Choice of magics, bugs and issues

Decided to create this thread since it should be easier to look for possible issues in specific place than when their posted in game discussion topic. Also, that’s my first time creating topic so feel free to correct me if I did something wrong. And, for the first possible issue I have this.

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I think you are supposed to send the bug reports in an email to the CoG staff.


Maybe, not used to deal with Cog games, usually look for trouble in Hosted ones.

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It’s best to send an email to the support so that they could see email faster since the staff don’t usually go through the thread to check bugs or problems.

Edit: Here’s the support email:


It’s true, I nearly didn’t notice this thread, and most bugfix requests I get are just forwarded directly from the editors. But I’m fixing this now.

EDIT: I announced a different bug here, but I think it was actually a false alarm, so, nevermind. I think the main outstanding bug we’re going to fix soon is a bug caused by updates, where you go back to the beginning of the chapter but with your present stats. 'Cuz that causes all kinds of strange things to happen that are difficult to reproduce.


Glad that this thread was noticed after all :grin:

I found another questionable thing, and I’m not sure about sending it via email since it could be intended.
That one from Market.

*label setRareAvailability
*if (not(luxgladius)) or ((not(tal_luxgladius)) and (not(tal_dead)))
    *set luxAvailable true
*if (not(charisma_ring)) and (not(sold_crystal_ball))
    *set charismaAvailable true
*if ((not(crystal_ball)) and (not(sold_crystal_ball)))
    *set ballAvailable true
*if (not(fateshaper))
    *set fateAvailable true

Shouldn’t there be (not(sold_charisma_ring) instead of crystal ball on fourth line?

My character was constantly plagued by and eventually died of rot despite the fact that I had never even used a single glamour spell since chapter 2! I think my character always having a very high charisma score may have been the cause this. I was very much enjoying this game until this game breaking bug killed my character and ruined my entire playthrough!

Charisma has nothing to do with it. My main focus was charisma without ever using glamor and never got this bug.

Well something else must have caused it then. I only cast 3 glamour spells throughout the entire game. No way that should have caused enough rot to kill my character.

How high are your stats?

I had a whopping 14 in Charisma! I also had a 10 in Fighting. I had some points in Glamour but not too much. It was actually the spell category that I had the least amount of points invested into when I died of rot! Lol

Did you healed alot? Healing others with your lifeforce also gives you rot.
Also, because of how system determining climaxe works, you could get glamor/rot climax because you accumulated more than 4-5 rot point while successfully dealing with problems leading to other climaxes(and thus, getting even less points toward them). That’s how I got rot climax on my first playthrough. Otherwise I probably should’ve get storm climax if I haven’t built antistorm facility as my project.

Edit: Should also mention that there are other, less noticeable ways to get rot. For example, red plum superfood bumps it.

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Wait what? Healing gives you rot points? How was I supposed to know that?! In the magical descriptions it doesn’t say anything about vivomancy giving you rot. It only says that glamour gives you rot.

I can’t say about All healing, but I know for sure that healing Tal at the beginning and yourself after Magisterian assassin’s attack gives you rot. You can guess it by text:

    You then feel a slight queasiness—apparently, some of your
    own life powered the spell.

Rot is basically death of cells, so some desperate attempts to heal powering by your own lifeforce can give you similar effect. I’m not even sure if there are other similar instances, since on my playthroughs I not tapped into healing much yet. But even two aforementioned instances already gives you additional 2 rot points.

There enough interesting things about each school of magic that not said in basic description simply 'cause Mc doesn’t know much about magic yet. You learning more by paying attention when reading about spell effects and also by reading different books that you can acquire in game.
For example, in one of the books you can read how to counter effects of rot.

Edit: another scene that helps you guess that healing can be harmful to your health is when Saint healing Tal at the beginning of second chapter.
Edit2: Also, you should probably know, but still, even when you getting rot climax there are multiple ways to avoid dying, depending on your stats, available equipment and what you have done during playthrough. The most neutral one is probably to make cure from rot, but it requires some preparations.
Also, if you want to know for sure what climax you currently heading to you can acquire fateshaper and set it on “Seer” position - then it gonna be showing you your current supposed climax(aside from divination one) in stats menu.

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Well thanks for clearing that up for me. I thought glamour was the only thing that caused rot which is why I was confused when my character died.

I foudn a bug some time ago. If i let the queen die during the assassination attempt and i become king (i am her successor) when the church excommunicate me the dead queen makes me a minister of magic and i am not the king anymore.
sorry for my english

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Hm, I think it would be better if you report this bug through mail to support. I’m not affiliated with CoG staff or game creator, I’m just one of enthusiasts who love to explore game code :sweat_smile:

Also, if this happened some time ago, it possible that this bug already was reported/fixed.

Hey,what’s happening with the saint path? Making a shapeshifter girl to lose her ability to transforming and then stuck there without any hope to continue the game. What’s happening? I’ve restarting three times and choosing all the available options,but it still stuck…

How on EARTH did you obtain the ChouceScript code for this game!!! Surely it’s only available to the game’s Author…???

Nope, you can freely look at code of any of the games on site. Just add “/scenes/startup.txt” to game’s url link and from there you can see names of (usually) all chapters to look for(in similar way)