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Sup, I’m TheGlobeh or known most commonly as Cosmo, I’m writing a CoG, along with Fives, it seems quite early to make a forum post when Fives literally Just Started learning the script, and we have no experience with choice script whatsoever. So basically this is the plot.

Its the year 3056, and it’s July 9th.
Three empires have risen about 100 years ago, when the warring began.
The Volar Empire. The Bastyan Empire. And the Qazar Empire.
These three empires have different ideas, and they fight over mostly control, and getting their idea delivered.
The Volar Empire wants order, balance, and laws.
The Bastyan Empire wants peace, and freedom.
The Qazar Empire wants destruction, control, slaving, and power.

Human - A strong minded race, that is equal in all, strength, smarts, and speed. Since thousands of years have passed since the human world of Earth was rich with resources, the humans have started shrinking in numbers. And now only about a billion or so humans remain.

Ragnor - A large greenish brute type creature, with sharp teeth, and stands at about 8-10 feet tall. Their physical strength is incredible, but mentally, they aren’t that smart. It’s rare for a Ragnor to be as smart as a human but, it sometimes happens. The Ragnor used to be only found on the planet of Cazar, but now that there is more of them, they are in other planets. No one knows where these creatures came from, but, they were used as slaves or body guards at one point, and now they mostly serve the Qazar Empire, as big brutes, that are like tanks. They also have sharps claws, and other features, that are alien like.
There is only about half a billion of these Ragnor that are known to be alive.
This is a picture of a Ragnor:

Zaen - A very smart creature, some say some of these creatures can be up to 7x as smart as a human. They are pretty weak physically though. And their speed is 3x faster than a human. They are one of the oldest races, proved, and they usually supply the military forces. There is about a billion of these creatures out there, known.
This is a picture of a Zaen:

**That’s the gist of it really, one thing to add, since this is our first CoG Bastyan Empire will be first in this three part series

I greatly apologize for how half-arsed the plot seems, its just a basic idea, We will release chapters 2-3 at a time, but there will be about a week before the game is leaked to the public

Working on the script right now.

Seems legit. I would have waited until I had a completed intro scene or something to show everyone, but good luck to you.

Thanks bud, stay tuned, Intro coming soon, once we figure out what everyone wants.

Yeah, thanks my partner in crime <3

@TheGlobeh What’s a human look like?

@anon48296871 I wrote the description of the races myself, and from my long studies of humans, I have found out that they are interesting creatures with a Zaen like body except various sizes, and more hair on their bodies.

Go to a mirror, it’s the first Multi-cellular organism you see.



But they say if I look in a mirror I will die from ugliness.

Then look up, “White girl Selfie” on google

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@TheGlobeh GG friend.

Ohh I am getting a good vibe from the plot! fingers crossed

Yeah I’m working on the script. Fixing some bugs and errors for the opening right now.

I apologize if this sounds harsh, but the Ragnor and Zaen races kinda sound like reworked versions of orcs and elves. What would set them apart from the stereotypical stong/dumb, weak/smart dynamics?

For the Ragnor, maybe despite their brutish appearance they’re more of a neutral race who are just fiercely loyal to whoever they happen to serve. Maybe in their downtime they enjoy singing opera and have a soft spot for fluffy bunnies; who knows? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Despite their lack of intelligence, do they have their own culture? How does a community of Ragnor that aren’t slaves or bodyguards function? If pushed too far will they rebel against their masters, or do they silently take any and all punishment thrown at them? How do they view the other races? Would you be able to befriend one of them?

And for the Zaen, you say they usually supply the military forces and yet they’re physically weak? So do they recruit soldiers from other races, or do they offset their own weakness with advanced technology like impenetrable armor and superior weaponry? And who are they supplying the forces to? Why? During a war, wouldn’t they want to keep their military forces to themselves? And again, how do they view the other races?

Also, do all three races exist in all three empires? Or are the empires race specific?

Sorry for the ton of questions! Since you just have the basic concept, it has the potential to develop in so many ways. So definitely keep working on it; it’d be awesome to see what you come up with!

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@Pangolin So basically, Yes you are correct, The Ragnor are pretty much evil, they are smarter than the average Homoerectus , They do have their own culture too, they are just like you and I, but they are all just mentally disabled, just think of it as a race of uneducated humans with schizophrenia. They are loyal to their superiors and no one else, anyone below them will be treated like dirt, they stick to their laws, and punishments are only torture, or death. And their strength is always stronger than one of the strongest humans on the earth. Their intelligence is only shown when it as to do with weapons not tactics, they usually come out on the bottom, or on top, never towards the middle, they are unpredictable,

As for the Zaen, the Zaen only hire humans to help them, no one else, But they always supply with advanced technology and education, All known Teachers are Zaen, despite what Empire, (Ragnor teachers are captured Zaen) The supply forces is to be known later on :wink: The empires are not race specific. We just explained what race occupies them most, The Qazar race comes up with a grand total, of 45 Zaen who chose to stick with Qazar, (Which is like 0000.1%) And Humans make up less than a quarter, And Ragnor are everything else, And A flip Flop with the Bastyan, very few Ragnor, more humans, and Mostly Zaen, As for Volar, They are split up in thirds, the Volar is kind of where they all meet in the middle; With the primary guidance of Humans.

No, i do not mind a bunch of questions, because i love answering them, they honestly make fives and i think about the plot more than we have,
If you have more questions please ask they are actually quite helpful to us,

See ya!


To everyone, this is a very important thing to include, the voting will end at 2:30PM Est, So get your last votes in.

@TheGlobeh I do want to correct a few things that you missed, the Ragnor are not complete animals, their brain is just very undeveloped. (SPOILER COMING UP) I do want to later on in the story have some Ragnor fight back against their masters. I won’t say anything else about it, but the Ragnor will have a huge part to play in the war of the 3 empires. And like Cosmo/TheGlobeh said, Zaen they very rarely play physical parts in battles, and wars, instead they could sit from far away and send orders through the warriors, and etc. Humans play many different roles throughout the 3 empires, depending on what each human is good at.

I know most of the lore, so this is why I’m correcting Cosmo/TheGlobeh.

I don’t know why ,but this gives me a Star Wars feel…looking forward to a demo :slight_smile:

Cleaning up some things on the opening, and first few scenes.

Seems interesting. I’ll keep an eye on your game.

Also me and TheGlobeh are looking for somebody that can help us with this project. You need to have skype and have some experience with choicescript. Post in the thread if your interested.