Child of the Ashen Woods (very rough WIP, Mini update 3/28/2020)

I’ve begun work on my new game Child of the Ashen Woods. In it, you play a young soldier who is tasked with defending your home. You will work through several obstacles and meet many friends, foes, or even more on the way to your goals.

Eventually, I hope to allow you to play as a few different races, and have a few different jobs, nothing however is too set in stone and may change as I move forward with this project.

Right now it’s very rough but I’m looking for suggestions and any help any of you are willing to give.

Currently it’s only about 1-5% done as I just wanted to get a place set up to get suggestions on it and maybe find someone to help out. I have very high hopes for it and really hope to update as often as possible.

To play the demo, go here:

Added just a smidgen more content and began to form stats, started on adding history and named the WIP ROs.
-fixed issue with the demo link

Link to the games Tumblr:

Please feel free to contact me there if you wish.


Okay, I see what you are going for. Is it going to be a high fantasy setting? If so, since we start with the fall of an empire, why did it collapse? Worldbuilding will be important here, since fantasy relies so much on setting.

If we are a soldier defending our home, a good thing to think about is how the martial system works in your world. Are we conscripted, or is there a choice? How is it organized, who is in charge, etc.

Right now there’s not much I can say since it’s only a couple paragraphs, but that’s okay. If you need some help, don’t hesitate to ask me (though I’m not really qualified, of course!)


I think the link to your tumblr is broken? It takes me to the login page.

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It was a bit short, but I do like the idea of playing a soldier of different backgrounds. I also liked how the bread choice can lead to two different scenes that show the different sides of MC’s town.

I do agree with @LMK about adding more details about the setting and worldbuilding – right now it’s a bit difficult to picture what the home the MC is going to protect looks like. It also might be nice to have an option to try to take the bread from the bakery – Arlo commends the MC for their honesty if they calmly tell him about the purse, but right now there’s no dishonest options to contrast with that decision.

Looking forward to seeing how the MC’s mother reacts to the different bread results! :relaxed:

It’s not broken, but its the link for only if you have a tumblr.
Try this:

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There will be an option for more dishonest choices in probably the next update as I’m working on a few now, when I first set these choices up I was still trying to figure out the code and how to ease the flow so they are a bit one-sided and rough.

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Thank you so much for the suggestions, I do have plans to build on the world building, but I was a little stumped on how to get the story flow when I posted it this morning, but you bring up some good ideas and I’ll need to explore them a bit more.

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Seems okay I’ll try it

Hey I updated the Demo, It’s just a bit more info and little bit of progress but I am still working on it I have just been swamped with other responsibilities.


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