Choice of Magics — Your magic can change the world, but at what cost?

So you’re saying you need a baby dragon to become a great beast.


no . I had the eggs hatched by sam and it didn’t work . So maybe we need more than one pet .

Another metagame tip for lots of loot from the opening dungeon crawl is to heal Tal’s leg at the beginning to get the lux, then keep it and try to sell it as you don’t sell it in the first attempt, but instead improve buy and sell prices for free. Second pathway tip would be to ask ‘what is the most valuable object’ to unlock options for stealing the clutch of dragon eggs and animating the flying serving tray to grab the alchemy set, then flying with vivomancy to grab the clutch of eggs and carry them off in the serving tray. Selling the serving tray and all the eggs this way with enough charisma will earn you 1300 gold to really deck out your MC with any magical items they wanted but could have otherwise gotten in the opening dungeon. The alternate arguable alternate route which maximizes items over gold would be to ask ‘is there a potential ally’ which allows you to get the golem more easily and get them before encountering the kitchen which allows them to get the alchemy set without spilling the chemicals. Then you can explore the other two locations with increasing difficulty before heading to the dragon. There my complete knowledge gets a little hazy but I think if you have enough subtlety and don’t have angry harpies chasing you you can maybe steal an egg before leaving.

Well not necessary because i didn’t rot, i didn’t have the chance to meet Abraxas and i didn’t need Elizabeth to sacrifice for me, hence i just return from Magisterium empire with the message for peace, and Thecla gives me choice on how to deal with Magic… basically it is still a peace and love ending , nothing drastic happen

I have the option to turn into beast when i got rotting effect, basically there were 3 choices to save myself, one of them was turn into dragon

Whose the most interesting female ROs because I don’t want to accidentally free a psychopath or date my kinda boring shapeshifting best friend.

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thats up to your taste…


I say Tal is best so far , she is brave…hot and hilarious !
Vera is pampered but very ambitious and powerful wizard , and very reckless . If you wanna live in wealth and danger , she be your get go .
The Queen is the queen . I found her romance ok…and some stuff she say were hilarious when I’m dooming the world XD But she stick by you no matter what !

Thats about all the romance I did . I’m not romancing Sam…and I dont know if Jerkboy whats his name can be romanced . Cos can be too I think…not sure…

I dont know what’ll qualifies as interesting if Tal is boring for you.


Asexual Wizard it is

reporting reporting! Lol

Ok…about the path for Vivi…


Turn out , I again roll eyes missed to get the dragon eggs . Homewhever , I created my own creature (something that look like a Lion) . Later when I had to cure myself , I had the choice to use my creation to turn into a great creature . And it worked !!! your creature die of course , and then you get to choose how you look . So you do not get your creature look at all .

Last…I turned into a dragon and kicked the dragon rebel butt . And here the best part , at the end , the queen ask you to make her one too! So gonna try it again but romancing her :smiley: Wooot!

You character up to you I guess.

Damn you did it first.

Report to the ship if they can bang okay!


Aye aye capt’n ! :grin:

Update !


well , romancing the queen…gave me the same ending I posted above . I would have hoped I get something like 'and you ruled as dragons together forever ’ lol but you don’t . Its pretty much , she ask and then BANG! end screen happen :frowning: Too bad…


Well… the people of the kingdom is still skeptic about magical creatures, they tolerate their creation only with the assumption that they need it to fight the neighbour, i don’t think they will allow themselves to be rule by dragons even Tal had shown mistrust of magic when you blast the airship with negation magic :slight_smile:

Murder golem isn’t entirely controllable, though.

I’d personally say that the combination of Negation and Glamor is probably the strongest possible combo of two schools - much stronger than an all-automation-all-the-time focus. There’s an inherent synergy to using both.


Negation is the ultimate weapon, as well as letting you make powerful factories; Vera can control the negative effects of the factories. Glamor can get you a boatload of money and substitute for Charisma in most situations. The synergy, though, comes from how you can either use burn to counteract rot, or use alchemy and negation to make a true rot cure. This is how you control the climax you get.

I can get behind that to a certain extent for sure. How exactly does Glamor make you a boatload of money though? It seems to be mainly for auto succeeding charisma checks and forcing peaceful resolutions to things.

Hi, i’m kinda new to the game. Is there a wiki for this game or any other site with useful information about items and encounters?

I played up to chapter 4 but never noticed the negative effects of Negation magic and Glamor/rot. Maybe it’s because i used them quite rarely until now, but i’m starting to think maybe it’s not so bad to use them a bit more. (i got about 6 points in Negation magic, and only 3 in Glamor)

I’m still curious though, when does it become an actual problem affecting your character? (i used Glamor only about 3 times and Negation around 6, as i specialized in Vivomancy and Automation)

I suggest you just play it a bunch, experiment and you’ll quickly pick up on how to gain the most out of every scene. Also read everything carefully because most of the time, any failed skill, stat ect checks will hint at how to succeed at them for next time. Reading everything also sometimes subtly hints at mechanics and story pathways.

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I’m still on the quest to get a blasted divination climax. I let myself get captured by the Magisterians but I didn’t get any options to ‘phone home’, I think because I didn’t have any abundance of optimism, humour or empathy. Do I need to get captured when trying to broker peace (by doing a terrible job) or should I let the ship take me by surrendering?

It starts to really matter during various game climaxes.