Choice of Magics — Your magic can change the world, but at what cost?



I’ll give that a try! Thanks for the help!


Mind the tail when you do that.


Yeah… I destroyed the room in the process though.


Thank you. I had no idea this was possible.


Is it possible to get the alchemy set using a golem? :thinking:


You already knew the answer was yes.


i think it destroy the whole academy as well


If someone could help me out with this I’d be very grateful! Traveling to the capital without Tal means you miss out on the scene where you can reveal your biggest secret to her.

How do you persuade Inquisitors Sam and Jacob that you have things to settle in town first instead of going with them immediately to the capital? I wasn’t paying attention the first time I got that option, which means you and Tal can have an extra scene together, but now I can’t seem to trigger it again. Is it a case of being well-liked by the townsfolk, or maybe a charisma check?


That happens either way. Using automation in the kitchen just makes it happen sooner, so you can only explore one room out of the three. If you don’t spill the chemicals the dragon and the cave-in do the job anyway.


When the Inquisitors come to your door don’t open it at all not even for Cos. Choose to stay inside and practice magic and when they come back again don’t open it. Let them take Cos then your MC will run to Tals house then you’ll both travel to the Capital to save him.


Thanks! But isn’t there another path where you can tell Sam that you have some stuff to settle in town first, resulting in your MC, Tal, Sam and Vera all exploring the Cathedral together?


I’m not sure that’s the path I always take. Also I hate Sam.


Does anyone know how to get the second luxigladius? And is it possible to overthrow the Queen?


Visit the laboratory in chapter 1 academy , you will meet with the spectral ,befriend him using glamour and he will gives you 3 choices of magical artifact , one of them will be the Blue Luxgladius (the 2nd ) , the third is from the noblewoman you heal in Blessed Same Sermon ( Silver Luxgladius)


or you could make a second lux yourself 9r buy one.


Or if you have the right stats you can kill that demon golem in the dungeon and get 2 luxgladiuses


How do you Keep your stuff while becoming a saint?


By burying it in the woods, and if you have a Golem he/she/it will guard it. Though I do not know if the treasures will still be there when you return, because I constantly have to restart the game because of one thing or another… * sighs deeply *


I am quite happy with this game.

I became immortal and took over the entire known world.


Hmm… After playing this game more i’m pretty sure that MC’s spirit animal is tortoise.