Caught in a Reverie (Halloween Edition is finally up)



Would this be specifically for the basketball club, or just as a free-time activity?


Story line activity xD


dont forget hugo please XD (though they’re in different club :sweat_smile:)


What we really need is a boys’ night out, with every single male character. :heart_eyes:

(And @Lizzy can have the same with the girls.)


I recently play the demo again and got romance idea,how about “love triangle” between mc and 2 RO @Ros_e ? it’s up to you though :sweat_smile:
Edit too add:OR something anime and manga always have and everyone (may) want,can be for training as well and of course,at summer time:beach vacation


As usual @ParrotWatcher has a great idea (when it’s changed from guys to girls :wink:)


I’m with you on that. I’m all about that yuri route.


Ooooh, I love this game. I was originally expecting something along the lines of Persona mixed with Sherlock Holmes, but this is waaaay better. I just love it! I love the interaction with the characters, even if there’s room for improvement in the grammar :wink: Also, I volunteer for Beta Testing! :smiley: I don’t even know if you still need help, but no harm in offering xD Fair warning, I’ve only ever done it once before ( <.< Total noob cough) xDDD


This will need some work on fixing grammar certainly. It gets to be heavy reading trying to untangle things.


It does, but thank goodness it’s mostly things like fixing a letter in a word or so. It shouldn’t be too hard. Oh, and I can’t get over the fact that the game has moving pictures and sound. XD I feel like a muggleborn on her first day at Hogwarts xD


I can’t get over this. It’s just so awesome! I have to say, my favorite characters are Kioshi, Touya and Rainer. I don’t quite like Tsubasa, however…


No love for Dion ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Don’t like Tsubasa? D: I like her a lot, especially in the fairy outfit xD I like most of them, except Kioshi. >.> And I haven’t even met Mamoru and Edolie… @Curious_Boy Dion! (^.^)/ Funny, he’s probably the normal one in the group xD


I’m probably sticking with Rainer


I agree. Touya >> Tsubasa. (Dion is cute too, though, although he’s more best friend than boyfriend.)


You like Tsubasa but not Kioshi? :anguished: But aren’t they both such adorable tsuns? XD

The same goes for you xD


I havent play the game sine its earlier days. Now I don’t know whether I should play the demo or just wait until the game is out. I hate reading incomplete story and wait for months to finish it. Which is weird coming from a guy keeping up with at least 25 manga series at any given time otz


Waiting for the whole picture is a good idea c:

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone~ I’ve just got back from my little trip~ So I’m resuming the finishing touches on CiaR (still having a little writer’s block).

As many know, the public demo right is just the first draft and the refined and edited version won’t be up until the beta test has finished x’D so sorry about some of the grammar issues you guys are facing~

And thanks guys for the many suggestions that I’ve received c: Do you guys have any questions about the characters and the world so far? And do you find it weird how your MC left behind his/her old life so easily? Would it be better if there’s hints of their old life in the game? Like phone calls or mails from old friends? Or it’s understandable that people drifted apart cause of distance? I’m still very on the fence about this, cause I feel that adding unnecessary characters to the story would only add confusion, but at the same time, the lack of the MCs previous life is so annoying x’D


Well…maybe at least just mc history? Like is he/she have family or something like that (it’s a bit weird that mc left his/her old life like that to be honest,like he/she left something behind and let it bygone)

  • She stared at me, there was a mix of emotions boiling inside of her. “W-what are you talking about?” She laughed it

  • She laughed it… needs fixing.

  • Glad to have you on broad. (next page) “Good to have you on broad!” I laughed.

  • Is this supposed to be board?