Choice of Games and Hosted Games Recommendations -- Consolidated Thread

I’m looking for games that put more emphasis on the narrative than the gameplay/stats/mechanics. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Basically, I’m looking for the exact opposite of Life of a Wizard, which I just discovered is very much not my cup of tea. Even better if the viewpoint character is not a player-insert (though I realize that this is rare). I want it to feel like I’m reading a novel where I dictate what happens to the characters–does this type of story exist?


Divided we fall! It has a cast of characters which you do not create and is set in the third person perspective, and it puts more an emphasis on the story, which is set in the Spanish civil war, I think? But yeah, divided we fall definitely fits what you ask.

Thank you! I’ll check it out!

Any game recommendations where you are a religious or mythical figure? Like an oracle, or some sort of magical priest, or even a cult leader!

Doesn’t have to include fantasy elements, I just want to create interesting characters in such a concept.

I know has The Speaker series, which is really nice if you haven’t played it yet. I’m hungering for more stories tho!


I can’t think of any, but a cult story sounds cool!

You can get involved in leading a cult in The Passenger:

[WIP] The Passenger (Complete Alpha Demo) - Hosted Games / Works In Progress - Choice of Games Forum


@ofna’s WiP has many interesting concepts and characters, even this early in its development. Their story revolves around a unique type of cult that is very inspirational as well.

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Maybe “Avatar of the Wolf”? Thats a religous Setting with that Theme.

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I was going to recommend this. Also you might want to check Fate of the Storm Gods.

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Hi, kind of random question, but any stories where the antagonist is a romantic option? Either Hosted or CoG


Off the top of my head:

Manerkol from Soul Stone Wars. He’s most definitely the villain. I haven’t tried out his route just yet but he looks fun.

There’s Jun/Junko from Samurai of Hyuga. This character’s gender is selected by you. Not everyone likes Jun as he (or she) has abusive traits, but he’s most definitely a villainous character and one that can be romanced in Book 4. He’s a favorite of mine personally.

I believe Heroes Rise has a villainess you can romance. I’m not planning to romance her but I’m told she’s available in a later game.



From the COGs games I’ve played so far, the game Mecha Ace has an RO who fights on the enemy’s side, the game Slammed has a same-sex RO (tied to MC’s gender) who is a rival wrestler who, in some ways, you may consider your advesary and (a tad cheating here) the series Heroes Rise has the antagonist in Book 1 become your ally and potential RO in Book 3.

Beyond that, I cannot recall for HGs or recent COGs, so I’ll leave it to the discretion of others, unless something crosses my mind.

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There’s Hayden Winter from Sordwin: The Evertree Saga.

Ortega from Fallen Hero: Rebirth, but you play as the villian in this one, and they the hero.

Jenneth from War of The West.


Maria From Relics From The Lost Age


The Superlatives: Aetherfall has Lord/Lady Dusk (definitely my favourite RO in that game).

Fate of the Storm Gods has Shade (my joint-favourite RO, along with Cielo).

I loved the antagonist ROs that people have already mentioned in The Soul Stone Wars, Mecha Ace, and Sordwin too.


You can romance the Shadow Man in The Shadow Society (HG), but the first book only lays the groundwork for this path and there isn’t much in terms of actual romance yet.

And +1 for Hayden Winter (Evertree Saga). I like that one a lot.

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Zhan in the Midnight Saga, hopefully releasing on August 4th. :slight_smile:


Okay first off if there is already a thread for this can one of the mods take it down. Secondly I have come across multiple instances of people asking for game recommendations in the “What’s That Game” thread. So as to try and avoid future instances of that I have created this thread. Now on to the games I recommend people try.

  1. Keeper of Day and Night. Books 1 and 2
  2. The Great Tournament. Books 1 and 2
    And last but not least Mecha Ace

Hi guys!

After having finished The Sword of Rhivenia (what’s available of it so far) and greatly enjoying it, I’m looking for kinda of similar games/wips. What would be your recommendations?

Hm, depends, similar in what way? TSoR has some very unique aspects and others that are fairly common.