Champion of the Gods


But...but,,,, she was the one sob sob sob


Hi all, how do you manage to kill all the weavers? smile


Hi, uh, I was wondering... I have purchased the game in the play store of my android smartphone, but, could I play it in my laptop, with my google account? Or do I have to purchase it again?
Also, in the boat, is it better to train the soldiers stealthily against the gigant in the cave, or in evasive, or in agressive?


@LordEdwardBaratheon I know! I know! I feel the same way!

@LucyMiddleford I don't think you can, but if you email Jason a copy of your android receipt he'll give you credit to the choice of games webstore and as long as your laptop's connected to the internet you can play there.


I would think so. There is no reason they couldn't. In truth, all the MC can do is place the gods in a decision to either allow humans to have their own destiny or kill all humans, recreate the weavers, and start over. Humanity's freedom is still conditional on the god's allowance of it.


How do you hide spoilers?


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Thanks or should I say thanks?


Thoughts on the game's development by the author.


How many romances are there and who are?


I think there's 3 the princess, the general/lieutenant (can't remember their rank), and that farmer girl


Does anyone have any thoughts on getting the Ultimate Refusal achievement? I've tried to refuse all offers of aid...but I seem to be missing something.

I managed to get the Refuse All Gifts with no problem.


Yes, when the person that died in your village is brought back by the God of death you have to refuse.


nods I always refuse the resurrection. I refuse all the gifts. But if there are other choices to refuse aid, I can't seem to get it (and note that the Refuse All Gifts is a slightly different achievement)


Recently purchased a bunch of Choice of Games at Steam and this was one of them. Now I've played though it once and I defintively found it fun! Maybe not quite as deep and enticing as the only other one I've played so far (Versus), but well worth the money, with just about all the fun I expected from a game where you step into the shoes of a PC/Main Character who is kind of like Hercules smile .


This game is great,I loved that every choice can define your character,the relplayability on this one was strong and it's story was immersive.

My questions.

What are the horoscopes, I alwas get the owl but can I ask what the others are?

This thought really bothered me, If destiny is destroyed and I killed the god of chaos, my father is revived and we are transported to our home, and I see Chiros\Chira.
Since destiny is destroyed there is nothing stoping us from loving each other,we are not bound by the Weavers anymore so can our love be rekindled?. It seems that the only happy or should I say satisfying ending was with the Prince but I want to end up with Chiros/Chira, I even defied the will of the Weavers and the god of love's advice so I can bring him with me to the city in which that pesky destiny intervened and gave Chiros/Chira a vision of us not ending up together so he left me. This is a romance crisis someone answer me :sob: :cry: :disappointed_relieved:.


I think it's not possible to end up with Chiros/Chira, they always end up marrying someone else or reject you. Other sign I know is the lion sign.


I've been playing Champion of the Gods for the past 3 days trying to figure out the battle pattern and trying out different personalities. What I'm bothered about is the romancable people? I tried being with Chiros, but I never end up with him... Then Travan is that his name? Lol yeah all kinds then I tried falling in love with Kionus, but he doesn't feel the same way... Then i tried to not fall for anyone to pursue Kionus which ended up with him having a relationship with the prince. What am I doing wrooong? Or is he really unromancable?


@iota_moon005 I feel you :pensive: loving and being with Chiros is basically nonexistent, you can end up with Kionus but I don't like the consequences caused by that relationship and sadly the author seems to want you to end up with Travan(I love him too but Chiros was the one for me :heart_eyes:). I'm hoping for a sequel though where you travel to the east.


Whoa you can end up with Kionus!? How? No matter how hard I try I never found that ending.