Choice of Awesome

This thread serves no purpose but to share those awesome Choice of Games (hosted or official) moments. Spoilers ahead obviously. I’ll start:

Mecha Ace
After failing to convince the enemy commander to spare the remnants of the fleet and Crown Station full of civilians, pulling the trigger on the command bridge, point blank range.

Choice of Robots
In one of my playthroughs I had high empathy high military robots which got used in US - China war as missiles. There was this cathartic moment when all those machines broadcasted a message saying how sorry are they for what they are and then nuked themselves out in uninhabited desert.


Smashing my opponent through the steel cage in SLAMMED! definitely has to be one.

Beating the shit out of the villain in Mecha Ace is a good moment as well.


oh god! Yes! I remember that scene …it NEVER get old! :grin:

beating that jerk in the end…and smooching your girl! :kissing_heart:

one that always and will always make me laugh…

is in ‘Midsummer night choice’…when my chosen romance…start yelling poetry while my mc was hiding behind the bushes! still make me laugh just thinking about it! :rofl:

on not so funny…fallen hero : rebirth…heartbreak flashback…still make me use kleenex . :cry:

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Introducing myself in Fallen Hero with explosions and mysterious terror. “I am… MISTER FEAR.” Since Scarecrow is easily one of my favorite Batman villains I love the fact you can do a kinda take on him if you want there.

Also just the range of things you can do - good bad or neutral - in A Wise Use of Time. The author’s really managed to create a great expanse of options for the reader.

Getting to go to a fully explorable museum in Day Off Work. Since I love museums and have worked at some in the past it scratches a nice itch. :slight_smile:

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thats one story I wish there were a sequel to it…

it was sooo goood…

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Agreed, though given the range of endings (though I usually get the super hero one) it might be hard to do if the player was the same character.

Great idea for a thread! In the opening of Choice of Rebels: Uprising there’s the option to massacre the assembled overlords and rich folk, which on my first playthrough I took and used it to set the tone for the whole story: a classical peasant uprising of the most barbaric, one-dimensional kind.

This gave the whole plot a great atmosphere of ambiguous justice - how do we cast down our oppressors without becoming the same? Even if we become like them, isn’t it worth it anyway? Nobody wants to be at the bottom of the totem pole.

Really stuck with me as a solid moment of storytelling and choice.


Using the name Big Dick Mystic makes it a bit less terrifying of an introduction


Mecha ace
Using the using the full auto sniper rifle and just obliterating hawk

Psy high
Becoming god

Well, I would like to share this piece of gold from Sabres of Infinity:


My best moment in CoG/ HG?

Riding. That. Bear!