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@AllForFire @hearts (btw, i am super envious of your username and i wish I’d thought of it first but oh well) I actually did write a fanfic not too long ago coughshamelessplugcough.
The Bearer is unnamed, I believe I only mention the gender once, but it’s very angsty and deals mostly with the isolation that a Bearer might feel on Olympus, so…yknow…up to you if that’s your sort of thing.

I’ve also been writing a very dumb, very weird, very hilarious, totally not srs, fanfic with Helena, Vesper, Nyx, Damon, and Evander, but that one has been on pause because of school for the past few weeks. I still plan on finishing at least the first storyline and then cleaning it up before I post it anywhere.


I like it.

Its great.

Gimme more.



Relatable. Still doing character studies for Sophia but alas work. But fortunately I can share soon how Sophs looks soon!


lol, that’s the plan :wink:


I can invite you to our PM thread if you want to :smiley_cat:

@impeccably-stressed @Okami-Nora would y’all mind if I add another one to our satanic cult group?


nah, go for it! :+1:t2:


I’m cool with it; it was originally your message group to take a little peak at your fanfic on Damon and Nyx.

I’m still trying to figure out how the heck we went from reviewing your short story, to French homework, to character building, to delving into a alternate universe concept where all our Bearers exist due Cronus’ involvement . :laughing:


With great effort, and lots o’ fun! :sunglasses: :point_right:t2: :point_right:t2:


Crawls in to throw you all part of the character study I have for Sophs if we’re sharing MC’s

I should really wrap this up already. Also warning for minor violence and dark thoughts

The thought is acrid on her tongue. Her arms instinctively fold over one another, hands pressing on her biceps, fingers digging half-circles onto her skin. Four years on the run. Four years after Benjie’s death. Four years after her aunt’s abduction and (likely) murder. My fault. Still my fault. It should’ve been me.


[I was going to let him live girl but your friend just had to put up a fight]

[No…No….No no no]

[Your turn next]

Sophia’s nails nearly draw blood. This is not living.


And right on cue, on the fourth step she takes, she hears the sharp sting of glass breaking — the floor giving way like a thousand shards of glass. Sophia falls and her reflection glints against the broken pieces. Bloodshot eyes and dark circles stare back at her; the pallidness of her skin looks more sallow than what she remembers.

“You did this,” a thousand voices reverberate through the fragments, her reflection’s gaze pierces through the glass as accusatory as they come. “This is entirely your fault!”

The broken pieces begins to swirl around her, slicing shallowly through her skin. Sophia winces, her hand instinctively flying to her cheek trying to alleviate some of the pain.


Phoebe: “You mean aside from the fact it rots your brain AND your guts, makes people act not like themselves, leads to, causes and worsens far more problems than it EVER solves, and just plain darn tastes awful?
Nope, certainly can’t think of anything that could be wrong with booze. Note the sarcasm. Please.”


I’d be honored! That is if your all 100% cool with it. ^^


Just wanted to come out of my hiatus hidey-hole to say that the idea of not one but six+ Bearers running around scares the living hell out of me. I can’t even begin to imagine how Zeus feels about it and OH GOD HERA.


C r e a t i v i t y

And then we mistreated Sizzler Applesauce, uh I mean Saint and decided that it was canon.

That moment when you can’t even remember your brother’s own name. Even Helena failed to acknowledge Saint’s real name.


Just want to say, I hope you get your PC fixed. Loved your vision for the outsider story.


Well if the Bearer has the powers of the universe why not make a stable timeline of where all incarnations of them exist?

And then the Fates are furious for manipulating destiny so chaos ensues /brick’d


Ohhh yeah guys,the angst this might bring…
Edit: I really hope Zeus saw they interacting and felt mad cause Priscilla wasn’t 100% his,he’s a possessive dumbass so he must have been mad right? Please let it be so,make him pissed!


i don’t know if playing on a tablet might be affecting some things, but problems i noticed were

  • when i was asking saint about sawyer being killed by the hunters, it just said “bfname” in place of sawyer, and defaulted to she/her pronouns. im playing as a guy, so maybe you haven’t changed the code for that route if your dating a guy yet?

  • wit was my highest stat and i killed the seeker, but zeus said he was my father.

i’ve restarted to see if i messed anything up, because i really wang hades as my parent, but if anything else comes up i’ll be sure to mention it! i really enjoy the story so far.


Zeus is canon dad now – you can’t choose – and the bf name thing has been noted before


ah, ok! i didn’t have time to go through the whole topic, i just skimmed the main post. thanks for letting me know!


No problem. The game is in an overhaul stage so we’re all just waiting for the proper update so I’m just here writing fanfic to sate the hunger while waiting

And I think a few posts above have been talking about their MC’s if you want to join in on the waiting game