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Speaking of little shorts:

@impeccably-stressed, you once said that Damon and Helena would be good friends with each other. But how would she react if Damon refused to let her slip into that state of denial about what she discovered in that journal?



How about no? Lol

Giving this some thought and some pressure from Aegon, he would like everyone to know that he wants to be called “Lord Death, the killer of Titans and Gods.” No compromise here.

warily eyes the sword at my back that Aegon is holding halp…


Ok, I had a little too much fun imagining Helena and Damon interacting with each other, so I offer a very basic writing on their reactions to Priscilla’s journal entry and how they handle it.

(Note: Helena COMPLETELY belongs to @impeccably-stressed and I’m writing about my particular Damon. Naturally, @Rohie owns Children of the Gods and @gia has a claim on the creative process of Priscilla’s journal entries).

Breaking Point (a Helena x Damon Friendship oneshot)


Even as the small girl’s back stiffened, she refused to leave the comfort of the log and their campfire. Normally, this voice made her bubble with excitement and joy. She would sprint to its owner and wrap her arms around his much too giant frame, relishing the warmth and softness that it offered as she buried her face in his chest. His hand would reach forward to tousle her short hair and she would peek up just enough to see black eyes narrowed with affection at her.

But there is no lightness in Damon’s voice now; she could practically feel his eyes gazing sharply at her. And he never used her name like that; she was his ‘Sunshine’, not ‘Helena’. Her own stare remained locked on the campfire, her grip tightening on the accursed object against her chest. Just a little longer. Just a little longer and her fellow Demigod would slip away into the night as he always did. And then she could end this-


The sudden closeness of the voice startled Helena to her feet, dropping the very object that she didn’t want Damon to see was in her possession.

But Priscilla’s journal now laid between the Zeus Demigods and Helena’s wide eyes were far too honest to hide what her intentions had been for the book.

With great haste, the girl reached frantically for the book just as Damon’s hand claimed a side of his own. Her stomach sunk, her eyes taking in the behemoth before; her obstacle to ending the nightmares formed from the journal’s words.

“Damon let go.”

Helena’s friend remained silent to her shaky plea.

“Damon please! We have to-“

“Pretend we never found this? Delude ourselves into believing Zeus can offer something he couldn’t even give his lover?”


“Lie to Saint’s face about what we found?”


“Zeus can’t be what you want.”

The tugging began to start.

“You read how he treated her.”

Helena’s pulling became incessant, the desperation growing more evident.



For a moment, it had been a blur of haste and dread, a desperation to stop the harsh words that were spoken in a for too soft tone. And the next thing Helena knew, she found her hand on Damon’s face, his mahogany skin darkening where she had hit his cheek with all her might. The girl’s face paled at her action and she began to draw away from him.

But a large hand took a light grasp of her arm and stopped Helena’s escape. A gentle tug drew the young girl back and she found herself engulfed in a warmth far too familiar and soft than her actions deserved. As one hand began to rub soothing strokes on her back, Helena peeked up just enough to see Damon’s patient eyes gazing sympathetically at her.

“It’s going to be Ok, Sunshine.”

Damon whispered no more words, calmly soothing the smaller girl even as his face still stung from her smack. His shirt became drenched with wetness where Helena tried to hide her face and muffle her whimpers, but his embrace remain firm in its comfort.

The book felt heavy in his grasp.


@MichaelCrank why did I read that as Killer of Tits?? It’s ok, he can’t kill you, he has to kill everyone who laughed at the Eggo joke first.

That is a fantastic question/prompt and I’ve actually been trying to get my thoughts written out for the past…three hours? Good lord.

But I have to get ready for my class, I just wanted to let you know that I love and appreciate this question so, so much and I will answer it, but probably not until I have free time later today (because it has gotten…long). I just wanted to give you a heads up.





I can’t wait to read it when I get hooooooome!!!


Yeah… About that, since I was the one who started the joke, I’m the first but yes Aegon is going to slaughter everyone just for laughing about this.

Killer of tits XD lmao why does that sound like a really bad rated R horror movie?

