Champion of the Gods


YES! I had the same sentiments! When the story ended, (I mean it was a fun and long adventure) I kinda felt like "That's it? Huhu" I do hope they write something more for franchise. Really? We can end up with Kionus? I'd ask you how, but at least now I know that it's possible :smile:


Same question here haha


@fox_vixen @iota_moon005
The way to get with Kionus/Kiana is having a relationship with the Prince/Princess, choosing that you can't help, but feel hopelessly in love with Kionus/Kiana after discovering their identity and you'll get a chance to go to their room and knock on their door. And after that... Drama! THE DRAMA!


I did try that too and all it said was he didn't feel the same way... :frowning: aw darn I must've done something wrong. I'll go try it now xD thanks!


I await your reaction to that romace path.


Okay, yaaay! I did it! I was able to end the game with "the man I love" and I have mixed feelings over the end. It saddens me that Travan had to die, but I got what I wanted and I feel selfish. Sucks. Now I understand why someone commented that they wish to have a sequel to the Eastern Lands. Sighs... I now only have my very powerful imagination left to know what will happen next. Thank youuu Ü


So I picked this up and I enjoyed the first playthrough.

Subsequent runs have been disappointing, not so much in the linearity of the overall story and the limited options in terms of choices, but in the lack of a save function for getting me to where I want to diverge the story. Basically, it becomes a chore to grind through to specific parts.

A good effort though.


Would anyone mind helping me with getting a specific sign, the lion one?


How do you romance Kiana/os?


You need to constantly think good things about Kiana/os, like how they're more than a friend to you. Rejecting the Prince/ss isn't necessary, but I think it helps. Near the end of the game, there'll be an option to say you wish to make a romantic move on them. Take it and you're good to go.


I need help ;-; i want to find a way to dont be abandoned by Chara ;-; i know, its possible to be with one of the others love interests, BUT I JUST CANT BE WITHOUT CHARA ;-;:sob:
i didnt slept a entre night, crying because she abandoned me... I NEED TO FIND A WAY!(idk why i let myself to me so emocional with games ._.)


Hey, gods, I just saved the world for you. Can I have my boyfriend back?


But I saved you. I saved everything.

Tough. Here's your father, though.

So, you're prepared to bring my father back from the dead, but not just give me my boyfriend back?


I should have just destroyed destiny....

Wouldn't have made a difference. He's destined to.... Well, he just won't get back with you, whatever you do.


This isn't Children of the Gods, it is Champion of the Gods.

Don't confuse me like that, :grimacing:

Shouldn't this be closed?


Nah, this is the post-release thread.

Yeah, and the "You can never be with your true love, no matter how many times you save the world, because the gods hate you" is worryingly reminiscent.... :disappointed:


WHYYYYY? :sob: :sob: :sob:

Why Chara must abandon me because of a damn dream!:sob: WHYYYYY? And, what happened after she left the city ;-; where did she go? Arrgh, why do i take games so seriously? :sob:


I get the feeling that the author started from "the MC ends up with the prince", and then wrote the story from there (the shepherd always leaves you, and if you go for the general, the prince kills himself, just to make you feel terrible). It's... pretty bad that a game ostensibly about screwing destiny still doesn't let you get back with your un-destined lover.


I found it to be very appropriate - one way or another the Fates were going to weave the tapestry... that was the lesson of this story in my opinion.


In case it hasn't been obvious, I'm more of a fan of having my choices matter, at least when it comes to romances. :smirk:

Plus there was this most annoyingly hypocritical of lines:

God of Love: You have proven yourself to me by your love for the shepherd. Now, dump him and get hitched to the prince.


Damn that goddess. Damn you destiny :sob: i am going to crush you with my own hands :angry: (what wont solve nothing, i will still stay awake all night crying because Chara rejected me for a futile thing like destiny ;-:wink:



The message I get from this thread is ," Champion of Gods weaves a lot of Champions with Broken Hearts":joy: :joy: