Choice of Games and Hosted Games Recommendations -- Consolidated Thread

I have played these games for years and am new to the forum and was wondering what others favorite/suggestions would be and why?

Me personally my favorite interactive novel would be fallen hero for the fact that you’re in the mind of a broken person that has a broken past and I feel like the author really did a good job with representing mental health and other serious issues that are formed in the mind. I feel like I was the character that I was really in the world.

I cant wait to see your responses :slight_smile:


The game I’ve enjoyed the most is definitely the WiP Stars Arisen. The characters are extremely deep, and romance is present, but optional and actually feels optional.

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I haven’t played that one! I will definitely give it a shot :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hey there @Thoughsadismile

There are so many great games here to get through, but for now I will stick with some of my favourites.

  1. The Heroes Rise and Versus Series by Zachary Sergi. These series were my introduction to interactive novels and are great, both explore the highs and lows of someone with power in a unique universe. 10/10 recommend.

  2. The Wayhaven chronicles by @Seraphinite. Amazingly detailed and intriguing supernatural thriller series. These books see the mc binding with a team of agents to fend off supernatural threats.

  3. The community college series by @Eric_Moser. Just an all round great concept and great writing about an unpowered kid going to superhero school in a powered world. An absolute must read.

  4. My latest reads, the Keeper series by @daydreamsincolor . This is fantastical and also surprisingly gritty. Once again focusing on a supernatural world, we see the MC thrust into situations they aren’t ever quite ready for. Go read them now!

I hope these help :slight_smile:


I think the best game for me that is in the character development department would be Breach: The Archangel Job and Wayhaven Chronicles and don’t you even get me started on those WiP.


I really like your recommendations ive read three out of the four of them

The Wayhaven chronicles are A really good recommendation I’m waiting patiently for three I know for a fact the Author will not disappoint

The Keeper series Is definitely one of my favorites I just love the concept the characters, the differences in the characters, the way the world works, the college life just spectacular, and I like all the added tournaments aspect as well

The hero series is pretty good I like how you can explore and do your own thing see the different parts of the world that you’re in but I just think there’s something missing from in my personal opinion but still very enjoyable. I feel like the third book is going in the right direction because I really enjoyed the ending of the second book.

I have not read the community college Hero but the concept seems very interesting and I will definitely check it out!!!

I really appreciate recommendations and yes they did!!!:heart:

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I have not read that one and will definitely check it out could you tell me the concept of the book?

I really appreciate you mentioning CCH. Even with the platforms doing most of the work, there’s still no substitute for word-of-mouth recommendations like yours.


Oh dude! You’re welcome, its the last I can do. I’m super hyped for CCH 3 and the Christmas special. I’ve ploughed countless hours into your games so a bit of recommendation is the least I can do.

Hi hi sorry for the late reply Breach: The Archangel Job is about you pulling on different heists with your crew. It’s a long read but very very worth it. All the characters have amazing roles and each time they’re on the scene is just mwah chefs kiss and the writing is always making you sit on the edge of your seat.

Now we’re just currently waiting for the second game. :blush:

Just piggybacking off of the good vibes, I replayed both games this week and still really enjoy them. The first one was my first Choicescript game and still my favorite. Your ability to introduce a huge cast and very quickly establish them all with distinct and memorable personalities is, in my opinion, unmatched in the community. It’s something I really noticed this readthrough because I’ve been trying to accomplish it in my own writing.


I’m just settling into a writing session here at my dining room table and it’s very encouraging to hear you say that. And trust me, I confuse myself sometimes with the various cast members. Have I mentioned what color eyes this person has or is that just in my mind or it is based on some fan art I saw or official art I commissioned? I go round and round sometimes.

Sure as a writer, I think most of us would like our characters to be nuanced, but when it comes down to it, I think with a cast of 40+ people, I felt I just needed for every main NPC to have a primary character trait and just lean into that. DG is snarky. Tress is ambitious. Crook is sketchy and impulsive. Synergy is thoughtful. Friendzone is oppressively supportive.

With Zarlor, which is a RPG gaming session in Fun and Games, I wanted pretty much every line of dialogue to be easily matched to the speaker, even if there wasn’t a tag. Now, I had to use tags most of the time, just because with 7+ people all talking with each other and over each other, it could be confusing without them, but when DG or Crook or Stoic or Tress says something, I feel satisfied when I think, "Yep I think people will internally think “that’s Stoic talking” before they each the “Stoic said” tag.

If I had any advice, I’d say DON’T introduce 40+ characters, it’s madness :grinning: but if you do, I wouldn’t be afraid to just keep doubling down on their primary traits. I think that’s preferable to having readers not be able to remember who’s who. A well-rounded character can be very boring and forgettable whereas a character with well-established traits can have the reader going, “Oh no, Crook is drunk and angry and I just know jumping these thugs in the alley is going horribly wrong.”


You do keep a character bible, don’t you?

Hello! I really like interactive novels with interesting plot, amazing plot twists and good romances. I played many games and now I want your advice.
Can you recommend me stories (it can be anything: WIPs, book series, finished works etc.), but with Game of Throne wibes? I don’t want to be a prophet, mystic, God or indispensable hero from the very beginning, I want to dive into events gradually, not just immediately burst into it. Yes, MC must suffer and prove to anyone who slandered them that they are worthy!

I played:

  • A Mage Reborn
  • Defiled Hearts: The Barbarian
  • Arcadie: Second-Born
  • The Bastard of Camelot
  • The Sword of Rhivenia: Book One
  • Curse of the Blooming Lotus

And also, can you recommend me games with love triangle, please? NO poly please! NO poly routes! Love triangles like in Wayhaven Chronicles, when characters shows their jealousy or somehow in text act/tells that they don’t like when MC flirts with others. I want to see the drama, uneasy feeling, jealousy.

Thank you very much!


Hi, it’s been a long time since I’ve been on these forums. I remember Wayhaven and Fallen Hero were all the rage when I asked then and I loved both; anything else considered a must-play?

I recently played A Study in Steampunk and it was amazing. I don’t know why I waited this long to play it.

I really enjoyed the angst and drama of the Finch route and now, I find myself wanting to play more of those. Would you happen to have any recommendations?


I’m looking for games that put more emphasis on the narrative than the gameplay/stats/mechanics. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Basically, I’m looking for the exact opposite of Life of a Wizard, which I just discovered is very much not my cup of tea. Even better if the viewpoint character is not a player-insert (though I realize that this is rare). I want it to feel like I’m reading a novel where I dictate what happens to the characters–does this type of story exist?


Divided we fall! It has a cast of characters which you do not create and is set in the third person perspective, and it puts more an emphasis on the story, which is set in the Spanish civil war, I think? But yeah, divided we fall definitely fits what you ask.

Thank you! I’ll check it out!

Any game recommendations where you are a religious or mythical figure? Like an oracle, or some sort of magical priest, or even a cult leader!

Doesn’t have to include fantasy elements, I just want to create interesting characters in such a concept.

I know has The Speaker series, which is really nice if you haven’t played it yet. I’m hungering for more stories tho!

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