Okay now I’m gonna have to write my own short fan fic about Aegon since you hooked me with yours @Okami-Nora


Don’t get too excited; the writing is rather rough and basic. :sweat_smile:

I just ended up thinking about that question I wrote to you myself and decided to put up a guess of Helena’s reaction to Damon not letting her deny the truth the journal’s reveal and the reality of what Zeus is incapable of doing. I sort’ve get the feeling she wouldn’t take it too well and may hate Damon for forcefully dragging her out of her illusions.

And tragically enough, Damon would accept that. Just like how he’d never forgive himself if he left someone like Helena to be manipulated by Zeus, he’d never forgive himself if he let her drown herself in her own illusions and lies just to create a bond with a man who didn’t deserve it. So Damon would brutally destroy any dangerous illusions with his own hands just to save a person he cares for…and would be perfectly prepared for the chance that his actions may make them never want anything to do with him ever again.


Okay here’s my fan fic!


After another day of training, Aegon walks in his room, taking off his chest armor piece.

He tosses it to the floor with a loud clang and he collapses on his bed with a heavy sigh.


Hearing that familiar voice, Aegon lifted his head from the pillow, standing in the doorway was Calypso looking concerned.

“What?” asked Aegon.

She shifted her foot uncomfortably while looking at Aegon. “I was wondering if you’d like to get something to eat sometime?” she asked in a soft voice.

Knowing what she wanted, Aegon sighed and his head fell back to the pillow, looking at the ceiling.
“Okay. When?”

“Um, tonight? It can just be the two of us. I know you don’t want to be around anyone here.”

Aegon had flashbacks of everyone he met. First, he beat the crap out of Saint during their first meeting. Aeson seemed like a guy obsessed with his image which he hated. Adonis… Ugh, what a creep. Avery… She’s ok. And Sage? Screw her. He was glad to kill her pathetic brother. He was weak.

“I suppose so. I’ll swing by your room when I’m ready. Say 8?”

Calypso smiled and walked away from Aegon’s room.

He shifted his gaze from the ceiling to the spot Calypso was standing on…

“I can’t get too close to her… I can’t let her become attached to me…” He sighed and looked at his chest armor piece that he got from Athena.

“Damn me.” He softly whispered as he slowly passed out.


You know, since rooms were brought up, I wonder if we’re still going to room with Harris or if Priscilla’s room is now the Bearer’s room. :thinking:

I mean, if their mom’s room is now their own, the Bearer technically has a great deal more privacy due to it being their own, personal room.


Aeson got a room with Saint right? I’m not sure or can remember if Aeson was even given his own room at all. But yeah Aegon probably would like to have his own room in Priscilla’s old room in order to learn more about her and Zeus. Mainly because he wants to find his major weakness and exploit it for his own personal gain, and that ever since he found out she was alive for the first 7 years of his life, he’s pretty bitter that she wasn’t around for him and that he has a strong suspicion that she may had spent more time with Saint than him.


Actually, I think it was stated that Aeson and Adonis are roommates (I think).


Ah well if Aeson had to room with Adonis then it’s pretty likely that we’re going to be stuck with Harris.

Poor kid. He shouldn’t look at Aegon as a role model…


To @Rohie or @gia (whoever has the time to answer this):

Is Priscilla’s room now our permanent room or is it just temporary and we’ll be rooming in with Harris once more?


Wasn’t there only one bed in Adonis’s room?


There was, but I feel like I read a ask on the CotG’s tumblr about Adonis and Aeson being roommates some time ago (naturally, I could be remembering this wrong).

Edit: Found it! @Rohie made this comment about Aeson and Adonis’ friendship.

Aeson and Adonis are best friends/roommates. Half the time they just stare at other and compliment one another.


Guess they sleep in the same bed and Aeson goes out a lot to give Adonis “private time” with all his romantic conquests :thinking:


Or maybe Aeson is out doing stuff for the Gods so often that his bed is more like a futon, so it’s easy to put away when he’s out and about, which gives Donny more than enough room to do his thing when his roommate is gone? :thinking:


Fanfic for our characters sounds like fun!


Me too! weep :slightly_frowning_face:

(lol I just realized I sounded like one of those annoying younger siblings who want to be in on whatever the older one and her friends are talking about :grimacing: )


Aaaaaand sent! :smile: