Chaos In Our Stars [WIP]

I brought back the thread, because my partner quit working on the game, and now I will take full control of the project. Lots of things will be coming, from the old thread there was a strawpoll for which empire I was to write about, and the Bastyan Empire was chosen. I might add more empire storylines later, but this is the basic.

Its the year 3056, and it’s July 9th.
Three empires have risen about 100 years ago, when the warring began.
The Volar Empire. The Bastyan Empire. And the Qazar Empire.
These three empires have different ideas, and they fight over mostly control, and getting their idea delivered.
The Volar Empire wants order, balance, and laws.
The Bastyan Empire wants peace, and freedom.
The Qazar Empire wants destruction, slavery, and power.

Races ------------

Human - A strong minded race, that is equal in all, strength, smarts, and speed. Since thousands of years have passed since the human world of Earth was rich with resources, the humans have started shrinking in numbers. And now only about a billion or so humans remain.

Ragnor - A large greenish brute type creature, with sharp teeth, and stands at about 8-10 feet tall. Their physical strength is incredible, but mentally, they aren’t that smart. It’s rare for a Ragnor to be as smart as a human but, it sometimes happens. The Ragnor used to be only found on the planet of Cazar, but now that there is more of them, they are in other planets. No one knows where these creatures came from, but, they were used as slaves or body guards at one point, and now they mostly serve the Qazar Empire, as big brutes, that are like tanks. They also have sharps claws, and other features, that are alien like.
There is only about half a billion of these Ragnor that are known to be alive.
This is a picture of a Ragnor:

Zaen - A very smart creature, some say some of these creatures can be up to 7x as smart as a human. They are pretty weak physically though. And their speed is 3x faster than a human. They are one of the oldest races, proved, and they usually supply the military forces. There is about a billion of these creatures out there, known.
This is a picture of a Zaen:

Lots of things will be coming so stay tuned.

I advise you to get a solid block of work done before trying to drum up excitement. It’s a lot easier to look forward to something when I can play the first 1000 words of it.

@Crotale I understand, but the reason I did this because I wanted to release the plot, and start getting ideas and tips from people, as I work on the game.

BTW, I’m the madafaka that quit :smile:

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Hopefully over the weekend I will be able to release a playtest version of the first few scenes, for feedback, and testing.

Call me you little boogr

This sounds awesome I can’t wait to play the game.

Is this still being worked on, and if i just revived a dead thread sorry…

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