Children of the Gods (Important poll #12306)

Ugh…It’s so terrible it’s funny :joy:


I got one.
Are you a child of Kronos? Cause when I look at you time stops.



The scary part is, these are the tamer pick-up lines they gave me. The others…aren’t really family friendly, to put it simply :sweat_smile:. They also gave me a lot of Poseidon types ones after hearing that my main Bearer (Evander) is Poseidon’s kid…but I don’t think I can post most of them here (they’re not so family friendly).

This one feels the safest out of all of them:

  • Are you a child of Poseidon? Because you’re sex-sea.

You know for fun, I’m just going to put up one of the light romance scenes (like some flirting is involved or there’s this clear hint of subtle attraction coming into play between the two characters) that involve Calypso or Adonis, just in case the newer readers of Children of the Gods were curious about seeing what they are like and giving their own views on the scenes (pretty sure the rest of us know about these two scenes).


You turn to her. “Today was wild, huh?”

Calypso nods, smiling. “All because of you, no doubt. I knew you’d make things fun.”

You shake your head. “Nah. But I’m glad you were around.”

Calypso pauses, her lips pursed. “Oh.” she says, her cheeks reddening. “Uh, thanks.”

As you enter the hall your room is held in, you say goodnight to her, keeping your voice down.

Before she turns the corner, she shoots an invisible arrow at you, smiling coyly. “Night night, (Bearer’s Name).”


“Oh,” you say simply. “She was a friend?”

Adonis smiles his angel smile, all innocence. “A friend like Saint, or a friend like you?”

You pause. “Is there a difference?”

Adonis laughs, the sound bouncing off the walls like a music note. Then, he stops, turning to you. The moonlight reflects off the side of his face, outlining his cheekbones, his nose, his lips.

He leans in.

Then he pauses, noting your expression.

You stare.

“I’m not sure.” he says, finally. He leans away from you.


I haven’t been able to get to those scenes much less meet calypso or Adonis. My demo continually gets errors saying it failed or something.


I also cant get pass the hospital scene

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Nobody can do that now. But you can read the games code to read the story a bit further

I swear I meant to answer this sooner, I do apologize for that :sweat_smile:

I agree with everything you said. She always thought of the MC as the killer of her brother, so of course she’d hate the guts out of us. But she can be caught off guard if we decide to approach her even after she’s tried to kill us. She is probably like, “I literally tried to kill you 10 seconds ago, why are you even talking to me.” And after given some time I think she starts to doubt herself about the monster she made us out to be, and is willing to give us a chance to…talk. I also think she is probably the kind of person that doesn’t realize they’re in love until it hits them on the face, which kinda explains the knife throwing at our picture (that is so anime-like. I love it).).

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Who is the person who sees that the MC is awake?

If you mean the girl it’s Avery, if you mean the goddess it’s Demeter

So Demeter is the first deity we run into?

She is first goddess mc meet in Olympus

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And what does she think of the MC?

Still unknown, but she are one of goddess who is patient to mc and maybe kindest there, that just from brief scene with her though

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According to Rohie (ages ago though) she likes the MC and assumes their innocence in the murder. Iirc too she takes a better liking to MC’s who are good/light leaning than outright “evil” ones

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Demeter is generally kind and loving. Although she is subtly less so if she discovers you are a child of Hades. Guess she’s not a very happy mother in law. Understandable if some versions of his marriage to Persephone are accurate. However almost all of the interaction with her in the old demo was before the father reveal so she comes across as pretty friendly.


Good to hear. How do you read the code?

Can’t wait for the next update

I believe that you just add “scenes/startup.txt” to that url. There is an old topic somewhere on here about it if you want to search for it. Never done it myself though, some authors are shy about their coding.

I just remembered from when the demo was longer and some of @Rohie comments from way back.

What URL? I have no idea what you are talking about

In the original post, there’s a dashingdon link. Click it, and replace everything after “mygame” with /scenes/startup.txt and you’ll see that information. However, it won’t include the entire game that we have right now, but only part of it. Same way with the other WIP’s.