


your thoughts on choice of rebels is how can i put this, half good and half bad, but in a good way when you get into the scene where it asks to manage it on your own or not to that can solve some of the micro managing but you can still try your hands at like you said “the large amount of micro-managing” also a tip for the winter part for micro-managing, depending on your skills for charm, fighting, and knowledge you can survive winter just have to take advantage of your strengths, such as if you choose 2 fighter atleast go for one charm so in some cases you can effect the outlaws but choosing breden as a deputy also can help through the winter and also going on raids yourself also benefits your survival but when it comes to getting helots to lend you food having 2 charm and 1 knowledge helps their, getting something out of them and higher chances of getting children fostered and food from helots by you going personally are greater than sending breden, and for the 2 knowledge choice i haven’t explored much of that route besides the learning to use blood vials

also the Villains academy I played one time through but i kind of messed up but I will try another go at it

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When it comes to Choice games, I would hesitate in the designation of such works as art, at least in most cases. There are exceptions, though. Choice of Rebels and Choice of Robots are the two best works that I have seen here; Choice of Alexandria is also good but not as good as Robots, and there are a few others that I would also view as good but not fantastic.

That is not to suggest there is a lack of skill here, of course. It mainly has to do with the complexity of Choice games, weaving storylines together to make them coherent and flowing, and trying to come up with variations of the same general story and settings due to a players choices. It is not an exaggeration to suggest that we are writing several books at once with any choice game. It is no wonder that Choice of Rebels took seven painstaking years to finish.

Choice of Rebels, on a more specific note, does require some time to become familiar with the in-game use of language and some of the in-game mechanics. The winter mechanics specifically. Yes, I know we can have the deputy take over, but, if you are more of the hands on type to begin with, you will naturally take this option, and likely fail. I would have liked to have seen a bit more instruction, from Zvad since he is meant to be the expert outlaw, in what is best to do to keep the band fed and alive. I know that Choice of Rebels got the best sales of any CoG game, but I do wonder if anyone was put off of an otherwise fantastic game for these reasons.

The only other point I would raise is that I largely felt that this one game was little more than one long prologue, almost as though the author decided to simply cut the story here and continue it as a separate installment. In Heroes Rising, each installment is its own complete game with its own complete story, and the ending felt like an legitimate ending. This is not how I felt for Choice of Rebels, this one was more a tease to the real story that we have yet to see, which is how I found the first installment of the Lost Heir as well. Just like the Lost Heir, I imagine the next Choice of Rebels installment will be more satisfying in its own ending.

Besides all of these critiques, Choice of Rebels is some of the best work I have seen here. It’s use of language is original but not daunting, once you get used to the in-game terminology, and seems to be deceptively clever. It is like with the suspicion of Breden. It is possible to explain away all the misfortunes that are supposely attributed to a spy in the band just as it is possible that you did have a Hegemonic Kryptast agent in Breden. Cleverly, both possibilities remain open, and I suspect this is how the author wanted it.

The simplified stats screen is nothing but a Gods’ send. It can be intimidating to look at the stats and see a long list of variables you have to try and work out, mostly leading to disaster if you get it wrong, which you likely will. At least Choice of Rebels is meant to hold more realism, I suspect, something that you can play once and get a reasonable ending if you choose wisely. This shows you can get satisfying variety with only just a few core variables to work with.

And I should leave it here for now. My complete assessment of Choice of Rebels could become a dissertation that it is so long, which our poor author will find out about soon enough. :wink:


Choice of Robots is the best game in the CoG catalogue and one of the best works of IF – if you consider it IF – that I’ve ever played.

Choice of Alexandria is still very good, and appeals to me as someone who has taught Ancient Egypt, but doesn’t reach the same heights.


i haven’t the money right now to buy anymore of the interactive novels but choice of robots was one i wanted to try, that and i had a few others that i am hoping to buy when they come out

Once you have the money, it is well worth the buy, at least in my option. Again, the in-game terminology can be daunting for some, it holds use of technical language related to computer sciences, but it is not so great that you cannot understand what is happening. I personally found it greatly satisfying as it appealed to my desires, both for myself and for the world at large.

Of course, it is a sci-fi game, and such a genre does not appeal to everyone.

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Choice of Rebels is exceptional, and (in my view at least) far and away the best ChoiceScript game to date. I also thoroughly recommend Tin Star, Highlands and the Infinity series.

@CS_Closet’s Resonance and @Vendetta’s Vendetta also deserve a mention, as the best WIPs I’ve seen on the forum. While both authors have, unfortunately, stopped work on their projects their drafts are both superb and it’s well worth digging out the links.

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