Choice of Magics — Your magic can change the world, but at what cost?

I noticed something, I started a romance with Vera in the town magician route, when I became royal sorcerer I also did the flags that should have started the Queen romance, but she isn’t on the romance list and the dialogue that normally happens afterward never happens. There is no conflict or resolution, as if she hadn’t just kissed me and agreed to start dating.

If I chose to let Vera wait until she graduate,would there be a follow-up?I did the glamor climax and didn’t see any.
Btw the glamor climax creeped me out,I think I prefer the simply curing rot one much better :joy:

Escape the cell with Espar, and if you’re not captured too soon, you should have an option to call home for a friend. You need at least two main NPCs to like you who aren’t the queen, too.

The Steam achievement stats tell me the Div climax is possible, if a little more obscure than intended.


There’s a lot of Glamor options that get you “gifts” from the people you’re glamoring at.

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Wow, first I wish to thank the author for this great game. Loved it. 2 I got 83 out of 100 achievements, any way to get a guide to get most difficult achievements?


I found the most gamey way to get everything in the first dungeon except the stealth ring. This includes the lux, the stealth armbands, and the egg. Along with the alch set and everything in the three rooms. Even the golem.

you need to first flirt with the queen for thecla romance

Except the flying serving tray is worth up to 700 gold by itself and allows you to leave with a clutch of dragon eggs worth up 450 gold rather than just one. There’s no way to get everything, it mainly boils down to loads of gold vs lots of items and I don’t think there’s an objectively better choice, that being said I think if you are doing a run with low charisma it’s probably best to go for items so there’s less buying and selling

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Well apparently if you die you can go back to the last checkpoint with cheats

Any possibility of them being added to the beginning of the game too? Or at least an early death in the beginning chapter?

I want to say that I really enjoyed this game, but then I loved Choice of Robots, and Choice of Alexandria by you.

I won’t go on to much about the various parts I liked, but I admit, I did appreciate being able to get this part in the epilogue when all was said and done. In some ways, I really appreciated her among the more minor NPCs.

You eventually show up at Seer Marie’s tent holding flowers.

She doesn’t look surprised at all. “I admit, I was hoping this would be the future you’d pick,” she says with a slight smile.


(Can I get a refund to buy it on discount) Only if you have bought it on steam. Guaranteed refund if used for less than 2 hours, otherwise probably not.



can you romance the seer ? where ? how ???

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No I am saying I did, then we had dinner and she kissed me and we agreed to date. Only afterward the game acted like it never happened

Give her the magic ball the first time you get to the town. After you escape from the church you can choose to make her one of your students along with Vera or ask her out. It isn’t really a romance though, it’s just an epilogue of you going back to her implying that you begin dating.

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Same thing happened to me. I think it happens if your relationship drops with her between those two times. But I restarted and was able to successfully romance her.

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oh wait…


the fortune teller ? I didnt try dating her…

DOH! Now I gotta do it XD

But I misunderstood…I though they were talking about that Saint lady that offer to heal Tal at the beginning…hummmm…nun…:stuck_out_tongue:

I mean they’re both the same not really a romance. All you get is an epilogue where you ask them out and it all happens after the story.

so a fling romance…thats a bummer…:pensive:

They’re not flings it’s just that their romance won’t happen until after the stories done.

half way fling then LOL