Champion of the Gods


At the end how do I resist Merena's band so that I may destroy destiny?


I enjoyed this game, particularly because of its strong mythological roots and vaguely Greco-Roman flavour. The characters weren't especially deep but they were interesting, and a few even held some nice surprises. Some of the game-play mechanics later in the story were fun and made me think a bit, particularly when I was suddenly thrown into playing the part of a supporting character. It made sense in context, but he was so different to my MC that I really had to think.

I also liked that there was a lot of variation with the MC, not just in terms of normal base stats like strength, but also in terms of personality, and even attitude towards the universe. I gave it a go as a nice, docile, complaint little Champion, and I won, or at least successfully completed all the challenges till the very end. Then I lost spectacularly, and all my compliance fell by the wayside. Such a shame! I can definitely see it being worth a few more play-throughs. I'm very curious about some of the other roots, and the world is worth exploring a bit more.

I also quite liked that successfully meeting the challenges didn't mean that things were all wine and roses afterwards. Particularly the scene with the MC's da...rather terrible, and definitely a challenge for my pious character, but it made the story seem more real. My best efforts sometimes just didn't really solve anything.

I'm also delighted that in spite of my (literally) epic failure, the ending was still intriguing and not strictly doom and gloom. That's much more fun than a simple 'sorry, you've failed, try again next time it rains' sort of scenario.


The game is very good, I enjoyed it allot. It reminds me of Hercules.

A question regarding steam, if I buy it on steam will I be able to play it on my iphone even if I do not have an internet connection?
I have no idea since I never used it. The only thing I know is if I buy it there I can play it from any platform.


Will there be a Sequel?


guys how do you win battle with the line riders and skirmishers ?


First choice is based on your stats, the 2nd one is based on what you selected to have less of.


i already won it. but tell my how do i get deciever of gods archivement ?


eh i got it finally.


You have been playing "Champion of the Gods".

You reached the end of your pathway!

Your final Victory rating is 125.

Your final Certitude rating is 140.

You accumulated 80 points of Divine Intervention.

Your final horoscope was: Sign of the Lion

You are defined by passion and confidence; you use these traits in the service of those who fight by your side.

I notice there ARE some choices that do make a difference. When you on the ship. You have three different choices to where you are going to. Some things appear no matter what choice you pick. From early on the game you can either be super fast or strong. Those skills apply if you want outrun someone or something.


Is this during the part of the game where you switch from playing Your Champion to playing Your Companion?


Yes. My stupid self was confused at first and didn't notice the 1st "switch to..." button. I deleted my comments, but it'll take 24 hours for them to disappear.


Wanted to buy the game, but when i try to it transfer me to steam - i wanted to just buy it on this site like any other games :X Why it is so?

Nevermind, buyed it at steam arleady confused


I found it weird that I was forced to kill someone (spoiler: name starts with H) during the army battle when I was doing a brutal run. While my MC would kills stranger enemies with no hesitation, that shouldn't automatically translate to being willing to kill a childhood friend that you were only separated from for 4 to 5 years.


Does anyone know what the certitude stat does? I ended with a rating of 150 and im not sure why.
Also is it better or worse to destroy destiny?


It depends on your playthrough which is better. Destroying destiny would free humanity, but at what cost? Keeping destiny would maintain order, but at what cost?


I Tried this technique when you meet Daggoras avoid selecting choices that seem like you are interested by what he says, after that select that you think the gods are corrupted as mortals, and keep it to yourself

When this scene ends keep selecting choices that show your devotion to gods and that your their loyal humble servant. With these choices you can kill one of the weavers.


I did

Not enough soldiers on the line

Used riders to thin out enemy's numbers

Attacked with riders on the right flank of their formation


I am pretty sure the gods aren't 'watching' during the convo with Daggoras. Also just one weaver? I managed to kill them all and destroy destiny. Then I killed Daggoras to make the gods think I wasn't fast enough. I have to ask though, couldn't the gods just remake the weavers after they die?

In addition to the strategy above, you can go with not enough riders, Skirmishers to distract them with rocks/stones, and then attack the force invading your line with the riders.


So is there no way at all to keep Chara as a love interest? I would really like to keep her as my love interest, but I can't seem to find a way to keep her.


@LordEdwardBaratheon Unfortunately no. Some loves are not meant to be.