Choice of Kung Fu

Does Zhuge Miao ever come back

Indeed, there are already a lot of stories with a choice, but this one differs from all others in such a way that the reader gets absolutly full satisfaction of his expectations.And all this is because of such a variative, promising and colorful ending that gives room for imagination and a desire to re-read again and again.

It`s not stuck with this or that, but truly gives an opportunity to choose from the desired one.

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Just downloaded this old game, and must say the replay value of shorter games compared to longer new ones is very strong. A very positive and satisfying story, with simple but vivid characters, and somehow a different focus from many other games. I had actually just watched the recent anime Goblin slayer where a female martial artist suffers a horrible fate in ep 1, and was very happy to resurrect her in a more pleasant universe.

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A few more thoughts about Choice of Kung Fu; the ending is very open, which some people seem to like and some don’t, but when so much is going on, it’s probably best to leave the detailed resolution to the reader’s imagination.

For example, what happened to Lu Jun, the MC’s rival/love interest? My headcanon is that the pardon he got for his rebellious activities was conditional on his swearing not to commit any more crimes. So he used the lands and title he got after the tournament to help the poor and work the system from the inside, eventually becoming an Imperial advisor.

My main MC married Ju Lin immediately after the tournament, and in one playthrough decided to stay with him rather than go to the dragon sage. In another playthrough the sudden announcement that she was leaving to become an immortal sage caused quite a bit of marital strife.

I feel some the choices at the end like choosing to be the emperor is a good book for a sequel

How become emperor??

Increase tianxia at every turn.

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I love this game but I still have somethings to say and there are;

  1. I am sad to see lu jin kill herself and is it because, I wasn’t supportive of her whole rebellion against the empire

  2. The ending with the dragon sage is nice but I just wished we could have played the outcomes @Nocturnal_Stillness

@Ramidel, how do you do the political marriage or marry the peasant servant? I am unsure.

You just ask their parents.

If it’s same sex, you need high Honor for the peasant, high Tianxia for the rebel and high Status for the noble.

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@Ramidel I tested it and I got this line with 96% status with the noble: “I appreciate the offer, but am not interested in marriage. I would be glad of an alliance, however.” (as a choice I could make) The other choice was just declining.

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Same thing with the rebellion people, and the peasants didn’t even show up as an option

Were you already involved with Feng or the rival?

Nope. Romance was none. I actually tested getting different stats up but my characters choices always were like, “No thanks to marriage”.

Huh. Sounds like a bug.

yea. btw i didnt choose the option that says, “not attracted to anyone”

Is there a second part of the game? Or will it be in the near future?

Mu Tianxia is 72 and Laowai is 28 yet still, I cannot become Emperor. How much do I need?

I think all the romance options are bugged.

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Yeah, but I code dived and saw no problem there.