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Ok…19 days late and not referring to me at all…but sage is the BEST romance for me xD.


From the Desk of Dagon Angelis
Enemies List

-Ares. Obvious threat is obvious.
-Sage. Equally obvious. Besides, she’s rude. And her brother helped kill my girlfriend. I never particularly liked Aelin, but it’s the principle of the thing.
Hermes(see Sage). Never let it be said that I haven’t done a thorough job. Nobody’s pulling an Inigo Montoya on me!
-Saint. He’ll probably get in my way, anyway. Good. I will claim self-defense.
-Aeson. Heroic, cocky, irritating. The Chad of demigods.
-Santiago. Aeson without any residual politeness.
-Adonis. Lecherous. Manipulable. I don’t like his mum.
-Aphrodite. Lecherous. Manipulative. I don’t like her son.

Up for debate:
-Mom–excuse me, Priscilla–if she’s still alive (seems as legit as anything else). She should have fought to keep me. Instead, she left me with a well-meaning goddess and a stupid name.
Then again…Mom.

-Calypso. Not sure how to explain killing her father. On the other hand: dat posterior.


I’ve posted another one of the journals on tumblr. Go and have a look! It pertains to Athena/Priscilla. Maybe it will answer some of your questions, but it will probably give you a few more instead.

On one particular night, though, the night after I’d _______________, I’d been absentmindedly scanning along the line of the horizon. A tremulous light descended, the light that had been emitted before I was born, light from other centuries, only now reaching Earth.

Athena, standing beside me had called this time travel. “What man has never felt, walking through the twilight, or looking up at the sky, that he has lost something irretrievable?”

What I felt then I could not name nor recognize, yet I was already aware of something stirring and changing, like the trees and rooftops in my eyepiece, sweeping swiftly past at incredible speed. The god I answer to, I know, is different than the god I started with. “Do you think yourself a man?”

She smiled, like a knife. “Men love the stars. It’s the illusion of permanence, I’m certain. From here,” she said, spreading her arms in a wide-open embrace, “isn’t it easy to pretend that everything lasts forever?”

“It does.” I say. “For you.”

Here’s an excerpt.


I want that phrase emblazoned on my Bearers’ tombstones.


Permanent; the Haris plot-line has been scratched off due to another conflicting plot-line!


RIP Haris, we hardly knew ye.

At least they’ll never have to deal with all three of my Bearer’s night-crying.


For my character, the response will be “Duh.”

Zeus has been emotionally abusive to his wife for thousands of years.

Emotional abuse that resulted in Hera killing as many of the other women and their children as she could.

Knowing this, Zeus still fornicated with anyone who stopped moving long enough.

He’s a narcissistic serial killer with his penis, because he might as well have killed them himself.

Knowing his Greek mythology Daman has known full well that his family makes the guests of Jerry Springer look like the embodiment of a Norman Rockwell painting since finding out his parentage.


I’ll hire someone to do a classy gilded engraving. :slight_smile:


Damon and Helena belong to @impeccably-stressed and @Okami-Nora. Aegon belongs to @MichaelCrank. Dagon belongs to myself.
Credit for Children of the Gods goes to @Rohie and @gia.

‘It’ll be fine,’ said Hades in a booming, affected mockery of his brother’s voice. ’ Why would they object to the way I treated their mother?’

The Lord of Lightning slumped in the kitchen chair, eyes shut in exasperation.

‘If one of them turns traitor, I’ll have other assets to fall back on. I don’t possibly see how leaving a group of unstable demigods in the mortal world, without long-term caretakers, could POSSIBLY go WRONG.’

The Slayer of Cronus facepalmed.

‘And if they make things difficult, let’s send a retrieval team made of armed assassins instead of people they can trust! Gosh, that sure made them well-adjusted and happy!’ hissed Hades, gesturing angrily at the scene in the living room across from them.

In a belated attempt at late-stage bonding, several of Priscilla Angelis’ children had been left in a house for a period of weeks (‘I saw it on TV once,’ said Dionysios, who assured the Olympians that everything would be fine). Over the furious objections of the anti-Bearer gods, they had been located in the neighborhood of Olympus itself. But when several unaffiliated demigods (including the sister of the late Saxon Cosse) disappeared after entering the house, Zeus had decided that it was time for a parental visit.

A tearful Helena Angelis looked on in horror as Damon rained blows on an extremely battered boxing dummy, to which someone had taped a picture of Zeus’ face. (‘Where did they get that?’) Dagon sprawled on the couch and ate cookie after cookie from one of Demeter’s care packages, occasionally stopping to absentmindedly pat the severed head of Adonis Amour. A suspiciously bloodstained Aegon was picking strands of red hair from a splatter on the wall.

‘This, my lord husband,’ purred Hera from behind them, ‘is why you should stick to your mortal tramps and leave rulership to me.’


Amazing fanfic. And kudos to Dagon for taping Zeus’ face on the dummy.

Are those dummies for sale? I bet a lot of bearers would love to smack Zeus’ face


soren @ haris: goodbye you little shit

in all seriousness, glad that the bearer will be able to have their own room! soren won’t have to kick haris out whenever he wants to be alone (which is always)


Bahahahaha! I love the fan fic! @Boreas and I’m honored that you wrote Aegon in it


The only gods my female bearer Jaehaera gives a damn about at all are Hades and Athena.


That would be Damon, one of @Okami-Nora’s bearers, who has a grudge against the god who mistreated his mother.

Dagon, whom Priscilla named after going on a narcotic-fuelled bender and reading too much Lovecraft, couldn’t care less about Zeus. He’s happy to have Magic Powers, and he’s mildly disgusted by the romantic exploits of his relatives, but his interest in his birth family is extremely limited.


I’m not even going to ask what Aegon did to Sage. Lol although being bloodstained would be totally normal to him as if nothing happened


It says a lot about the Spartans that Leda was seduced by a bird.


God’s so many comments


Helena definitely belongs to @impeccably-stressed. But with 50 other different Damons, I don’t think I really have a strong claim on the name (pretty sure there’s another Evander around here too) :laughing:

Laughed more than I should’ve at that little short.

Damon would actually do that just to relieve some tension from the discovery. He would more likely attempt to avoid showing too much aggressive anger in front someone like Helena though.

Fun fact: in one of the Greek myths, Hera actually did overthrow Zeus and became in charge for a little while.

Well then, I guess the Bearer is going to get a great deal more privacy this time around. Wonder what we’ll be able to do with that new bit of freedom available to the Bearer. :thinking:

It’d be a little amusing if the Bearer developing a close bond Saint and the others causes the others to start developing a habit of invading the Bearer’s room for some reason.

What would you guys want your Bearers to be able to do in their room on their own or while they’re hanging out with someone?


They could read books of their choice or do exercises (or, uh, take black-market ‘supplements’) to increase their stats. (I imagine a good portion of the Olympian student body functions on a cocktail of painkillers and steroids.) Or they could bring people over for a nice date.


Will be nice for Jaehaera to have a room to herself.

And the only way she is interested in knowing Zeus is for the info he could give her.