Children of the Gods (Important poll #12306)



Alright, since I was so confused by all these ‘how to play’ advices. I am going to go ahead and guide you step by step on how to play this game without having to wait.

Step 1: Download ChoiceScript from the main web page (even if you have one, just download new one is less tedious than moving your own scene elsewhere, but this is your choice.)
Step 2: Open NotePad program (either regular version or ++ version; recommend the later as it’s less tedious to look to.)
Step 3: use this “” open this same web on 2 windows/tabs
Step 4: Choose one to keep then look at the scene list before replacing scenes after ‘mygame’; for example '…mygame/scenes/part1.txt’
Step 5: Copy the whole scene to your Notepad then save it in
"your extracted engine folder"/web/mygame/scenes (be sure to delete everything in that folder first.) Do this for every scenes listed on the scenes list including the ‘startup.’ There’s a scene missing from the list called ‘choicescript_stats.txt’, remember to copy this as well.
Step 6: Time to get rid of that pesky bug. Go to ‘startup’ scene and delete “*create sarcastic false” line under “*comment VARIABLES” section.
Step 7: Go to this page: Saving System Plugin. Download the 2 plugin and follow the install instruction.
Step 8: Click ‘Index’ in ‘mygame’ folder and you’re ready to go.

Note: there is another game-breaking bug in part 8, but it so far into the story I don’t think it’s worth fixing, or rather finding a way to fix it. If it bother someone so much, then you will have to ask around for fix.

Thank to xNaomi, Dark_Stalker, and ldnester90 for giving me nessacary info to make this…and curse you for that as well, this is really time wasting.


But now, you can experience the game in all its glory! And cheat in any WIP you want :blush:


As long as that bug goes away, I will be happy!


Did everything you said, but when clicking index I get this error in firefox “startup line 315: Non-existent command ‘sm_int’”

To clarify I have 14 notepads inside the scenes folder.


That’s not good! But I haven’t seen that one before!


Ah, I forgot about that. The save function is not included in CS package. Download the two needed add-on and then follow the instructions. Both are on this page: Saving System Plugin.


OK, added the 2 plugins and put them in the index. Got it working, thanks a bunch. I appreciate your help.


Can I just wait for the bugs to be fixed or…


Of course you can, that are for peoples who want to get pass the bug right now.


So there’s a way around the bugs?


Yeah follow @S.Ch guide and then do the steps for the save plugins and you can play the game in your own browser. However, the part with the save plugins is a little more hands on than the other steps. And you need Notepad+ to do the steps. And the one that posted the steps doesn’t tell you HOW to add it to the index. Thankfully another helpful user in that thread did and showed a screenshot on where you add them to the index. As for the last part where it says add *sm init, you can skip that since its already in the startup file. So just add both save plugins to the web folder, then add them to the index file in the mygame folder and save your changes. Close notepad+ and then you can click on index to play.

Edit- Not sure if its allowed, but to make it easier for others, I’m tempted to just put all the needed files into a .rar and just upload it to a hoster, dropbox (if it allows .rars) maybe. Followed by a few steps on where to copy/paste the files to get your game working.


Not sure why but I should have had Hades as my father (the one I wanted). I killed Saxon and my stats are Allure 39, Strength 48 and Wit 58. Should have made Hades my father, but somehow it turned out to be Poseidon. Any ideas why?


That a fishdad bug, it’s already there before the hospital one, probably have something to do with status check or something like that.


Well the bug with the hospital room is fixed, but ANOTHER bug shows up way later. Its when you are on your first trial and after you choose how to get your groups attention, you then click the button to continue that says “The jungle is undoubtedly beautiful.” you get “line 428: Not a number false” error. Any idea how to fix that?

Edit: This is the line in question apparently
*if (Calypso >=40) and (romancecalypso = true)

I’ve tried various ways to correct it; removing the parenthesis, the equal before true, before 40, adding a % after the 40’s, etc. Nothing works, still getting that error. So I just put it back the way it was.


The Game is Freaking Good…keep up the good work and never stop making it pls


Nice guide write-up.

I would say though, that it’s optimal and preferred, rather than an alternative, to delete the “*create sarcastic false”, rather than all of the “*set sarcastic +1”'s, as these are scattered thought chapters 1-5(?), and have coding that coincides with it, so anytime you come across one you will get an error no matter what. At least it did for me.

I can look into the bugs for chapter 8 and try and find a fix, later, if everyone would like. I hadn’t gotten all the way to chapter 8 myself, as it’s such a small chapter and I was trying to find any errors in the others (such as grammar and bugs). And when looking into the coding there weren’t any of the above coding bugs within it. So it’s probably something else altogether.


Yes please. I’m not familiar with Choice Script, but I tried to tinker with the line and such to no avail. Hopefully you can find a fix.


Were you talking about Hera and Persephone? if so, it’s honestly hard to tell.

With Persephone, there definitely a strained awkwardness in her first interactions with a Hades Bearer that isn’t there when she first meet a Zeus/Poseidon Bearer. It was stated in-game that very few people were in the know when it came to the knowledge of who the Bearer’s father was for a while, and considering that Hera was probably one of the many who were not aware, it might be safe to say Persephone may also have not know about Hades being the Bearer’s father for a good while. And if we go by Aeson’s own words, it took her a good while to warm up to the Bestower, who was a child at the time. It’s hard to tell what exactly Persephone is feeling when meeting the Bearer for the first time (who is much older than Aeson was when he first met Persephone), but the awkwardness of the situation is clearly not lost on her. That said, Hades Bearers have been confirmed to end up with a more strained relationship in the beginning with Demeter due to their origins, so that makes this particular Bearer stuck in awkwardness with two Goddesses for a while due to their birthright.

With Hera, well, she’s practically legendary for her intense dislike of the children born from Zeus’ affairs and has never been above tormenting them, so I wouldn’t be surprised about her being pissed off from the knowledge of the Bearer being Zeus’ child. But personally, I really like the idea that, for all her hostility toward Zeus’ Demigod children, it’s going to be a Bearer who isn’t his child that’s going to rile her up the most. Because as much as she may hate to admit it out loud, Hera may be used to the Zeus children to some extent and Zeus’ constant affairs. But Zeus being interested in a child that is not tied to him in any way? That must be a new kind of insulting for her and one she might not be able to deal with as effectively due to how new of a situation that is (which may even get worse if it turns out that Zeus DOES feel some form of familial affection for the Bearer, whether they are his child or not). That said, Hera does seem to have a intense dislike of the Bearer in general, and we have yet to know how Hera herself viewed the Bearer’s mother.


There’s a lot of stories involving Hera going after Zeus’s kids!


So which one do I push to get past the bug @Otaku_King?