Choice of Games and Hosted Games Recommendations -- Consolidated Thread

Are there any stories where your choice of orientation makes some changes to the story and not only for your choice of LIs. For example like in Fallen Hero: Rebirth. If you choose to be straight but have same sex LIs there is some additions to the text.
Or stories where you can romance LIs that are opposite of you orientation, like in Study in Steampunk for Finch.

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So i just found pulse academy yesterday and pretty hooked on it, and because of that i really wanted too play other mecha but the only mecha game i know is ironheart and mecha ace. Because of that i hope you guys can give me some mecha game recommendation on this forum and its okay even it was WIP

I really loved the Samurai of Hyuga series, Fatehaven, and Way Walkers. Can anyone suggest some stories of CoG and HG that is similar? and how it is similar? ( ◜‿◝ )
I also would love it if you can suggest some stories that are ‘light’ or does not really require heavy choices such as saving the world or getting back the throne. I love those stories but sometimes I just want to take a rest and have normal and cute interactions in the story.
I would really appreciate your suggestions ( ◜‿◝ ):heart: thank you so much!! Lots of love~ (✿^‿^):heart:

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I recommend saber and gun of infinity. Community college hero series is also good @Yumi

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Oh okay I’ll read that. Thank you! ^___^

A sensei story, i recommend this one it’s funny

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I’d love that. Thanks again!:smile:

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Tally Ho! is extremely funny, if you want something less heavy than “save the world”.


Thank you!! I am finished reading Tally Ho and I really liked and enjoyed it! (^‿^)