Choice of Magics — Your magic can change the world, but at what cost?

how do I do this? Tips please.

ok…I’m in trouble lol

let see


I got the giant tortoise + dragons attack in the end…and I just died . with none of the usual 'go back and try again ‘’ . Any advice ?



are you saying there is no way to win against both ?

I’ve never gone the viviomancy path I always do storms cause that’s the best way I get my happy endings.

its all for science ! I’m trying to see all the possible ending lol even if it mean dying alot :smile:

Prostitute Evelyn Evesdaughter the secret town wizard. This is an interesting game.

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I killed the dragons with automation and then I turned the tortoise back into a human. Pretty sure there are multiple ‘good’ endings from the vivomancy climax

I have similar outcome, although mine is solely Dragons

I use viviomancy to reduce their size that will not harm humans, now all creatures created by me had been reduce to smaller size like a puppies , however my viviomancy power is at maximum level, i also had option to increase size of my pet to fight them or use Negation to blast them…


I did try to use negation but that got me killed lol stupid Tortoise was having too much fun at mah expanse !

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you probably just didn’t have enough

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Yeah i receive 2 waves of dragons, i kill some of the smaller dragons using Negation, then i summon the trees to fight the big one but the trees were no match for dragons… i had one more chance , i guess Negation won’t work because it was mot max, so i use viviomanxy to shrink them… i was considering magnifies my pet , but it was one vs many so i don’t think my winged Lion will win

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In a metagame sense, I think automation is the strongest school of magic because it allows you to save the town from the death cloud and control the murder golem which leads to around 1k gold and various powerful options. Plus enough automation and various other things will allow you to get in and out of the cathedral with a stache of books which is probably the best loot in the game considering you can tailor it to pretty much whatever you want.



got it !


I went for ‘enchanting Gladius weapon and make it attack the dragons’ and it worked . Then you get a choice of turning the stupid Tortoise back or not . Homewhever , for some reasons…in this playtrough…I missed going to the market…so never got a chance to get the potions for the rot . And even though my Vivi-magic was high…turning into a great beast didnt work (do I need a pet or something ?)…instead…got 'turn myself into a tortoise…now thats karma for ya hahaha

if you want a peace and love ending…

The saint path would be it . Although this game has many ending that could turn great . check the thread about the ending , I posted some there :smiley:

I’d also like to know how to turn yourself into a great beast, I asked to do it but Sam said no.

I want peace and love but hate religion.

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Sam can hatch the dragon egg for you . But Maybe getting another pet from the market would work ?

you get to be the boss though…so y’know…can change it lol and piss everyone around .

The ultimate peace and love ending where you prevent the war and become Hierophant was the first ending I got.