Choice of Magics — Your magic can change the world, but at what cost?

Before Abraxas appears I had option to clear sky as well, but it’s contested with option to deal with Negative Sea. Couldn’t pick both, same as Langre

Oh i have seas already dealt with so that’s why

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How do you get the god achievement?

Oh, and there’s a very good reason to be violent, at least in the church.

Kill the Hierophant. Because Twimsby is best Hierophant!

After all said and done, i’m pretty sure that my greater magical project ever was this:
You animated Noodles and Bear Bearson to introduce them, but they fought, embarrassing Tal.
I mean, I even decided to commit toward Automation only after I saw what can it do with Noodles. Magic of expectations rules.

And my second greatest feat was to transform myself into tortoise to avoid death from rot.
You slowly make your way out of the Cathedral with the chest on your back, vaguely enjoying the bewildered looks of the clergy. They look as if they want to object, but they don’t know where to begin.
That passage worth everything

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I have a feeling I found bug. If you not friendly with Tal during 2 chapter’s party you have option to glamor yourself. After that we have following code:

*temp talFriendly false
*if (tal_rel >= 50) or glamor_up
  *set talFriendly true

Now, problem is that glamor choice lack *set glamor_up true, so I think it effectively don’t work as intended:

#Yes, and to help things along, I cast a glamor first. 
You hide in an alleyway and cast a glamor on yourself, pulling energy from within yourself to create the slight golden aura.
 *gosub bump "glamor" 1 
You grab a nearby torch so that it isn't as obvious you're slightly glowing, and head over to Tal.

As you can see, it only bumps your glamor stat.

I’m now 90% sure that the bug that I’m getting is somehow related to me. This is like the 5/6 time in a row that I got a 403 error when reaching chapter 4. This essentially makes the game unplayable for me now. I’ve signed out and signed back in, maybe that’ll help. Edit: Signing out and signing back in worked!

Can I get some info on how to successfully romanceThe Seer? I know you teach her magic, but a little lost after that

Does anyone know how to Romance the queen???

For my route i become the Blessed Advisor ( I became the Saint in the first place), then tell the queen Saints are Mage but it is a necessity manipulation by the church , tell the queen my specialty is healing, tell the queen i am loyal to her , advice the queen bot to apply glamour as it will harm her health, tell the queen i am also suffer from the pain by casting glamour, then tell the queen she is already charismatic enough… the queen invites me for dinner , tell her becoming leader is a burden, then the queen kisses me and i tell her i would like the continue the relationship, eventually the queen takes me for a ride , and finally there will be an event of carnival where the queen will finally request me to commit to her… if you don’t have another romance you can carry on from here, else you must choose between the queen and your other romance

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how do I do this? Tips please.

ok…I’m in trouble lol

let see


I got the giant tortoise + dragons attack in the end…and I just died . with none of the usual 'go back and try again ‘’ . Any advice ?



are you saying there is no way to win against both ?

I’ve never gone the viviomancy path I always do storms cause that’s the best way I get my happy endings.

its all for science ! I’m trying to see all the possible ending lol even if it mean dying alot :smile:

Prostitute Evelyn Evesdaughter the secret town wizard. This is an interesting game.

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I killed the dragons with automation and then I turned the tortoise back into a human. Pretty sure there are multiple ‘good’ endings from the vivomancy climax

I have similar outcome, although mine is solely Dragons

I use viviomancy to reduce their size that will not harm humans, now all creatures created by me had been reduce to smaller size like a puppies , however my viviomancy power is at maximum level, i also had option to increase size of my pet to fight them or use Negation to blast them…


I did try to use negation but that got me killed lol stupid Tortoise was having too much fun at mah expanse !

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