Choice of Magics — Your magic can change the world, but at what cost?



Technically delayed romance.:sweat_smile:


slow poke romance ! Lol

Should turn into a tortoise for the occasion :kissing_closed_eyes:


That reminds me. I’ve been trying to see if there’s some way to turn further into a mole or see if I can get more bird than just some feathers in my hair.
Tests haven’t been going well so far.


I suspect it is because I was in a Vera romance already, in my first play through I romances Tap and the Queen and that culminated in the scene when the queen invites both me and Gal for dinner and I get caught. I wanted to see if a similar situation would happen if it was Vera instead of Tal.


Try just romancing the Queen instead.


Day ? of trying to get the divination climax THIS time, things go a little TOO well after surrendering and being captured on purpose, I end up turning the entire crowd to my side during the execution and convince their High Magister to stay at peace with us, meaning I just got to go home to a dragon rebellion. However, my murder golem absolutely wrecked all three dragons instantly without me having to do any checks at all. It was epic as hell. This game honestly just keeps delivering, even though I STILL haven’t got the ending I’m trying for after probably like 6/7 tries at this point, each ending is so epic and well written that I’m left satisfied. I must admit that I skim read the vast majority of text at this point because I’ve seen almost all of it before, but the fact that I still play the game again and again to find different climaxes and fish out any scraps of text inbetween that I haven’t read yet says a lot about how good this is.


It won’t matter , i had romance Vera and Thecla both at the same time during the carnival event, the Queen ask me to go to her chamber, and from there she will reveal she already knows about my relationship with Vera, hence she will demand me to break it off with Vera if i wish to continue our relationship…i chose Vera, Thecla was angry but she was sensible… my relationship with her still great, but from that scene i will be given a chance to pledge my marriage with Vera instead… so if i chose the queen, my romance should continue with her

@No_This_Is_Patrick you didn’t get the marry scene with Vera and the marriage life after we marry ? It was quite good actually, Vera’s father disapprove but still invite many nobles and paid for the wedding, the queen also donate a great sum of money… and then it was mention both my friends and Vera’s relatives can’t mix together, after that, Vera insist we do some activities that show our young spirit, i chose to go back to university with her :smile: It was quite amazing, i am already an Archmage but i need to get an official graduation from the university … :smile: I am just thinking, are there really Mage teachers in the university dare to prove me wrong and gives me a fail ? Lol :grin:


No I did get it, I got both of them. I never started a magic school though don’t know how.


Magic school was actually a choice on what we want to do about magic, i told the queen the mages should get education


Yeah but how do you get the school and become arch mage.


Yes I’ve gotten it in a play through once before.


Was she on the romance list initially for you? She isn’t for me.


Yes Queen Thecla was at my romance list after i chose to flirt with her in the meeting , hence my romance list was shown Vera and Queen Thecla, Thecla was remove once i chose Vera in the end There are two identical choices during the meeting, make sure you choose the one with (Flirt)


Ah ok. I think I understand my error, I chose the one the said she was impressive. But when I did that she still invited me to dinner, confessed her attraction toward me and we kissed and agreed to date. That is what confused me.


I haven’t heard much of the male ROs. :joy: Just want to know how hard it is to pursue them but I suppose I better experience it myself. :joy:


Well I’ve seen at least one character with a coin flip for gender. The scrying specialist with the neg fixation.

Well for me it seemed like a coin flip. Is it preference based?


If you mean the mage in the church dungeon then yes. If your interested in females it’s Vera you meet. If you like dudes then you’ll meet Vance.


Yes… that’s the twist, if you chose the choice without (Flirt), Thecla still treat us like a true friend, but the scene where she wanted to commit to us won’t be trigger :slight_smile:

From what i notice , it is not hard to romance Blessed Sam at all, his relationship with me was quite high and he basically follow me every where , even until the scene of sick bed… Mayor Cos won’t be so hard as well, since he always approach me in the village too… now Blessed Jacob ( i am not sure whether he is an RO ) will be difficult i suppose, but i think his personality is the cutest , for all his cruelty … he loves painting and offer me his paint as a sign of peace, personally i think he is cool… but i heard there was lots of blood on his hand

@L_M I would think Blessed Jacob is your type of RO, did you happen to romance Jacob ?

EDIT : @ghost3337 i would think if we chose the option without (Flirt) . it will be seen as our praise to Thecla was out of genuine admiration rather than intimacy , the Queen was always being portray as a smart and penetrative person, hence she would had known the difference between love and genuine friendship , she continue to act similar to intimacy scene was because in her heart, she would like to love us but she also realise we don’t share the same feeling, that’s why she eventually hold back her confession in the end :slight_smile:


If you’re bisexual then it’s random


only for me she didnt hold back, she kissed me and proposed to see more of each other, then I guess she forgot and started shacking up with tal.