Choice of Magics — Your magic can change the world, but at what cost?



is their anyway to keep your kingdom strength? seems like in every one of my playthroughs the kingdom is inhabited by idiots who only work against me.


She only goes out with Tal if your not together with either one of them and you tell Tal to stay and talk with her about the shapeshifter issues. If your together with either of them and tell them to stay and talk your character will get jealous and that’s all that will happen.


Well that is just a continuity error I suppose.


Also the Queen was supposed to take you out on a date with her before she even meet Tal. If it doesn’t happen then you guys aren’t dating.

And did you tell Tal to stay and talk to her?


Yeah, I did. By that point I already realized it was an error.


Yeah same, on my next playthrough i didn’t flirt with Thecla…she will kiss and ask for a date but, it was nothing committed , more like a friend for my opinion… then it is the scene of Vera propose to me instead if i didn’t flirt with Thecla in the first place , i was a bit surprise but the scene was well written about Vera’s proposed marriage

On the Kingdom Power , i increased it when using ViVomancy to create Dragonphant , it increased when Mayor Cos ask me for a ride, and i chose to let the ride be an evaluation of these new creatures :slight_smile:


Is it possible to get a red luxgladius? I’ve been trying for hours and constantly restarting from the beginning is really annoying.

So far, the only way I’ve found to beat the demon in Hell is to already have a luxgladius, but then the game automatically sells the demon’s red ones so you can’t keep them


A issue that has been continuing to fester withing me are the sporadic changes to my personality that I have no control over. I play through entire game building calculation, but then I get random increases to empathy that put me in a middle ground.


Is discovering the Neighbors capital a red herring? I cant seem to get that route to work.


I’ve taken down the murdergolem without a luxgladius. Negation helps.


Hi, anybody knows how to get Cos not to dump you? I have been trying to get his romance but he always dumps my character by letter (I had 88 relationship with him). Thanks in advance.


You suggest that negation and glamour are the strongest schools, how do you escape the cathedral with a stache of books using that route? Also how do you also get a fateshaper in chapter 3 that way without ‘wasting’ your study on automation?


Try killing the hierophant with a luxgladius - that you took from the murder golem using negation

By and large, I don’t go for the fateshaper unless I specifically want it for some reason. I got other stuff to do, and I can shape my destiny myself.


Killing her with a lux has a better result than killing her with a negation bolt? Also the reason I brought it up is because when the gas trap set off I decided to carve my way out with the lux which forced me to wait and encounter her. If I had automation you can disable the trap and eventually escape with a stache of books without encountering her. I believe that encountering her means you can only escape with 1, not a stache. Basically my question was how do you deal with the gas trap in a way that means you don’t face the hierophant?

Also if we’re talking about min maxxing for max loot, the fact that your supposed ideal path doesn’t involve the best item in the game is a pretty large negative. What do you do with your time during that moment in the story that is better than that?


A quick question, did anyone survive the Glamor Climax? and if so, how?

I managed to survive on the peace route, but when we go to war, after we win, I end up dying.


You will face the hierophant. There’s no way around that unless you run like hell, and that doesn’t let you get a stash of books.


Well then that sucks compared to automation xD


Pfft. Why would I want to avoid the hierophant when I can study in the library?

Anyway, the fix for the gas trap is through prayer.


'Cos if you disable the gas trap, not only do you get 3 books of your choosing, you can also potentially get the negation wand from the mimic or ask the abraxxus statue a couple of questions. Plus you’ll have the murder golem as an insanely powerful ally that brings you at least over 1000 gold.


Not a fan of the murder golem when I can kill it for the luxgladii, plus negation - and automation - skill. Anyway, I didn’t know about that path, but the prayer works as well as automation for it.