Choice of Magics — Your magic can change the world, but at what cost?

The god part? All you’ve got to do is learn how to do the spell, which you can do by getting the secret life of abraxos book and getting a really high ancient history, or by buying the thousand dollar immortality book at the end of the game. Then, I had the negation ending, and one of the ways to fix it is to become a god.

You can also just give it all to the church - they give it back when you get to the palace.

you got it back when you become blessed advisor, i got back what i bury except the alchemy set, some animal eat it… i suppose with golem you can have them all… I am loving the path when i adore the neighbour into have peace with me, trust me, with high optimism and solemnity, you will feel good even when you walk to your execution and save by the crowd… i basically got all that i want, becoming hirophant and the marridge with Vera is fun… now i just need to banish Abraxas


I finished the game for the sisxth time and I have to say I enjoyed the troll god ending the most

Wow !!! I just found the best ending Peaceful end… so with minimum glamour that won’t cause Rot, i won’t have the illness of dying rot , the queen empower me to set up the Magic Academy , so the church still there but everyone can learn magic, all the magic creatures created had been minimised so that they wont rebel agsinst human… i chose not to allow further use of magic to gain kingdom power, Thecla approves that… so it is the happy ending for everyone with my marriage to Vera… to become hirophant , you need to be rotting until Hearing the voice of Abraxas in which Elizabeth sacrifice herself to save you , so that you become the next hirophant but you need to confront Abraxas later

@kgold will the liberated spectal from the academy ruin fight for you against Abraxas? I suspect it was Abraxas who betray Logan and trap his spectal


That’s not in my opinion the best ending. My favorite is achieve peace. Destroy the negative ocean and cure the skies . Put magic schools become Hierofant because Elisabeth give me the ring. Become open the church i guess? Sadly no option to destroy Flames house. Have Tal and Queen as couple in throne and Me and V together traveling to the stars after involved a new magic.


Well… i achieve peace too, about the sky and ocean, my philosophy is that humans eventually adapt to natural evolution of landscape and weather, perhaps it is another form of divine intervention? Similar to our earth who had less ocean and more lands during pre-historic era? Now we are adapting to new landscspe too…
Well… i realise we can dismiss the sea if our magic is strong enough, i think negation… and automation to cure the sky,
But there will be price to pay when we ascend to godhood power ,trying to alter everything … so for me, i am happy to create the best possible life for everyone to live , within my power… and perhaps that is also the church’s teaching? Be humble to our limit of power, try not to overdo myself :slight_smile:

No god or anything magic negates each other. You still being a normal human being and is not any chaotic anything and Abraxas is dead. So exactly same as your end but everything healed

you kill Abraxas? I was initially want to banish him, i was testing whether the liberated spectal comes to help or not, but since my newest playthrough spare me the agony of rotting, i won’t meet Abraxas again… so Abraxas is considered spared from my banishment … Peaceful ending for all

Oh yeah Mara, i just realise i didn’t kill anyone at all… i should get a No killing achievement :smile:


Well Elizabeth you caused her dead so no peaceful for you

No because my 2nd playthrough, i didn’t get rot at all, so Elizabeth no need to sacrifice herself to save me… i think the book is enough to heal me if i don’t use glamour in magisterium kingdom… so Elizabeth still survive …hehe :smile:

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Pretty much my first playthrough :grin:
But Tal with me and Thecla(pretty sure I messed spelling) with Cos.
Oh yeah. I also didn’t cure the sky, since I thought automation still necessary for current society’s progress(and I disliked bossy attitude of Abraxas when he tried to order me doing so at the end).

Auto is not really needed and everyone is happy Abraxas is dead or sleeping. Also you started discovering new magics like the stars travel one. Sky is beautiful purple and remember that sky storms killing lots of people


Yeah the people actually don’t really care about having no more auto. I think they like going back to the simple ways. Also the stars and sky being purple is a big bonus. My ending was Vera and me cuddling together on the floor as she taught me some of the constellations she learned now that the sky and stars are back.


Did I understand right that It is possible to end negative sea and clear skies in single playthrough?

Have high automative and negation skill.

On my first playthrough I didn’t really discover any new magic, but automation was my strongest school and I, together with Vera, built antistorm facility in the Mountains. So, leaving automation for now felt like natural choice)
Especially since I avoided Sky related endgame crisis, ending up on rot path.

Yes it is and the results are amazing if there is peace with the magisterium. People trade and travel unafraid. There’s nothing like killing storms or that and sky is awesome. Also If you didn’t spoil kingdom with excess of magic all is cool as hell.


I achieved piece, but was given only one choice regarding what to do: clear skies or destory sea or become specter or something else. But only one of. Probably I am missing something. Were you following saint path?

Nope not saint. My saint playrhroughs always end in misery and people burnt.