Choice of Magics — Your magic can change the world, but at what cost?



If you’re following my path you will already have two lux by now, and killing the murder golem with negation doesn’t give you negation and automation skill because you destroy his armor unlike using fighting but I imagine you probably need 10+ fighting to take it. How does the prayer work?When the Seer chimes in at that moment to give me advice she always says I don’t know the words.


10+ fighting is easy to get incidentally (particularly if you already have a luxgladius), plus having Tal and Vera around helps. And remember that luxgladii always come with opportunity costs - which is kinda my point here. In my view, automation is a goal - you use it because you want to get an automation ending or because you wanna animate Noodles. Negation and glamor are means - it takes trying to get their endings, but they’re far more broadly useful than automation at getting any ending you want, or none at all.

(Consider that a luxgladius is worth 300 gold. When studying, you can use a glamor to get 600.)

The prayer is as follows. "Show me nothing I am not ready to see. Let it be so.


Hmm I can get behind that to a point, I’ll definitely concede that automation disturbs the skies while you’re playing which can inadvertently lead to an automation climax but getting two lux doesn’t have very high of an opportunity cost if you know where to look, especially since it can quite easily lead to a free fateshaper (and 200 gold). It’s fun to look at the game like a big puzzle now that I’ve replayed it so many times. That being said I have at least 2 more runs in mind that’ll be more about RP once I get to the freaking div climax.


Well, for example, my last path traded the first luxgladius for some extra fighting and charisma by going the second route, and then picked up the second lux from the woman, getting 600 gold in the middle from glamor.

You’re right about the fateshaper being a powerful benefit. I don’t use it much myself, but there you go.


Wow, Hierophant Twimsby is a babe, this is the first time I’ve actually seen him be one. Probably something to do with blasting a hole in the chest of the previous Hierophant right in front of him. Also Beauty the Aviwurm is happy that she exists.


That’s another reason to meet the Hierophant: Because Twimsby is best hierophant.


Haha, true. That’s from a meme perspective though rather than a min-maxxy loot one.


Well, of course. But honestly, there’s only so much min-maxing that matters before you can just steamroll the game already.


Of course but we all know that’s not the point is it? You gotta find something to do while you’re constantly replaying the game to get one specific end that you keep failing at for one reason or another that’s independent of stats. :joy: I reckon this is the run though >:D Edit: NOPE, it wasn’t while in uncharted waters in game terms I decided to heal the leper out of the kindness of my heart and got caught by guards again, I then escaped to a skiff and are now on a negation climax. I staved off the negation climax by allowing the Magisters to reach the climax but then I did the mass glamour which I’ve never done before and am now onto a glamour climax which I’ve only done one of before, my first ever run where I became heirophant. OH NO! I don’t have my alchemy set after the magisters confiscated it and that was my only out to be immune. Letting myself die to rot has actually kinda been a good thing now I can go ‘back in time’ using divination and potentially get the ending I wanted after all. Edit: NOPE I escaped to a skiff using glamour.


Do you have to convince the magisters that you performed a miracle to get the divination climax? I’m starting to become at a loss. Edit: OH MY GOD, I got the Alle menshen werden bruder ending through the glamour climax. The fact that I tried that before and failed (to then become heirophant) on my first playthrough made this truly feel like the miracle that it was. I assumed the two miracles that you’re supposed to perform during your insanity were inherently impossible, this game man, this game. I also saw the ending where you attempt to part the clouds in your insanity but fail (through lack of automation) although still inspiring the people, then I decided to restart and cheat to see that yes, you can part the clouds in that moment too, the Queen then mourned for me.


Though I regret to inform you that I think you just found the Glamor path way to achieve an ending that is also achievable via the Divination climax.

I might make it easier to achieve the Divination climax in a patch, but I feel like it might rob you of a victory if I did that before you found it unpatched. (It’s possible - it’s the Uber achievement, which has nonzero completion on Steam, but is currently apparently the hardest achievement. Like the Lunatic achievement in Robots, I didn’t mean for it to be this hard.)


I had a feeling that that was the case and also reading the Abraxus end times prophecies on my death bed I can also assume what the divination crisis actually is. Yeah I would appreciate it if you held off on making that achivement easier until I did it. That being said I WOULD like another hint. I’ve escaped with the old man by giving him hope then using glamor magic, he departs to see his wife and then I am encountered by a leper, all the pathways I have taken from there lead me to either dying or escaping fully. Can I escape (that scene) to phone home from there or has something already gone wrong? If so, I’d like a hint as to what.


How can I get all the books from the church basement?


You can’t get ALL the books, you get a choice of 3 but it’s still a VERY good haul. Firstly you’ll need a ring of antidivination. Then you need to get past the guards in a way that doesn’t alert them.Then you need to kill/control/placate/sneak by the executioner golem, I haven’t tried it but I imagine using divination at this point gives away your position. After that, get past the gas trap by using automation to disable it (or I’ve heard praying works if you choose the most appropriate phrase related to what you know about the church), vivomancy probably also works if you’re alone. Next, don’t use divination because it’ll give away your position, immediately enter the room with the watcher and murder the heck out of them. After that, be wary of the mimic chest, I suggest either avoiding it or blasting it from a distance with negation. I could be wrong though, there may be another way to deal with it but I doubt it considering what it is capable of (RIP Murder golem on that one run cry), next thing to be wary of is don’t talk to the statue in the secret room for too long, I suggest 1, maybe 2 questions before leaving. After all is said and done you should be praised by the narrator on how you went so long completely undetected, now you have time to grab a load of books. Finally you need to pass a charisma/subtlety check to escape without conflict. Phew! Got all that? :wink: Basically git gud


How would i do that?
Any special steps?


No I have beaten the Golem with the luxgladius and 6 in fighting


And allies. Tal is a pretty good fighter, yo.


I have only found two ways to beat the rot, the potion route with the alchemy set, and the when you read the book you buy from the bookstore that tells you glamour and negation canel each other out


You can also beat it by turning into Great Creature or… turtle, if you have good Humor stat and watched medical drama of ancients. Well, and then there options to become Specter or Hierophant.


@Daniel_BeeversSorry I didn’t see what you wrote till I checked your post from the website.
Thanks so much for that.